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I wanted to invite all Active Rainers to a video training class this Monday, January 12th in Stockbridge, GA from 9:30AM-12:30PM.  It is an interactive, video training seminar for real estate agents to learn the basics of shooting, editing and posting video...much like our Reel Tech TV video tuto...
This was the panel in which I was a speaker.  We were able to view some fabulous videos from each of the panelists that really gave a flavor of what can be done with video.   Ian Watt showed his famous driving, video blog.  Matthew Leone showed how a third quarter market report can be "brought t...
  There were an average of 50 people in the first ever Digital Video Summit at Inman Connect in NY.  All in all, I have to say I was quite impressed with the number of knowledgeable agents/brokers in the room in regards to video.  I noticed a stark contrast from just six months ago at Inman in Sa...
While many of my counterparts are still out on the town, my New York minute is about to come to an end for the first night of Inman Connect.  As I sit overlooking Times Square where the New Year's ball is still standing, I can't help but anticipate all the excitement and wonder that this New Year...
That's right!  According to Internet audience measurement firm ComScore, 135 million people across the country tuned in to their computer to watch video as opposed to their television.  AdAge reports that almost 20-percent of total video consumption is now online...up from 11-percent just a year ...
After penciling in my New Year appointments on my brand new 2009 calendar, I suddenly realized Inman NY is next week!!!!  What is the world happened to the last six months?  I seriously felt like I was just trucking up the hills in San Francisco last week.  But alas, here we are 26 weeks later an...
Here are some tried and true techniques to get your motors running if you find yours is currently on empty! BUSINESS RELATED:  -Try something new.  If you've been e-mailing blasting for the last two months, do something else.  Pick up the phone, run an ad in the paper, log on to a new networking ...
This "Meme" stuff is new to me, so bear with me!  Don Rogers called me out on this one and I will try to make him proud. The topic: One item I would like for Christmas. Don did the best thing in his blog by turning his item into a beautiful sentiment of gratefulness for his grandparents.  That's ...
THE EFFECTS OF TODAY'S MEDIA In light of my last blog, I am sharing my positive thoughts of the day :-)  Today is the first day that I can officially call myself a 'former news reporter'.  It is a decision one year in the making.   After having one foot in the world of news and one foot in the wo...
With the holiday season upon us, I pose a challenge to each and every member of Active Rain.   All of us are bloggers and look to each other for inspiration and advice.  With that in mind, I challenge you to post -at least- one positive blog a week.  Once you've accomplished your weekly task see ...

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