home staging in vaughan: How to stage when you have a balcony view of the room below - 06/21/17 06:44 AM
Staging in the Vaughan area we stage many homes with a balcony on the second floor looking down to the living or dining room below.
There are few things to remember to allow the room to show well in listing photos and to attract your ideal buyers online to put this listing on their must see list.
For a dining room place the rug in the centre of the room to allow the image to look balanced, pull the chairs away from the table at least 8" to show space, use larger scale table top decor to showcase the grandeur of the room. … (8 comments)

home staging in vaughan: How to introduce a staging consult to your vacant listing clients - 01/15/17 02:28 PM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce a staging consult to their clients selling a vacant property.
The property may be a brand new vacant condo or single dwelling or it may be a home a few years old.
In each instance we suggest the agent explain the motivation to stage a property to attract their ideal buyers online and get top dollar for the property.
The number one reason would be that over 90% of people cannot imagine what a place would look like with furniture in it.
Is the dining room large enough for their … (8 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Is staging bookcases a lost cause and not worth it? - 03/27/16 10:56 PM
Staging over 500 homes per year in Toronto one of my favourite things to do is stage book cases. Here are a few recent homes that allowed for this indulgence.
Some say books are a thing of the past. They skip staging them altogether or put so few items in the book case that it emphasizes the emptiness of the home.
I believe books give a home a soul and character, especially if the home is vacant.

Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.
If you have a property in the Toronto GTA and Vaughan area that you want to have staged to attract your ideal buyers online contact … (6 comments)

home staging in vaughan: How to stage a back yard to attract the ideal buyer - 09/23/15 10:44 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we work with many larger, well built homes that have top of the line luxury finishes. From our experience we find that if you show buyers the lifestyle of living in one of these homes you will have a greater chance of getting your listing on the buyers "must see list".
This property has a beautiful and thoughtfully designed back yard. We staged the  back yard to show the lifestyle of living in this particular home. By doing this we are able to attract our ideal buyer for this property.
With over 91% of buyers looking online for their … (4 comments)

home staging in vaughan: 157 Kootenay Ridge Vaugha... how to stage a luxury home - 09/08/14 10:17 PM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we have the opportunity to stage large custom homes that have the most detailed landscaping and finishes.  The pool at this home is like a resort and they even have their own toboggan hill at the back for the little ones. What fun!
In the this home at 157 Kootenay Ridge in Vaughan all we did was supply a few decor accessories and then stage the property using the home owners belongings.
The finishing touch was professional photography which would present the home in a model home, move in ready look.
Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.


home staging in vaughan: The most popular paint colour we use for selling - 09/01/14 01:20 AM
Home staging in Vaughan and Toronto one of the first things we look at when we arrive at  property for a staging consultation is to decide whether the house needs a change in paint colour.
With over 90 % of people finding their next home online it makes sense to paint the property a staging safe neutral colour to attract the widest range of buyers to put the the listing on their must see list.
You have probably noticed that when you are looking at online listing photos that you typically make some remark if the paint colours are loud, vibrant … (24 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Is it worth it to stage a home that is already beautifully decorated? - 06/01/14 05:30 AM
Home staging in Vaughan we get asked this question all the time.
Is it really worth it to stage a home that is beautifully decorated already? We don't want to waste your time or our client's time.
The answer is always YES.
Decorating is for the way you live.
Staging is marketing and what we do is prepare a home for listing photos. We call it "facing for the photographer". And it makes a huge difference as to how the listing photos look online.
In this home that we just staged at 112 Ivy Jay Aurora we suggested that the home owner … (4 comments)

home staging in vaughan: 99" house for sale in London England for $757,000, sold in 2 weeks! - 05/28/14 10:53 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we are  typically staging homes that are 3,000 - 7,000 square feet.
Imagine my surprise to read that there is a home in England for sale that is just 99 inches wide!
That's right.. 99 inches!
It is listed for $757,000 and is under contract in just under 2 weeks.
We would have loved to be able to stage this property. It would have been a challege that we would have been up for and added to our many stories of interesting properties that we have staged such as monestary, a music hall and a … (2 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Why working with the right agent & stager makes all the difference - 04/05/14 11:07 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we stage over 500 homes every year. It is a very busy market.
For that reason it is in the interest of a home owner to be represented by an agent that knows when to call in the right home stager to prepare a property for listing photos.
We recently staged a home that required a a change in paint colour (you will see why in a minute), and some serious space planning done.
In this example the change in the home is dramatic. It is now bright, spacious and "move in ready".
Congratulations to Nirsh Arul … (5 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Staging an occupied home + adding a few pictures = GORGEOUS LISTING! - 02/23/14 07:24 AM
Home staging in Vaughan we are quite often hired by agents to tweak an already beautiful home. They realize that as beautiful as a home may be, it still takes the eye of a professional to face it for photography to get the show home look that buyers are looking for.
All we did in this property for sale at 57 Parisienne was add some artwork, set up a spare room as a bedroom and add a few accessories.
This listing with Dawna Borg is an outstanding family home with all the finishes you would expect in a luxury home. Dawna … (0 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Wonder how a home stager can increase your bottom line? - 02/18/14 06:30 AM
Home Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we build valuable and profitable relationships with real estate agents, builders and investors.
Being part of a top agents team we are able to market homes for sale to increase their bottom line each year.
We are proud to present the latest blog by Cecilia De Freitas.
Cecilia has won awards for her branding and has built a following online with her blog which talks about the neighbourhoods where she works.
Our relationship has worked out so well that Cecilia never has to look for luxury listings any more. Sellers of luxury … (4 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Relationships are everything in Real Estate - 01/07/14 10:29 PM
Relationships are everything in the real estate business.
Home staging in Vaughan we specialize in being part of the marketing team for agents and home owners who want to attract the right target market to sell their home.
I was contacted by a home owner yesterday that wanted to know if I could stage their home for sale in Woodbridge.
The home was not listed yet. I asked if they had an agent to represent them yet. They did not. I offered to supply a list of agents that I work with on a regular basis for them … (6 comments)

