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I so often hear, "I don't have time to blog", "I just don't get the importance of social networking", etc.  So keeping these thoughts in mind, I pose the following food for thought on why I blog:  1.) There is no faster way to reach the masses  2.) I am able to send a concentrated and controlled ...
The following information is according to a recent Forrester report: Simply put, the report says steaming online video is among the most promising media of the interactive media.  More than 70% of adults online will watch videos in 2009...the actual number of videos watched is expected to double...
  Here is one of our most recent home tours.  I thought I would share this for one main reason...every person that looks at the video below is essentially, a 'showing' for that property, thus proving the importance of real estate video. The agent, Anne Rains of Keller Williams GA, would have neve...
  The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 4   Ok, so apparently I struck a nerve with my last post making people think outside the box with real estate video so I thought I would continue along that same vein.    The whole point of video marketing, in any industry, is to engage the consumer.  W...
So hands down, the number one reason to use video online is to increase your SEO results.  But what about using video outside of the web?  Take your imagination to this place if you haven't already. I'm talking about engaging your client personally with video.   Here's how: 1.) The Out of Town C...
  The team at Reel Productions TV has been hard at work creating a tool that will assist real estate agents in their business through the use of video. Introducing the Seller’s Video Connector.  We’ve compiled 10 of our best videos on one DVD designed to get fast, home selling results.  This DVD ...
  The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 2  -Implementation-    So now that you have the stats on why video is important and how it will help your business, now let’s talk practical implementation.     Video does not and should not be expensive.  The whole point is to fertilize your site with ...
The Importance of Real Estate Video My Series: Part I So what a surprise?  The owner of a video production company specializing in real estate video is going to tell me why it's important to have video on my site.  Before you go there, read on.  There’s more to video than just production.  The m...
Wine and "Cheeeze!" So you've heard of the Botox parties where friends and co-workers gather to enjoy cocktails in an effort to relax before getting somewhat, uncomfortable injections.  Well, for some, getting in front of a camera ranks up there with getting a needle!  So, Reel Productions TV  h...
Lane Bailey, blogged about our company the other day and I thought I would share his kind words. Lane is a top notch Realtor and one of the best social networkers in the country so it's an honor to have him as a friend and a client. This blog comes on the heels of a new release for Reel Productio...

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