staging in vaughan: Staging for business owners creating marketing images - 04/04/18 08:30 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we have many clients selling their homes that also own a business.
We stage for their business  when they are producing new marketing materials online or in print.
Here are a few examples of creative staging for a wood flooring company that wanted to promote their new line of custom flooring. 
The first picture shows the loft room in the barn on the property where they produce the wood flooring being prepared for the photo shoot.
The last picture shows the final result in a marketing brochure.
If you know a business that requires staging for their products give us a … (2 comments)

staging in vaughan: Should you stage all the bedrooms in a listing? - 04/04/18 07:56 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we generally suggest to stage the five principle rooms in a home.
They would be the living room, family room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom.
We stage the foyer and bathrooms at no additional charge as an incentive to sellers to stage a second bedroom.
We find if you stage an additional bedroom it adds to the emotional buy in by the potential buyers.
We can present one more touch point for them to commit to a home. 
Budgets are usually tight when it comes to staging a home as sellers can't understand how important it is to invest in … (1 comments)

staging in vaughan: Do buyers look in your bathroom medicine cabinet? - 01/08/17 11:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we find that buyers look EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE.
You just don't realize how many people look in your personal spaces when your home is for sale.  Buyers want to see if their stuff will fit in so they feel they have every right to check out your cabinet. We suggest you purchase inexpensive baskets with clean, flat fronts with tall sides to hide everything away in.Our clients are always happy that I mentioned it and the results speak for themselves. Professional staging will market your property to stand out from the competition online and in person every time.
This … (0 comments)

staging in vaughan: Estate Sale -is it worth it to stage outdated homes or sell them as is - 01/08/17 10:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked this question frequently by real estate agents and the children of the estate home in question,
Is it really worth it to stage the property or just sell it "as is" for whatever the sellers can get for it.
We ask if they want to attract their ideal buyers online with great photography of a "move in ready" home. 
Do they want a buyer to pay the highest price in the least amount of time or do they want to take what they get for it?
The answer is they want to get as much as … (8 comments)

staging in vaughan: All I did was... stage a golf tee off spot in a ravine lot - 08/11/16 01:18 AM
Home Staging in Toronto GTA and Vaughan we have many opportunities to market a ravine lot to attract our ideal buyers. 
We consulted ont the property where the elderly sellers had moved on and the grown son met us at the house to see how we market this simple war time bungalow to attract our ideal buyers.
He went on to share with us how he spent many hours banging balls off a piece of flagstone into the ravine at the rear of the house.
I asked if his clubs were still at the house. He said he thought they might be so we … (6 comments)

staging in vaughan: All I did was... mix wood and steel to create a model home look - 08/01/16 05:46 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we create rooms that look like a magazine shot to attract our ideal target buyers.
Quite frequently the buyers love the look of the house so much they purchase the furniture we stage with as well. This is niche marketing at its best.
In this home all we did was mix wood and metal together to produce the look buyers see when they visit furniture lifestyle stores and what they see on HGTV and in magazines.
Investment, minimal.
Impact, priceless.
If you have property you would like to have staged to attract your ideal buyers contact the Go To Girl around … (5 comments)

staging in vaughan: All I did was...take an old oak kitchen & turn it into a chef's dream! - 01/06/15 01:48 AM
Staging in Toronto and Vaughan we are often involved in the redesign of the next property that the sellers buy.
In this property we took a dated oak kitchen, revamped the layout and turned it into a dream kitchen for the new owner who loves to entertain family and guests.
This home sat on the market for over a year without a buyer. The agent that brought the buyer suggested that they call us in to give suggestions on how to update the property and build value at the same time.
All we did was remove everything from the kitchen right … (10 comments)

staging in vaughan: Rose Pink Bathroom Fixtures... see the before and after. - 07/27/14 03:43 AM
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we come across  many properties that have the rose pink porcelain fixtures still. Buyers definitely let sellers know they are not interested in these properties by submitting low ball offers or even worse.... no offers at all.
All we did in the powder room of this property is replace the light fixture, vanity, sink and toilet for $750. We also painted the soap and glass holder white to match the perfectly good marble wall. The homeowner thought the marble wall made the bathroom looked old however, we reassured them that it was still a very current … (11 comments)

staging in vaughan: SOLD IN 8 DAYS! FIND OUT HOW IN 3 STEPS - 06/15/14 03:42 AM

Home Staging in Vaughan since 2007 we often are called by an agent to stage a second or third home for sale for the same home owner. They are looking to have another staging success story which is sold for the most money in the shortest number of days on market possible.
We received very happy news from one of our repeat clients in Aurora.
112 Ivy Jay in Aurora SOLD in 8 days for 98% of list!
How did we make this happen?
Step 1 - We came out to the house and gave the home owner … (0 comments)

staging in vaughan: How much should you invest in staging a home for sale - 04/01/14 04:20 AM
Another Home Staging Success Story to Share  in Vaughan...
96 Fieldstone in Vaughan just sold in one day and for 99% of list.
It has set the benchmark price in the neighbourhood for comparable sized properties.
Thank you to the home owner for taking a huge leap to believe that staging would benefit the marketing of this home online and result in less days on market and have a great return on investment. It was his first time... but he says it won't be the last. Has three other properties coming up!
When we did the consultation I sensed that … (0 comments)

staging in vaughan: Stressing about moving a senior... watch our latest how to video - 11/10/13 07:39 AM
Home staging in Toronto we are often asked by an agent to assist a family with moving an elderly family member or to assist in preparing a property once the home is no longer occupied.
We are able to connect the seller and the family members to a company that does the work of removing the items no longer needed.
Whether the items are going to the new home, to be donated or taken to the dump our partners prepare the home for our company to come in and prepare the home for listing photos.
Watch our latest video for a … (6 comments)

staging in vaughan: How do we work with builders? From plans to decor selections.... - 10/03/13 12:05 AM
Staging in the Vaughan and Toronto area we are often called by builders to help them with their building projects.
We are considered part of their marketing plan to reach their target market.
Some of the services we offer are-
Design decisions from the planning stage
Finish selections in the model homes
Decor Selections with the purchasers
Design Consultation with purchasers once they move in. The builder wants their product to show well to the family and friends of the purchaser to get referrals and repeat business.
Watch this short video that showcases how we make the process profitable and stress … (2 comments)

staging in vaughan: From dusty pink explosion bathroom to spa elegance... how to do it. - 05/27/11 01:48 AM
Way back in 1985 I'm pretty sure rose pink was the epitome of bathroom decor luxury.
In fact, I know I did a reno on one of my houses in that very shade of pink. Loved it at the time.
However, when you are marketing your home to buyers today they can't see the benefit of the money you invested into your bathroom in 1985. All buyers can see is dollar signs flying out of their wallet to update your home if they choose to buy it. Why not invest just a few dollars for an up to date cabinet from … (15 comments)

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