real estate video: Help needed for NAR national radio show - 05/01/10 08:25 AM
I am doing a story for the National Association of Realtors' national radio broadcast and am looking for an Atlanta based consumer who recently missed out on the $8K tax credit.  If you have a client that fits this description and would like to be interviewed for this national show please contact me at Tara@ReelProductions.TV or 678-571-5728. 
Thanks so much for any help you can offer! 

real estate video: Help needed for NAR national radio show - 05/01/10 08:20 AM
I am doing a story for the National Association of Realtors national broadcast and am looking for an Atlanta based consumer that recently missed out on the $8K tax credit.  If you have a client that fits this description and would like to be interviewed for this national broadcast please contact me ASAP at Tara@rReelProductions.TV or at 678-571-5728.
Thanks so much for any help you can offer! 

real estate video: Coldwell Banker On Location Reaches Milestone - 04/08/10 05:59 AM
One year ago, Reel Productions TV set out across the country to shoot community profiles and consumer tip videos for corporate Coldwell Banker's new YouTube site, Coldwell Banker On Location.  One year late, Coldwell Banker is celebrating a million visitors to their site.  Congratulations Coldwell Banker...this just goes to show the demand for real estate video is greater than ever.  
Be sure to check out the site to see RPTV's videos featured on the home page as well as thousands of other real estate related videos. 


real estate video: Virtual RE Bar Camp- Register for Free! - 12/30/09 12:57 AM
Educating Real Estate Agents On How To Use Modern Technologies To Better Their Business Will Never Be The Same!
On January 4th, 2010 dozens of the most respected educators in the real estate industry converge to host most exciting event of its kind, the Virtual Real Estate BarCamp.
*I'll be teaching a Media Marketing course at 10:15AM*
Virtual Real Estate BarCamp is a 1-Day Learning Extravaganza. From 9am until 4pm PST, three concurrent webinar "rooms" will each host 7 different sessions, for a total of 28 different presentations. There is something for everyone and everything for someone, and best of all, … (10 comments)

real estate video: Video is here for your website - 12/19/09 04:51 AM
The Agent’s Video Channel 
is up and running.  
Two Products in One:
A Custom URL... (below)



Embedable Video on Your Site (above)

The Agent’s Video Channel is the solution for having high quality video on your site without breaking the bank.  In fact, it’s just over a quarter a day with our annual subscription!  Just sign up, cut and paste the embed code and we do the rest.  At the first of the month, we rotate the … (2 comments)

real estate video: Download this video for free and you have video content on your site!- Part 2 - 11/23/09 12:24 AM
Ever since my posting announcing free, high quality video to be added to your website, we have been inundated with requests to continue the service.  So, we sat down with our tech guys and made it happen.  We created The Agent's Video Channel which will rotate consumer tip videos on a month to month basis on the your website.  Topics such as the $8000 tax credit, current real estate events, home improvement tips, seller/buyer tips, recent law changes, REO/Short sale FAQ, etc.  Just like the free video we offered earlier this month: 

All you have to do is cut … (6 comments)

real estate video: Is your listing going to get invited to dance? - 10/29/09 03:05 AM
I had a wonderful conversation with a local agent from Atlanta, GA the other day in which he used the following analogy that I would like to share.
He said think of the housing market as a dance with 100 girls.  Given the current market conditions, only 6 girls will be asked to dance out of the entire room.  So now you have to start looking at the competition in the room.  Is your girl pretty?  Does she make a good first impression?  Is there anything enticing about her from a far?  And lastly, how expensive is she to dance with? … (5 comments)

real estate video: How to use YouTube properly - 10/17/09 05:58 AM

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post your videos to YouTube among the general mass of videos.  Why?  Your video will reside in the vortex that is YouTube meaning it will be paired with videos that you may not want to be associated with. Each time a video is done playing on YouTube another "video suggestion" pops up for the viewer to choose.  These videos were chosen based on key words in the title of the last video.  
Here's how this can hurt your and your business.  If you have a great video that you posted on downtown Atlanta … (18 comments)

real estate video: Is your website verified through Google? - 10/14/09 12:06 PM
If you answered, "How the heck should I know?!", you're not alone.  But I'm going to show you how to check.
Bottom line, if you're website isn't verified with Google, you're certainly not getting the "Google juice" (better known as SEO results) that you should. 
So here's what you do: 
1.) First of all, sign in or sign up for a Google account on’s free. 
2.) Then, go to your settings where you’ll find Webmaster Tools.
3.) Click on Webmaster Tools and you should see two blue that says “Messages” and one that says “Sites”.  If your site is … (7 comments)

real estate video: Reel Productions TV Teaching/Website Update - 10/08/09 05:15 AM
So Reel Productions TV has been quite busy over the past several months traveling and shooting video across the country for real estate professionals.  I thought it was time for an update:
1.) Reel Productions TV is heading back to world of teaching by popular demand.  Starting, November 9th and 10th, Reel Productions TV will hold a 6 hour credited course in Buckhead, Atlanta through the American Real Estate University.  The first day, agents will earn their Media Marketing Designation...the second day, they will get a video business card as part of the class!  This is our compliments as … (6 comments)

real estate video: Industry Day 2009- Decatur, Georgia - 09/14/09 08:40 AM
I believe this event is sold out...but if you’re one of the 400 registered attendees, please stop by our booth and introduce yourself as a fellow Active Rainer! 
The Second Annual Industry Day is set for this Friday, September 18th from 9AM to 4PM at the Decatur, Georgia Holiday Inn.  The event is expected to have 400 agents on hand and more than 20 vendors will be showcasing their products and services all in one room. 
Reel Productions TV will be one of those vendors on hand displaying our video services and unveiling our newest product, The Seller’s Video Connector.  

