I went to a meeting the other day and heard a woman speak about today's market and how important just a few principles are right now.  I will try to summarize this in a few paragraphs.  First of all, the media would have us all thinking that our economy is about to croak.  People are scared to pu...
This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!  Here are some bullets to explain the Tax Credit briefly: The tax credit is available for first-time home buyers only. The maximum credit amount is $7,500. The credit is available for homes purchased on or after April 9, 2008 and beforeJuly 1, 2009. Single taxpayers ...
I am posting this information so we all understand to make sure and give us Loan Officers sufficient time to get any FHA loans done without any extensions.  Of course, I know they come up sometimes.  But FHA underwriting time seems to be getting quite long for most investors.  Here at Valley, we ...
This blog is for all of you out there that are "misled" by the media.  WE STILL HAVE MANY GREAT MORTGAGE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE!  For instance, we can still do a Stated Income/Stated Asset loan for only 5% down and the rate today was 6.5% with no points or origination fee!  As you can see that is a h...
5.625% Fixed Rate**  I HATE THESE ADVERTISEMENTS!!!!!  I am so sick of hearing about and seeing these VERY misleading ads.  I have had 3 customers in the last 2 days bring this up.  We all see these ads on the internet and the television.  So, for all of you that don't understand HOW they are doi...
SO- by popular demand I am giving away my secret recipe--thanks Lucky ;)  I first had these truffles about a year ago and something was missing so I amended the recipe and handed them out at local events and now I am known for these things.  So here is my secret... 1 8oz. package of softened crea...
I have never done this blogging deal before, so here is my first.  As you may or may not know, I attended XINNIX, the Mortgage Academy of Excellence.  I am the first student they have ever had from Iowa, so not many people know about this training.  AND, of course, since I was from Iowa, I receiv...

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