michigan: Michigan Home Buyers - How much home can you afford? MSU Exten. online - 04/26/15 02:09 PM
Michigan Home Buyers - How much home can you afford?
MSU Extension 1 Hour Class Online, via ZOOM
Thursday May 7th, 2015 - Noon to 1 PM
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You must register for the class by May 6th, 2015.
Many people already know what they would feel comfortable paying monthly for their mortgage payment, property taxes and insurance, as they know how well their monthly rent fits their budget.  
You may learn some other important considerations of home ownership's effect on budgeting!

michigan: What is a good kitchen color? - 04/23/15 11:35 PM
Below I have reblogged a very practical and almost foolproof way of choosing the right kitchen color if you are about to sell your home.  Also remember- no "faux" finishes, sponge painting, textures, etc.
The more "custom" your paint finishes, the fewer Buyers are that will appreciate them, so you are essentially narrowing your pool of possible Buyers when going the "custom" route.
Let the new homeowners do their own paint customizing!
Have you every wondered about a good kitchen paint color?   Yesterday Stage Two Sell did a Real Estate Consultation for a seller in Horseheads NY who had done a great deal of … (0 comments)

michigan: Close to Family... or TOO Close to Family - 04/17/15 01:18 AM
Close to Family...  or  TOO Close to Family
It always amuses me when Buyers talk about family reasons for the location of their new home.
For some, being close to other family would be the ideal location of their new home.  For others, the ideal would be driving distance for holidays, but not too close!
Growing up, I lived right next door to my grandparents, with aunts, uncles and cousins in the next 3 surrounding homes, with several others within a few blocks radius.  As a kid, I really thought all families were like this!
It was a wonderful existence, being best friends with my cousins. … (2 comments)

michigan: Does That Skunk Come With the Home? - 04/17/15 12:34 AM
Does that skunk come with the home?
All was ready to close the home sale the next day, but when we did the final walk-through, we discovered a skunk who had recently taken up residence in the 4-foot-deep window well of the egress window in the basement.  (Definitely was not there during inspections, as contractor opened and closed the window to check operation).
This skunk was indeed alive and well(?), and should have been hibernating, but it stirred and was shivering in the ten-degree cold.  Since there was two feet of snow covered with a sheen of ice on the very frozen ground, … (22 comments)

michigan: Buy a home for Ferris college student(s) in Big Rapids, Michigan? - 04/11/15 01:14 PM
Is it a good investment to buy a home for Ferris State University college student(s) in Big Rapids, Michigan?
About this time of year, parents start thinking about the costs of paying for college dorms compared to the cost of buying a home that their student can live in during college years.
Sometimes investing in a home can be profitable, yet there are no guarantees. One thing that is sure - you will not get any money back from dorm costs, so you might come out ahead by owning a home short term and then selling it.
Many owners have kept their rental properties … (2 comments)

michigan: Michigan Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) and Homestead Exemption - 04/11/15 01:08 PM
Many wonder what the difference is between the Michigan "Principal Residence Exemption"  (or "PRE") and the "Homestead Exemption".
Simply, what was PREVIOUSLY called the "Homestead Exemption" has been changed and is now called the PRE, or "Principal Residence Exemption". Homeowners sometimes save almost 40% on their property taxes by claiming this exemption.
When you purchase a home, in order to qualify for this exemption you must file the Michigan Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit form 2368  with your township (or city) by June 1st for summer taxes or November 1st for winter taxes.  Once you are qualified to receive the exemption, it stays in effect … (0 comments)

michigan: Selling Your Home in Michigan- Are You Really Ready? Then Prove It! - 04/09/15 05:38 AM
Selling Your Home in Michigan- Are You Really Ready?  Then Prove It!
If you want your home to sell, you can make it more sellable by beginning to move!
In other words, start packing!  
You are going to anyway, so you may as well be ahead of the game in more ways than one!
Begin with one room and pack away everything that you have not used in the last month.
Have strong containers that are well labeled with room and contents.
Store only similar content in the same container.
Move the containers OUT of the living area for storage in basement and / or garage - NOT … (1 comments)

