resa top ten stager: We stage to attract your ideal buyers - 04/02/18 06:51 AM
Staging in Vaughan and King area and into Toronto we can be asked to market anything from a luxury home to a horse farm to a log home. 
We must come up with looks that will attract your ideal buyers online and convince them to visit your listing to see the house in person. 
Buyers generally have a list of "must have" items but we find most people still buy on emotion. They will often comment they knew the house for them as soon as they entered the property. 
Here are a couple examples of the looks we can create to attract your ideal … (7 comments)

resa top ten stager: All I did was... give the buyer a way to connect with a property - 02/05/18 07:39 AM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we are asked quite frequently if it is really worth it to stage a vacant home.
Home owners and agents alike ask why isn't it better to show a home vacant, doesn't it show buyers how much room there is in a home.
We know from experience that buyers have a hard time envisioning the following...will my furniture fit in here or how would I set up my furniture in this room.
In this home the first thing we asked the home owner to do was remove the office blinds in every room. Then we asked that … (15 comments)

resa top ten stager: Staging dining tables with table settings...does it attract buyers? - 08/08/17 06:35 AM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA area we don't typically stage dining tables with complete table settings as most people never use their dining room except at holiday time.
We will stage with a simple table decor like these table settings to create a warm and inviting ambiance in a room...

What do you find is the norm in your area?
Do you set the table with place mats, dishes, glasses, silverware, napkins etc.?
Or do you find a simple, warm and inviting vignette sets the stage to attract your ideal buyers online?
When you are looking to prepare your listing to attract buyers online call … (11 comments)

resa top ten stager: What do you do with the "old piano" when you are staging a house? - 07/10/17 09:11 AM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we come across our fair share of homes that have an old piano where  the sellers don't know what to do with it.
Either the piano hasn't been played in years and is there for sentimental reasons only or it is played but it really could use a style update to fit in to the design look of today.
Here is a super idea we suggest to the sellers if they are not donating it or selling it before the house goes on the market. We prefer to show space in a room to potential buyers … (5 comments)

resa top ten stager: How to introduce a staging consult to your vacant listing clients - 01/15/17 02:28 PM
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce a staging consult to their clients selling a vacant property.
The property may be a brand new vacant condo or single dwelling or it may be a home a few years old.
In each instance we suggest the agent explain the motivation to stage a property to attract their ideal buyers online and get top dollar for the property.
The number one reason would be that over 90% of people cannot imagine what a place would look like with furniture in it.
Is the dining room large enough for their … (8 comments)

resa top ten stager: Do buyers look in your bathroom medicine cabinet? - 01/08/17 11:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we find that buyers look EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE.
You just don't realize how many people look in your personal spaces when your home is for sale.  Buyers want to see if their stuff will fit in so they feel they have every right to check out your cabinet. We suggest you purchase inexpensive baskets with clean, flat fronts with tall sides to hide everything away in.Our clients are always happy that I mentioned it and the results speak for themselves. Professional staging will market your property to stand out from the competition online and in person every time.
This … (0 comments)

resa top ten stager: Estate Sale -is it worth it to stage outdated homes or sell them as is - 01/08/17 10:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked this question frequently by real estate agents and the children of the estate home in question,
Is it really worth it to stage the property or just sell it "as is" for whatever the sellers can get for it.
We ask if they want to attract their ideal buyers online with great photography of a "move in ready" home. 
Do they want a buyer to pay the highest price in the least amount of time or do they want to take what they get for it?
The answer is they want to get as much as … (8 comments)

resa top ten stager: All I did was...give the seller very clear room by room suggestions - 09/15/16 04:17 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked to consult on homes that for the most part are beautifully decorated, have up to date furniture and great floor plans. When we arrive we provide the sellers with the last 10% to make their property stand out from the crowd.
Buyers want move in ready for the most part. All we did in this home was bring in artwork and some decor accessories and face the property for the listing photographer. The rest belonged to the home owner.  The home owner also followed our suggestions for staging the closets.
Yes, we actually stage … (2 comments)

resa top ten stager: Does staging have to be modern in style every time? - 08/11/16 01:03 AM
Staging in the Toronto and Vaughan area we stage in a modern or modern traditional way to attract our ideal buyers.
When we stage in the King City and Alliston area it changes as it is more country with city/rural influences.
When we arrived at this home the elderly owners had moved out the children showed us the furniture that was left at the house. We found this old desk out in the shed. It was in pieces so the daughter offered to put it back together again as it had been her desk.
Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.
We work with every budget and whatever treasures we … (4 comments)

resa top ten stager: How to stage a back yard to attract the ideal buyer - 09/23/15 10:44 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we work with many larger, well built homes that have top of the line luxury finishes. From our experience we find that if you show buyers the lifestyle of living in one of these homes you will have a greater chance of getting your listing on the buyers "must see list".
This property has a beautiful and thoughtfully designed back yard. We staged the  back yard to show the lifestyle of living in this particular home. By doing this we are able to attract our ideal buyer for this property.
With over 91% of buyers looking online for their … (4 comments)

resa top ten stager: RESA Top Ten Stager Award 2015 - 12/13/14 08:41 PM
RESA has voted our company 2015 Top Ten Stager  Canada in the Vacant Category again this year! We are so honoured to have been selected for the work we do marketing properties for sale. 
The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) is the trade association for professional stagers across North America.

