steve hall: 10 Rules for Handling Debt Collectors - 07/07/10 05:53 AM
As difficult as it may be to stay cool and collected when debt collectors hound you, knowing what to expect when dealing with these agencies will help you formulate a plan and lessen the chance of being taken advantage of.

Ten Rules for Handling Collection Agencies
1. Realize that credit collection agents are usually working on commissions. This is a JOB to them and the more they get you to pay, the larger their paycheck. They will be persistent, so be prepared.
2. Don't argue with the agent, because you will lose. This is what the do all day, … (2 comments)

steve hall: 7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft - 07/01/10 05:56 AM
The big risk of identity theft comes with the benefits of high technology and faster       communication methods to provide information. As criminals have found new ways to steal and manipulate someone's information for their own use the number of white-collar crimes has greatly increased.Most people are perfect candidates for identity theft, as they are not always cautious with their personal information, and gaining access to your identity has become much easier. Identity theft does not only happen to those who are too trusting and naive; anyone can find himself or herself victimized and it can lead to serious financial difficulties, even   … (1 comments)

steve hall: Myths and Facts About Reverse Mortgages - 06/30/10 09:52 AM

Determining the truth about reverse mortgages is not easy. You need to be educated on the program so that you can make the best decision for your personal situation. Basically, if you get a reverse mortgage you will be getting a loan that will allow you to have a monthly income coming in, or a large lump sum at once, or a credit line. You can get any combination of these things as well. If you have an existing loan, it will be paid off. So you will not have a house payment. The monthly income you receive from the … (0 comments)

steve hall: What Makes You Different? - 06/29/10 06:18 AM
I was called on by a company last week wanting to sell me Internet leads. During his presentation he told me about his exclusive leads, how great his company was at producing leads, how long they had been in marketing, what great minds they had working on their campaigns and that they could provide me with all of the leads I could possibly handle.
Once he had finished spilling his beans, I paused for a minute and then said "Jeff, what you've just told me is the exact same pitch every other lead provider gives. Now, tell me what makes … (0 comments)

steve hall: How to Discover and Protect Yourself From Identity Theft - 06/25/10 06:05 AM
The day begins just like any other one normally would.  You're on your way to work in the morning and realize you need to make a quick pit stop at the gas station before you run out of fuel completely.  You fill up the tank and grab a coffee and newspaper once inside the store.  You offer the cashier your credit card and are stunned when she tells you that it has been rejected.  As the wave of embarrassment rushes over you, you fumble around in your pockets for enough cash to cover the entire bill. 

On the way out … (3 comments)

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