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DECEMBER: Reel Tech TV is hitting the road!  We've been inundated with requests to teach our video blogs in person so Monday, December 8th is our first, state certified seminar.   We'll be teaching agents: -Why video is important -How to use video to increase your business  -How to shoot, edit an...
The whole idea of creating a video is to get potential clients to use your services.  So once you have the video, what do you do with it?  How do you get the eyeballs on that video to increase your business?  Click on this week's episode of Reel Tech TV for great ideas and tools to show you how! ...
That's what real estate investors told me when I did this story on Channel 2 in Atlanta on Sunday.  The story is a positive reflection of the real estate market and speaks to the opportunity that exists in the industry....a far cry from most of the media reports in recent weeks.  Thought everyone...
So now that you have shot and edited your video, where do you post it?  We have some great ideas and "how-to" advice in this week's episode of Reel Tech TV.   Reel Tech TV Episode 6 Don't forget to check out our brand new website for more information at ReelDwellings.TV
Without further adu, here's episode #5 picking up where we left off.  In this tutorial you will learn the basics of how to edit your video...a question we receive constantly.  Know that this can appear confusing at first glance but does become easier with application and practice. You can do it! ...
I pose this question not as a hypothetical but as a real soul searching question.  You may be unaware of what your actions (or lack there of) are truly saying about your business. Remember, image, especially in the real estate market, is everything.  So with that in mind I pose the following for ...
I'm going to be on Rain Radio today at 2PM EST (11AM PST)  Tune in and learn all about video!!  This is a reblog from Brad Andersohn: Reel Dwellings TV meets RAIN Radio Sounds like a Terminator meets Alien showdown, but it's not... it's better!  Today we have Tara Jones fromReel Dwellings TV on ...
We have had such a huge following with our video tutorial series on how to create quality video with the Flip camera, people have been wondering, "Where in the world is the next episode?"  Well, a broken leg on my part has set back production of Reel Tech TV a few weeks.  For that, we sincerely a...
Click below to check out this week's episode:   Reel Tech TV Episode 4 When is the best time to use a Flip camera and when is the best time to call in the pros?  Check out this week's episode of Reel Tech TV to find out!  Brought you by Reel Dwellings TV a production company dedicated to bringing...
Click here to watch this week's episode! Reel Tech TV Episode 3 Most of us fell victim to the ways of the digital camera when it first came out.  We learned how to use all the new bells and whistles and shot amazing pictures.  The problem was (and for some remains) we leave the pictures on our c...

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