real estate video: Free Video for your Website- REALLY - 09/05/09 01:12 PM
No, that's not a ploy to get you to look at my blog...we are actually going to be giving away FREE, quality video for your real estate web site thanks to The Video Connector.  
We've already launched our DVD that has been met with great response by agents (if you haven't checked it out, please see our video below).  Now, thanks to your feedback, we're responding with free, downloadable video that will be available on The Video Connector website. 
We'll be launching in a few days with all the details on the video and how you can download it to … (5 comments)

real estate video: The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 6: Video is EVERYWHERE! - 08/25/09 02:15 PM
The following information is according to a recent Forrester report:
Simply put, the report says steaming online video is among the most promising media of the interactive media.  More than 70% of adults online will watch videos in 2009...the actual number of videos watched is expected to double in the next five years.
In the article, 9% of marketers are currently experimenting with video in email, especially since those e-mails containing video had an improved click through rate of 2-3 times.  In other words, someone was 2 to 3 times more likely to click on a link in an e-mail if it … (3 comments)

real estate video: The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 5 - 08/24/09 01:58 AM
Here is one of our most recent home tours.  I thought I would share this for one main reason...every person that looks at the video below is essentially, a 'showing' for that property, thus proving the importance of real estate video.
The agent, Anne Rains of Keller Williams GA, would have never been able to get the number of people viewing this video online, physically through the doors of this exquisite home.  And as we all know, sales is a numbers game...the more people you reach, the more opportunity you have to make a sale.
This is one example of … (2 comments)

real estate video: The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 4 - 08/21/09 01:24 PM
The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 4
Ok, so apparently I struck a nerve with my last post making people think outside the box with real estate video so I thought I would continue along that same vein. 
The whole point of video marketing, in any industry, is to engage the consumer.  Whether it be to evoke emotion, response or education, video is a powerful tool when used correctly.  Add to that the “coolness factor” that your client will likely perceive and you have a great opportunity to make an impact with a simple tool called a … (4 comments)

real estate video: The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 3 - 08/19/09 11:31 AM
So hands down, the number one reason to use video online is to increase your SEO results.  But what about using video outside of the web?  Take your imagination to this place if you haven't already. I'm talking about engaging your client personally with video.  
Here's how:
1.) The Out of Town Client- What a personal touch to grab a camera and take a walk through a home for a buyer that may be out of town.  This is an excellent way to not only show the client you care about their search but also that you are tech savvy … (29 comments)

real estate video: Everything you wanted to say to your sellers.... - 08/18/09 03:32 PM

The team at Reel Productions TV has been hard at work creating a tool that will assist real estate agents in their business through the use of video. Introducing the Seller’s Video Connector.  We’ve compiled 10 of our best videos on one DVD designed to get fast, home selling results.  This DVD features proven, home selling techniques that inform your seller on what they can do to help you as an agent market and sell their house...FASTER.  


The Seller's Video Connector Commercial produced by TJ Hedges on WellcomeMat


real estate video: The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 2 - 08/17/09 01:28 AM
The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 2 
So now that you have the stats on why video is important and how it will help your business, now let’s talk practical implementation.  
Video does not and should not be expensive.  The whole point is to fertilize your site with video to help in the SEO results, provide content for consumers and show that you are up on the changing technological times, therefore, giving the perception of being tech savvy...something consumers are actively searching for in their real estate agents. 
Coldwell Banker recently did it on … (4 comments)

real estate video: The Importance of Real Estate Video- Part 1 - 08/14/09 01:28 PM
The Importance of Real Estate Video My Series: Part I
So what a surprise?  The owner of a video production company specializing in real estate video is going to tell me why it's important to have video on my site.  Before you go there, read on. 
There’s more to video than just production.  The more people using video in the real estate world, the better.  Why?  It elevates the industry as a whole and here’s how: 
The more video on real estate sites, the more powerful the SEO results
The more powerful the SEO results, the more people viewing the … (4 comments)

real estate video: Wine and "Cheeeze!" Parties - 08/10/09 05:41 AM

Wine and "Cheeeze!"

So you've heard of the Botox parties where friends and co-workers gather to enjoy cocktails in an effort to relax before getting somewhat, uncomfortable injections.  Well, for some, getting in front of a camera ranks up there with getting a needle!  So, Reel Productions TV  has developed Wine and "Cheeeze"parties and they have become a huge hit!  You relax and enjoy your friends and co-workers while we provide high quality, professional video business cards.        Roseanne Wells produced by TJ Hedges on WellcomeMat What's Included:   A fully produced video business card with... High Definition Camera Choice of Professionally Written Scripts Teleprompter Copyright-Free … (14 comments)


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