michelle finnamore: Staging for business owners creating marketing images - 04/04/18 08:30 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we have many clients selling their homes that also own a business.
We stage for their business  when they are producing new marketing materials online or in print.
Here are a few examples of creative staging for a wood flooring company that wanted to promote their new line of custom flooring. 
The first picture shows the loft room in the barn on the property where they produce the wood flooring being prepared for the photo shoot.
The last picture shows the final result in a marketing brochure.
If you know a business that requires staging for their products give us a … (2 comments)

michelle finnamore: Should you stage all the bedrooms in a listing? - 04/04/18 07:56 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we generally suggest to stage the five principle rooms in a home.
They would be the living room, family room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom.
We stage the foyer and bathrooms at no additional charge as an incentive to sellers to stage a second bedroom.
We find if you stage an additional bedroom it adds to the emotional buy in by the potential buyers.
We can present one more touch point for them to commit to a home. 
Budgets are usually tight when it comes to staging a home as sellers can't understand how important it is to invest in … (1 comments)

michelle finnamore: We stage to attract your ideal buyers - 04/02/18 06:51 AM
Staging in Vaughan and King area and into Toronto we can be asked to market anything from a luxury home to a horse farm to a log home. 
We must come up with looks that will attract your ideal buyers online and convince them to visit your listing to see the house in person. 
Buyers generally have a list of "must have" items but we find most people still buy on emotion. They will often comment they knew the house for them as soon as they entered the property. 
Here are a couple examples of the looks we can create to attract your ideal … (7 comments)

michelle finnamore: All I did was... give the buyer a way to connect with a property - 02/05/18 07:39 AM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we are asked quite frequently if it is really worth it to stage a vacant home.
Home owners and agents alike ask why isn't it better to show a home vacant, doesn't it show buyers how much room there is in a home.
We know from experience that buyers have a hard time envisioning the following...will my furniture fit in here or how would I set up my furniture in this room.
In this home the first thing we asked the home owner to do was remove the office blinds in every room. Then we asked that … (15 comments)

michelle finnamore: What do you do with the "old piano" when you are staging a house? - 07/10/17 09:11 AM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we come across our fair share of homes that have an old piano where  the sellers don't know what to do with it.
Either the piano hasn't been played in years and is there for sentimental reasons only or it is played but it really could use a style update to fit in to the design look of today.
Here is a super idea we suggest to the sellers if they are not donating it or selling it before the house goes on the market. We prefer to show space in a room to potential buyers … (5 comments)

michelle finnamore: Simple how to tip to repair a slightly damaged wood floor - 06/26/17 08:29 AM
Staging in the Vaughan and Toronto GTA area we come across the issue of scratched wood floors quite frequently.  Wood floors are the most popular flooring choice with home owners and they are hard to keep looking in good condition with daily living.
We have found the pack of 3 furniture markets from a dollar store do a wonderful job of making the floors look good. The pack comes in light, medium and dark colours to suit most floors.
Check out these results on one of our latest staging jobs.
Unfortunately they don't have a gray marker yet but we use a piece of walnut … (2 comments)

michelle finnamore: How to stage a closet to attract buyers online - 06/21/17 08:09 AM
Staging in the Vaughan and GTA area we know the value of staging closets to attract your ideal buyers online.
Very few people keep their closets in an organized way.
We motivate sellers to stage their closets as it is an important marketing tool that gets buyers to say "this is the home for me" and put an offer in.
Our analogy is simple.
Ikea is one of the masters of keeping a home organized. They pay a large number of staff to keep the shelves in order each and every day as they know people will spend more money in their store if they can … (4 comments)

michelle finnamore: How to introduce a staging consult to your vacant listing clients - 01/15/17 02:28 PM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce a staging consult to their clients selling a vacant property.
The property may be a brand new vacant condo or single dwelling or it may be a home a few years old.
In each instance we suggest the agent explain the motivation to stage a property to attract their ideal buyers online and get top dollar for the property.
The number one reason would be that over 90% of people cannot imagine what a place would look like with furniture in it.
Is the dining room large enough for their … (8 comments)

michelle finnamore: How to introduce a staging consult to your occupied listing clients - 01/15/17 08:37 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce staging to their occupied listing clients and how to incorporate it into their listing presentations.
We ask the agent to explain to the seller that most people are unable to "see" their own home as others view it.
Buyers want move in ready homes if they are to pay top dollar.
In the picture below of the sitting/dressing area of the master bedroom you can see it looks like most homes when people are in a rush in the morning to get going in the morning. It does not present … (6 comments)

michelle finnamore: Do buyers look in your bathroom medicine cabinet? - 01/08/17 11:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we find that buyers look EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE.
You just don't realize how many people look in your personal spaces when your home is for sale.  Buyers want to see if their stuff will fit in so they feel they have every right to check out your cabinet. We suggest you purchase inexpensive baskets with clean, flat fronts with tall sides to hide everything away in.Our clients are always happy that I mentioned it and the results speak for themselves. Professional staging will market your property to stand out from the competition online and in person every time.
This … (0 comments)

