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ae-hi (At Ease Home Inspections) provides Maryland Home Inspections to buyers & sellers. Services are offered to all Baltimore County Rental Property Owners for "Baltimore County Rental Inspections".
  Rental Housing & Home Sales / Inspection Services It appears rental housing here in Maryland are becoming an all time high.  Most property owners I have spoken to claim they are not able to sell there home for what they feel its worth so they are turning them into rental units until they feel t...
Baltimore County Rental Registration & Inspection Information If you own /or/ manage a residential rental property in Baltimore County you must have that property inspected by a Maryland Licensed Home Inspector and registered with Baltimore County Code Enforcement.          Call or Email Nikki M...
  Houses and Apartment Buildings built before 1950 have highest risk for lead hazards. Buildings built before 1978 are also at risk for lead hazards.    Always look for signs of lead hazards such as: chipping, peeling, damaged paint doors & windows that rub when you try to open them paint chips ...
I am asking sincerely for everyones help!  My neighbor Emily is desperately seeking help in finding her missing brother.   I know you may not know her or her brother but networking and getting info passed is the best way we can help. (If you need to contact me about this please call my cell @ 41...
As I am a Housing Inspector & Rental Inspector sometimes it is confused w/ Code Enforcement. I have received many calls today about sidewalks that have yet to be cleared of snow & debris in front of properties that are For Sale or Rent.  My response to these calls are there is really nothing I c...
Rental Housing Licenses   Baltimore County Code Enforcement  is requiring Baltimore County Rental Property Owners to install carbon monoxide detectors in the common areas outside of each sleeping area.  CO detectors must be installed in all rental properties, including those built prior to Januar...
A Little Too Much Protection ~ Outside Air Condition Unit ~ Home Made Slab When I saw this I was like WOW!  Someone went a little overboard with the concrete block.   Even though the block is heavy this thing is not stable at all!  Makes me wonder if Uncle Handyman really knew what he/she was doi...
Home Inspectors here in Maryland are not suppose to use the word "MOLD" unless you are certified to test for mold.  However we are allowed to write in our reports "Mold Type Substance".  Which is perfectly fine with me....  However in this case I really want to write "EXTREME MOLD ISSUES".   The ...
Standing in the bathroom admiring the Turbine Vent Spin! Wanted to share some interesting things I found in a row home located in the city. The unit has no attic and a flat roof. A couple months ago a roofing company was hired to install; Granulated Modified Bitumen Roofing System over existing F...
She only did it to pass lead inspection, who cares about safety?? I couldn't believe what I was hearing the other day when I went to inspect this house. So I go to open a window, only to find the window was sealed shut. So I go to open another window only to find it was screwed shut. Then after t...

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