home staging in vaughan: How do you select paint colours? What men and women see are different. - 10/21/13 10:22 PM
Home staging in Toronto and Vaughan we are asked to select paint colours for selling homes and for the new home that the seller will be moving in to. Well just how,  EXACTLY,  do we decide how to do that?
For staging purposes our staging association works with a paint company each year to track what people are buying.
At the end of the year they give us 10 paint colours to work with. 7 paint colours for inside and 3 for outside.
When we are at the property we see what colour cabinets and flooring they home has and which … (4 comments)

home staging in vaughan: All I did was...dress this home for success using existing decor items - 10/08/13 09:47 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we come across many luxury homes that are beautiful and only need the final touches done by a professional stager to showcase the home to prospective buyers.
All we did in this property was store a few decor items, move some furnishings to the basement family room and curate the remaining rooms.
Welcome to 2 Nightfall Court in Kleinburg.
Wait until the end of the video to see the most idyllic backyard oasis I have seen in some time. This home is extraordinary luxury wrapped up in a feeling of the best welcome home you could experience. … (2 comments)

home staging in vaughan: All we did was...add millwork to stand out from the other homes. - 10/05/13 10:39 AM
Home staging in Vaughan our company has the opportunity to stage some truly outstanding homes.
In this property built by Arista Homes    at 50 Parisienne Vaughan ON, we suggested that the home owner add millwork so that their home would stand out from the competition in the neighbourhood. The sellers are not only competing with resales in the neighbourhood but directly with the new builds by the builder still active on the new home site.
All we did was suggest to add millwork in the dining room on the focal wall and the ceiling to create that WOW impact when buyers … (30 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Listing photos... how important are they to create online curb appeal? - 08/25/13 12:30 PM
Staging homes in Vaughan and Toronto we work with some very dedicated, professional real estate agents. One of them being Sabina Pirri. Sabina is humbled every time a home owner decides to trust her to sell their most important asset which is their home.
Sabina believes that if she takes your listing, she wants to make sure that the listing photos are of the best quality to create online curb appeal.
She knows that over 90% of buyers look on line for their next property purchase so Sabina calls our company in to prepare the listing for sale. You can call … (6 comments)

home staging in vaughan: Is it worth it to stage a vacant dining room? - 08/18/13 08:17 AM
Home staging in Toronto and Vaughan we are asked this question at least once per week by sellers. The seller invested in a larger home to take advantage of rising home prices in our area and just never got around to buying furniture to fill the house.
The only problem with this line of thinking is that buyers cannot imagine how they would fit their dining room set in a particular home.
Buyers are quite often out of town or the country in our area. They rely heavily on the listing photos as their first impression in regards to whether the … (74 comments)

home staging in vaughan: All I did was... reno a 1980's bathroom to look awesome! - 07/21/13 03:22 AM
Home staging in Vaughan leads our company to reno the homes that the sellers move in to after we have staged their home for sale.
In our area these types of bathrooms are ubiquitous. No one really likes them but builders keep on installing them and so our work is never done. The floor tile is installed and carried up the tub side, deck and splash area. Very utilitarian in appearance. Does the job but really, does it entice you to get in to relax?

The vanity is built in, lots of room, two sinks for a busy family. But … (11 comments)

home staging in vaughan: House flipper hires stager...it's easy, affordable and profitable! - 02/24/13 08:28 AM
As a professional home staging company in Vaughan and Toronto, Michelle Finnamore Interiors is asked by real estate agents to assist house flippers when they are ready sell.
The services that we offer make hiring a staging company affordable and profitable for the investors.
Finishes... we select what is popular with buyers, nothing trendy. It is very easy to get carried away at the supplier and choose what you like personally instead of what buyers want. We keep you on track and on budget.
Paint colours...the right neutral colours that work with the rental furniture and accessories that will be brought … (9 comments)

home staging in vaughan: A behind the scene look of a product photo shoot & what really happens - 02/08/13 07:45 AM
Home staging in Vaughan always leads Advantage Staging to interesting opportunities from the local business community. 
In this behind the scenes look at a recent photo shoot you will see what happens and how we meet deadlines no matter what takes place including a winter snow storm that blew into town just to throw a wrench in to the schedule.
Northern Wide Plank Flooring in Schomberg were referred by a real estate agent to our company. We were asked to supply furniture for a photo shoot that would be used to market their new wood flooring line.  They ship around the … (14 comments)

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