michelle finnamore: Estate Sale -is it worth it to stage outdated homes or sell them as is - 01/08/17 10:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked this question frequently by real estate agents and the children of the estate home in question,
Is it really worth it to stage the property or just sell it "as is" for whatever the sellers can get for it.
We ask if they want to attract their ideal buyers online with great photography of a "move in ready" home. 
Do they want a buyer to pay the highest price in the least amount of time or do they want to take what they get for it?
The answer is they want to get as much as … (8 comments)

michelle finnamore: All I did was... stage a golf tee off spot in a ravine lot - 08/11/16 01:18 AM
Home Staging in Toronto GTA and Vaughan we have many opportunities to market a ravine lot to attract our ideal buyers. 
We consulted ont the property where the elderly sellers had moved on and the grown son met us at the house to see how we market this simple war time bungalow to attract our ideal buyers.
He went on to share with us how he spent many hours banging balls off a piece of flagstone into the ravine at the rear of the house.
I asked if his clubs were still at the house. He said he thought they might be so we … (6 comments)

michelle finnamore: Does staging have to be modern in style every time? - 08/11/16 01:03 AM
Staging in the Toronto and Vaughan area we stage in a modern or modern traditional way to attract our ideal buyers.
When we stage in the King City and Alliston area it changes as it is more country with city/rural influences.
When we arrived at this home the elderly owners had moved out the children showed us the furniture that was left at the house. We found this old desk out in the shed. It was in pieces so the daughter offered to put it back together again as it had been her desk.
Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.
We work with every budget and whatever treasures we … (4 comments)

michelle finnamore: All I did was... mix wood and steel to create a model home look - 08/01/16 05:46 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we create rooms that look like a magazine shot to attract our ideal target buyers.
Quite frequently the buyers love the look of the house so much they purchase the furniture we stage with as well. This is niche marketing at its best.
In this home all we did was mix wood and metal together to produce the look buyers see when they visit furniture lifestyle stores and what they see on HGTV and in magazines.
Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.
If you have property you would like to have staged to attract your ideal buyers contact the Go To Girl around … (5 comments)

michelle finnamore: How to stage a back yard to attract the ideal buyer - 09/23/15 10:44 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we work with many larger, well built homes that have top of the line luxury finishes. From our experience we find that if you show buyers the lifestyle of living in one of these homes you will have a greater chance of getting your listing on the buyers "must see list".
This property has a beautiful and thoughtfully designed back yard. We staged the  back yard to show the lifestyle of living in this particular home. By doing this we are able to attract our ideal buyer for this property.
With over 91% of buyers looking online for their … (4 comments)

michelle finnamore: Million $ house...stage showing lifestyle living vs vacant space - 04/19/15 08:15 AM
Home staging in Vaughan and Toronto we are asked whether it is better to show a property vacant to show the space in a home or if there is a return investment to stage a vacant home to show the lifestyle of living there to increase the value of the home in the eye of the buyer.
Our answer is always the same.
People buy on emotion for the most part.
Buyers will give an agent a list of their wants and needs however, it is their desires that tip the scales every time.
Buyers want to feel a certain way in their new home.  … (3 comments)

michelle finnamore: How to create a video to market a neighbourhood to attract ideal buyer - 04/08/15 11:07 PM
Staging in Toronto with Nick and Hilary from Sage Realty we are part of their marketing team to prepare their listings for sale. 
They work in the Cabbagetown and Beach area of Toronto, a trendy walking friendly part of the city. 
Buyers there are looking to connect with their communities and find a life in the city that allows them to create a real home.
Watch their latest video to see how you could market your neighbourhood to your ideal client. This home has just been listed and buyers will definitely be attracted by the video to visit the area in person.
Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.
We offer … (5 comments)

michelle finnamore: All I did was...take a scary shower and turn it into a spa bathroom - 01/06/15 02:49 AM
Home staging in Toronto and Vaughan we are frequently asked to reno a bathroom for either the seller or the buyer. 
This property sat on the market for over a year without an offer. Buyers just couldn't see past the state of the bathrooms. Bathrooms and kitchens are two areas that matter most typically to a buyer.
All we did in this master bedroom ensuite bathroom we remove everything to the studs.
Next we installed travertine stone tiles, removed the box that was built inside the shower ( we have no idea why that was there, nothing was inside it), installed … (12 comments)

michelle finnamore: All I did was...take an old oak kitchen & turn it into a chef's dream! - 01/06/15 01:48 AM
Staging in Toronto and Vaughan we are often involved in the redesign of the next property that the sellers buy.
In this property we took a dated oak kitchen, revamped the layout and turned it into a dream kitchen for the new owner who loves to entertain family and guests.
This home sat on the market for over a year without a buyer. The agent that brought the buyer suggested that they call us in to give suggestions on how to update the property and build value at the same time.
All we did was remove everything from the kitchen right … (10 comments)

michelle finnamore: RESA Top Ten Stager Award 2015 - 12/13/14 08:41 PM
RESA has voted our company 2015 Top Ten Stager  Canada in the Vacant Category again this year! We are so honoured to have been selected for the work we do marketing properties for sale. 
The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) is the trade association for professional stagers across North America.

Our work is well known in the Toronto GTA and Vaughan area for the results that we achieve with the real estate professionals that we partner with to prepare their listings for sale.
This award from our peers gives extra special meaning to our work.
These are the dining room  before … (2 comments)

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