michigan: Have Fun at the Hemlock Park Wooden Playscape in Big Rapids, Michigan - 04/08/15 05:23 AM
Have Fun at the Hemlock Park - Wooden Playscape in Big Rapids, Michigan
Now that Spring has finally brought us some (almost sorta kinda) warm weather, the wooden playscape at Hemlock Park is a great place to bring the kids for hours of fun - and best of all, it's FREE!  Located just east of the main downtown Michigan Street, just go north of Maple and you will see the city sign pointing toward Hemlock Park.  The longer you look, the more you will notice the special touches in this park, including a bridge resembling the Mighty Mackinac Bridge, a 'stage' complete … (1 comments)

michigan: Shhhhh! Secret Phenomenon... in Real Estate Home Sales - 04/07/15 12:51 AM
There is a little-known phenomenon in Real Estate Home Sales.
It seems like it mostly happens when Buyers are searching for homes that have been on the market an especially long time, and they are hoping to score a deep discount from discouraged and possibly desperately-motivated Sellers.
The phenomenon usually kicks in the very same day that the Buyers are ready to submit an offer. 
Suddenly, there are not just one, but two or more other offers from other Buyers wanting to buy this languishing home, and a bidding war is born! 
Buyers:  Just because a home has been on the market over nine … (0 comments)

michigan: Home Buyers in Michigan - Don't Be Shy! - 04/04/15 01:41 PM
Home Buyers in Michigan - Don't Be Shy...
Once you have chosen a Buyer's Agent to work with, make sure that you are sharing your "ideal home" ideas!
Some Buyers are hesitant to answer an agent's questions about the likes and dislikes, but it is an important part of getting to know what makes you happy with a home and area.
Just simply sharing what you like to do in your family time or "me" time may help your agent pinpoint a great golfing area, snowmobiling trails, biking or hiking areas or that quiet fishing stream you would … (0 comments)

michigan: Who is responsible? - 04/03/15 04:59 AM
It will be very interesting to see what changes for credit score calculations are made in the near future, with the idea in mind to make more people eligible for home ownership by enabling them to qualify for mortgages.  Industry leaders are working with NAR toward making changes in how credit is scored.
Many people have a one-time tragic event that lowers their credit score, or in other cases are not recognized for consistent responsibility in making rent, utility and cell phone bills.
There just isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to credit score calculations, or agreement on what constitutes a … (2 comments)

michigan: Signs of Spring in Mecosta County Michigan - 04/01/15 08:30 AM

We finally had a robin show up in our yard this week - latest date ever!  
Even the crocuses are not out yet... just the tips of the leaves poking out of the ground so far.
While most signs of Spring are a little behind this year, one sign is right on time - buyers looking for homes to buy and sellers wanting to sell their homes!
It seems so good that every year this same sign of Spring signals the beginning of that great circle of life - Sellers listing their homes for sale, and Buyers … (0 comments)

michigan: You Might Be From Mecosta County, Michigan if... - 04/01/15 07:50 AM
If you passed a few horse-drawn Amish buggies on your
way to work, you may be in Mecosta County, where there are over 80 Amish families residing.  
Folks enjoy the many homemade Amish products offered from their farmsteads, including honey, maple syrup, jams, pickles, breads, pies and other baked goods, and fresh produce in season!
If you wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go fishing, you may be in Mecosta County, where there are over 80 lakes and the Mighty Muskegon River, (not to mention the Little Muskegon River and many streams as well), connected to 22 miles … (2 comments)

michigan: What is a reasonable offer amount on a home in Mecosta County, MI? - 03/16/15 06:50 AM
Whether you are buying a home or selling a home in Mecosta County, MI, it is important to know what prices are being accepted on homes, compared to what price the homes are listed for.
In Mecosta County, this has not varied a lot over the last few years, at approximately 92% over the last year and through February 2015.  The chart below also shows the ratios comparing the original list price with the actual selling price.  (The chart is displaying data from the Southwest Michigan MLS, specifically for Mecosta County only.)