Our work is well known in the Toronto GTA and Vaughan area for the results that we achieve with the real estate professionals that we partner with to prepare their listings for sale.
This award from our peers gives extra special meaning to our work.
These are the dining room  before … (2 comments)

resa top ten stager: 157 Kootenay Ridge Vaugha... how to stage a luxury home - 09/08/14 10:17 PM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we have the opportunity to stage large custom homes that have the most detailed landscaping and finishes.  The pool at this home is like a resort and they even have their own toboggan hill at the back for the little ones. What fun!
In the this home at 157 Kootenay Ridge in Vaughan all we did was supply a few decor accessories and then stage the property using the home owners belongings.
The finishing touch was professional photography which would present the home in a model home, move in ready look.
Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.


resa top ten stager: The most popular paint colour we use for selling - 09/01/14 01:20 AM
Home staging in Vaughan and Toronto one of the first things we look at when we arrive at  property for a staging consultation is to decide whether the house needs a change in paint colour.
With over 90 % of people finding their next home online it makes sense to paint the property a staging safe neutral colour to attract the widest range of buyers to put the the listing on their must see list.
You have probably noticed that when you are looking at online listing photos that you typically make some remark if the paint colours are loud, vibrant … (24 comments)

resa top ten stager: Rose Pink Bathroom Fixtures... see the before and after. - 07/27/14 03:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we come across  many properties that have the rose pink porcelain fixtures still. Buyers definitely let sellers know they are not interested in these properties by submitting low ball offers or even worse.... no offers at all.
All we did in the powder room of this property is replace the light fixture, vanity, sink and toilet for $750. We also painted the soap and glass holder white to match the perfectly good marble wall. The homeowner thought the marble wall made the bathroom looked old however, we reassured them that it was still a very current … (11 comments)

resa top ten stager: SOLD IN 8 DAYS! FIND OUT HOW IN 3 STEPS - 06/15/14 03:42 AM

Home Staging in Vaughan since 2007 we often are called by an agent to stage a second or third home for sale for the same home owner. They are looking to have another staging success story which is sold for the most money in the shortest number of days on market possible.
We received very happy news from one of our repeat clients in Aurora.
112 Ivy Jay in Aurora SOLD in 8 days for 98% of list!
How did we make this happen?
Step 1 - We came out to the house and gave the home owner … (0 comments)

resa top ten stager: Is it worth it to stage a home that is already beautifully decorated? - 06/01/14 05:30 AM
Home staging in Vaughan we get asked this question all the time.
Is it really worth it to stage a home that is beautifully decorated already? We don't want to waste your time or our client's time.
The answer is always YES.
Decorating is for the way you live.
Staging is marketing and what we do is prepare a home for listing photos. We call it "facing for the photographer". And it makes a huge difference as to how the listing photos look online.
In this home that we just staged at 112 Ivy Jay Aurora we suggested that the home owner … (4 comments)

resa top ten stager: 99" house for sale in London England for $757,000, sold in 2 weeks! - 05/28/14 10:53 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we are  typically staging homes that are 3,000 - 7,000 square feet.
Imagine my surprise to read that there is a home in England for sale that is just 99 inches wide!
That's right.. 99 inches!
It is listed for $757,000 and is under contract in just under 2 weeks.
We would have loved to be able to stage this property. It would have been a challege that we would have been up for and added to our many stories of interesting properties that we have staged such as monestary, a music hall and a … (2 comments)

Home staging in Milton is definitely worth the effort. Milton is not known for multiple offers on properties but with our staging suggestions Sabina Pirri from Remax Premier accomplished just that...and in 6 days!
We met with the home owner and supplied them with suggestions to use their own things to stage with, rearranged some furniture and gave them a short list of inexpensive items to purchase to complete the staging.
There was one room in the house that was a concern though. In the third bedroom the home owners had removed the closet doors and built a book case … (7 comments)

resa top ten stager: STAGED & SOLD IN ONE WEEK..AFTER 70 DAYS ON THE MARKET! - 05/05/14 01:22 AM
Being a home stager in Toronto we are called to stage smaller footprint, two bedroom homes quite often.
This is a much smaller niche market that is a little tougher to sell as the number of people looking for a small home are buyers that are typically downsizing or first time home buyers. Our job as professional stagers is to show how someone would live in a smaller footprint home and still have room for a great lifestyle.
25 Marlow is in the Danforth Village area and had been for sale for 70 days with no takers. The home owners were … (5 comments)

resa top ten stager: Why working with the right agent & stager makes all the difference - 04/05/14 11:07 PM
Home staging in Vaughan we stage over 500 homes every year. It is a very busy market.
For that reason it is in the interest of a home owner to be represented by an agent that knows when to call in the right home stager to prepare a property for listing photos.
We recently staged a home that required a a change in paint colour (you will see why in a minute), and some serious space planning done.
In this example the change in the home is dramatic. It is now bright, spacious and "move in ready".
Congratulations to Nirsh Arul … (5 comments)

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