des moines: 5 Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid - 10/13/18 04:27 AM
You’ve been working for years, building up to become a first time home buyer, but now that you’re here, you decide what advice to take or cast aside.
There’s a lot of information out there for new buyers that turn an exciting time into an overwhelming experience.
Consider these 5 common first time home buyer mistakes to avoid next time you feel overrun by options.
First Time Home Buyer Mistake #1: Don’t Set a Budget or Go Over Budget
According to Forbes, the five expenses that will consume 50% of your lifetime earnings are: home, car, children, education, and retirement.
Don’t make the mistake … (1 comments)

des moines: 5 End of Summer Activities for Kids in Ankeny - 08/15/18 12:34 PM
Summer in Ankeny, Iowa is winding down. Shopping carts are filling up with school supplies instead of water balloons, and kids are taking full advantage of their last days by staying up past their bedtime. The end of summer is a great time to stuff as much family-time as possible into a few short weeks.
If your children are anything like mine, they’re raring to get out of the house before they have to go back to sitting in a classroom.
Are you running out of summer activities to do in Ankeny Iowa with your kids? Don’t worry...I’ve got you covered. Use this … (0 comments)

des moines: Baby Proof Your Home - 07/18/18 05:49 AM
Whether your baby is the size of a grape or a full-grown adult, their health and safety preoccupy your every thought.
Creating a safe environment at home is the first step to protecting your young one. With so many gadgets and gizmos out there, where do you begin? Before your tot turns into a walking and talking toddler, rest assured that each room in your house is safe and secure.
Follow these top tips to quickly baby proof your home.
NurseryOnce nap schedules are set, and your baby is sleeping through the night, chances are they’ll be spending the majority of their time … (2 comments)

des moines: Sell My Home: 7-Step Guide to Selling Your House - 07/12/18 05:10 AM
Sell My Home: 7-Step Guide to Selling Your House
The only thing consistent in life is change.
Change is good, though it can be stressful. Two of life’s biggest changes and stressors are buying a home and selling a home. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.
If you’re moving into the “Sell my home!” phase of life, use this 7-step guide to selling your home to avoid any added stress.
Sell My Home: Step 1 - Prepare Yourself & Your PropertyBefore doing anything, make sure you’re mentally and physically prepared for this change. Consider all motivations behind selling your house. … (0 comments)

des moines: 5 Easy DIY Landscaping Tips and Tricks - 06/14/18 09:53 AM
Summer solstice serves as the perfect landscaping setup.
We wait all year for those warm summer days and long summer nights. Why? Because there’s nothing better than spending time with loved ones outdoors surrounded by nature.
With that being said, it’s not every day that you have time to travel to a national park or luscious campground. For the days when home acts as your summer vacation spot, use these 5 easy DIY landscaping tips and tricks to turn your yard into a beautiful getaway.
Hardscape Your HomeHardscapes are the handcrafted areas surrounding a home, often including paves or statues. It’s … (2 comments)

des moines: First Time Home Buyer’s Guide - 06/07/18 06:48 AM
Close your eyes and imagine the home of your dreams.
Now open your eyes. Reality hits. How are you going to land that house?
You’ve created Pinterest boards, folded corners of magazines and daydreamed for hours about your forever home, but are you prepared to buy it today? Although home searches and open houses are exciting, the purchase process is more complicated than signing your name on the dotted line.
Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you’ve been around the block before, you will simplify securing your dream home when you follow these steps:
STEP 1: Make a List & Check it … (0 comments)

des moines: Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home - 05/29/18 02:57 PM
Your home is like a boxed cake.
Yes, you heard me right. Your house is like a nice box of chocolate cake. When it comes time to sell that chocolate cake, you can either bake it straight from the box’s instructions, or you can add your own spin to it. To make the cake stand out the rest of the bake sale goods, you can add strawberries, chocolate chips, or walnuts to the mix.
Now, you’re probably wondering, “What does chocolate cake have to do with selling my home?”
Before you put your home on the market, you can prepare in one of … (2 comments)

des moines: 2018 Home Decor Trends & 2019 Predictions - 05/17/18 09:44 PM
2018 is nearly halfway over, and this year has brought home design updates worthy of multiple Instagram posts. Buyers and renters alike are paying closer attention to detail than ever, and these designs pack a punch!
Here are the top 5 home decor trends of 2018, and my predictions for how we’ll evolve into the year to come.
Wallpaper for the WinThis year accent walls have taken on a whole new meaning. Rather than going with a bright paint-covered feature wall (that’s soooo 2017), reach for a locally designed wallpaper instead. Now, these aren’t your grandma’s rooster-lined hanging selections. Today, the … (3 comments)

des moines: 5 Reasons Buyers Should Choose Villas at Brinmore New Construction - 05/10/18 08:34 AM
Having troubles finding a home with all of the features and charm you’re looking for WITHIN YOUR BUDGET?

You’re not alone.

As a realtor, I pride myself on finding the perfect fit for every client. Sometimes I work with clients who have a very specific picture in their mind of what they want in their next purchase. Although I love the challenge of finding that needle in a haystack, there’s an even better option for buyers with custom needs.

New construction is a great alternative for those with a unique vision.

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve heard it time and time … (3 comments)

des moines: Best Restaurants in Des Moines for Every Occasion - 05/02/18 09:11 PM
Des Moines is full of wonderful art, museums, parks, and playgrounds. When you think of this vivacious city, you probably think: opportunity, creativity, and community. As the cherry on top of this already innovative metropolitan, we have the best restaurants in Des Moines for every occasion. Read below for highlights of my go-to grub for any mood.
Mood: Family Fun Day
RedRossa Napoli Pizza
12695 University Ave #100, Clive, IA 50325, USA
Price Point: $$
When I say there’s something for everyone here, I mean EVERYONE. This is one of the few restaurants near Des Moines I can go to where all members of the … (1 comments)

des moines: The 10 Best Spring Cleaning Tips - 04/22/18 02:56 AM
In Iowa, it often seems like Spring will never come. The first day of the season technically started March 21st, but we’re in April and still expecting snowfall. Even with flurries on the weather report, I have my fingers crossed that Spring is right around the corner.
With an increase in temperatures comes a variety of newly accessible activities including family cookouts, picnics, morning jogs and evening walks with the dog. Spring brings new the energy and light we longed for all Winter. It’s about time to bring that light and energy into your home!
Follow these 10 best Spring cleaning tips … (1 comments)

des moines: Ready to Buy or Sell a Home? Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Realtor - 04/13/18 08:16 PM
So you’ve found your dream what?

Whether you’ve been passively window shopping or hot and heavy on the house hunt, finding the perfect home isn’t as simple as SOLD. The introduction of house hunting apps and television shows has opened up new doors for real estate. Friends and family often ask me, “With all of this technology do I still need a realtor?”

The answer, quite simply, is yes.

For over a decade, Moulton & Associates, REALTORS has guided the Des Moines Metro area as one of the top real estate brokerages, and sees no signs of slowing down in the era … (7 comments)

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