Of course every sale is different, but this … (0 comments)

michigan: Butterflies are Blooming at Meijer Gardens - 03/13/15 07:04 AM

Every year around this time, I love to go visit the Butterfly Exhibit at Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.  If you have never seen it, You Must Go!
Breathtakingly beautiful, the butterflies flit amongst orchid plants in full bloom, and an amazing array of some gigantic tropical greenery in this huge atrium.  
Every year there are new additions to the butterflies and the orchids, and it is fascinationg to see the cocoons in various stages of hatching these winged fairies.  There are also a few unusual birds that grace the atrium, and even a creek and … (4 comments)

michigan: First Time Home Buyer in Michigan? How to get started... Reality 101 - 03/11/15 06:36 AM
First Time Home Buyer in Michigan?
How to get started... Reality 101 Crash Course Part 1:
First time buyers usually begin by searching for homes on the internet, and start calling the listing agents to set up showings.
It is important to know how the process works before you begin.
1)  By law in Michigan, all real estate agents represent the Seller until such time the Buyer enters into a Buyer Agent Agreement with a selected agent.
This means that the Listing Agent is confidential to the Seller;
anything the Buyer says to the Listing Agent can and … (0 comments)

michigan: Ready to list? Spring is just around the corner in Mecosta County, MI - 03/09/15 04:29 AM
Ready to list?  Spring is just around the corner in Mecosta County, MI

Sellers and home owners:
If you are planning to have your home listed for sale this Spring, now is the time to get started on those fix-ups that always seem to take longer than you think!  Photos will be taken of your home as soon as you list, so you want it to sparkle inside and out.
1)  Clean everything as thoroughly as possible.  Buyers want to see that your home and land are well cared for.  Stand in the doorway entering a room and take a … (0 comments)

michigan: First Time Home Buyers Buy the First Home They See! Canadian Lakes, MI - 02/23/14 07:19 AM
First Time Home Buyers Buy the First Home They See! Canadian Lakes, MI
From the outside, this home looked something like a cabin in the woods in the rolling hills of Canadian Lakes, Michigan.
The inside was a different story!  A four bedroom home with two bathrooms; a window wall across the front of the 40 foot living room/dining room area with a floor-to-cathedral ceiling majestic fireplace!
Things to love-at-first-sight with this home.
So, it seemed like an easy sale for this young couple... until his new job priced them out of their chosen financing type.  (Previously he had worked for … (4 comments)

michigan: The Best Way to Search for a Home for Sale - Home Buyer Big Rapids, MI - 02/23/14 06:14 AM
The Best Way to Search for a Home for Sale - Home Buyer Big Rapids, MI
Many times I hear from home buyers that they get very frustrated trying to find a home for sale as they are searching through web sites on their own.
They are very relieved to find out that there is a simple solution...
Work with a Realtor®!  Your agent can set up an automatic search, based on your own criteria such as area, size and price, and additionally can designate many special features that may not even be an option to look for on national web … (0 comments)

michigan: Relocating to Big Rapids, Michigan - Ferris U? Info for Mecosta County - 02/23/14 05:36 AM
Relocating to Big Rapids, Michigan - Ferris U?
Info for Mecosta County
Big Rapids is a great place to live and work, and home of Ferris State University!
Click on photo to go to:
Big Rapids, Michigan Community information such as Schools; Motels; Ferris State University; Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce; area Rental Homes and Apartments; Jobs; link to Homes for sale---- Even the Big Rapids current weather!
Feel free to call me for a Big Rapids area packet of information, or if you have questions about buying a home in the area.  You will be amazed at this lively city with … (0 comments)

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