google: Google Tips: Avoid Scams! - 04/22/16 05:46 AM
In the following Google video we learn about how to identify scams online. If someone offers you some new shoes, a free iPad or an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, you should be suspicious. These offers might seem harmless, but these could be dangerous ways to get your personal information.

google: The Google Online Safety Roadshow Tip 1: Think Before You Share - 03/29/16 12:33 AM
To help create the best version of your online story, 
remember to think before you share. Anything you post online can be forwarded, copied, and found, and travel farther than you intended it to. What you share, and who you share it with, can end up saying a lot about you. So remember to be thoughtful!
For more information about "Tip 1: Think Before You Share, the Online Safety Roadshow", and other great tips to help keep you and your family smart and safe online, check out:

google: The YouTube 2015 Rewind Video! A Year in Review - 12/29/15 11:06 PM
The YouTube Rewind 2015 video, which celebrates the videos, people, music and moves that were big in the year is out! Enjoy :)

google: Google Hangouts Discuss YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn for Small Business - 10/15/15 12:08 AM
Over the last few weeks Google has released a few hangout videos via the Google YouTube channel 
covering many subjects including Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn for small businesses.
Here is what they say about LinkedIn:
"With over 380 million members,+LinkedIn is a networking gold mine for small businesses. Establishing a business page will allow you to engage with the 80% of LinkedIn members who want to connect with companies. Join us as we speak with Jason Miller from LinkedIn during a Hangout on Air, where he’ll share tips on how small businesses can use their page to become thought leaders, generate leads, and market their … (2 comments)

google: Google Explains How An Older Website Can Maintain its Ranking Over Time - 05/22/15 12:01 AM


google: Google Discusses Myths About SEO - 05/20/15 03:57 AM
Google’s own Matt Cutts discusses some of the biggest SEO myths people continue to repeat. 

google: How To Search for Properties in the app using Google Voice - 05/12/15 01:53 AM


google: Our Digital Lives and a Question; When People Search For You Online, What Do They Find? - 05/11/15 02:00 AM
When you search online do you find what you want? I'm guessing the answer is 'yes' but the fact is you don't. Let me share a little known secret that might change your answer;  you get to see what Google and Facebook (and increasingly many other companies) think you want to find.
What does that mean? It means that if I search for your name online I see different information than you do, even if we do exactly the same search. Companies filter what you see and that can result in a very biased view of the world. That's a scary consideration especially … (0 comments)

google: Project Fi: Google Innovating in Connectivity and Communication - 05/01/15 01:34 AM
Project Fi is a program to deliver a fast, easy wireless experience in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and users.
The following video, from the Google YouTube channel, provides more information:

google: Google Releases Smartbox - A Mailbox For The Modern World - 04/01/15 05:49 AM
Wow! Just wow!
Google today announced Smartbox — a better, smarter mailbox that fuses physical mail with everything you love about the electronic kind.
Smartbox is currently in field trial. If you’re not yet using Inbox, simply email any time before April 2 to be invited, and to reserve.


google: The Danger of Google Maps - 03/30/15 01:02 AM
If you've ever used MapQuest you'll understand just how good Google Maps is. I think the name 'MapQuest' is either (tragically) ironic or a secret joke - following their maps really is like a quest. 
The last time I used their service it took me two hours to travel to somewhere an hour away. I saw some beautiful homes, picturesque towns and countless fields which was great but I was late for my appointment. As a result I switched to Google Maps and have never looked back (sorry, couldn't resist that!)
But Google Maps has its own problems, specifically Street View. As you may or … (15 comments)

google: Follr Featured in 'Online Footprint' Magazine - 03/04/15 04:29 AM
Are you using online marketing effectively for your business? If you want to learn how to really ramp up your online marketing strategies from professional experts who use Internet marketing for a living, then you need to read Online FootPrint. It keeps you up to date on the latest aspects of Internet marketing, traffic strategies, Website conversion and optimization, social media strategies and provides lots of social media tips and tricks. 

It also covers the latest from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn and Youtube. If you need to know about Website creation, press releases or just writing good copy for … (1 comments)

google: 5 Cool Google Tricks You Never Knew - 02/25/15 10:31 PM


google: This Website Shows You Everywhere Google Knows You've Been... - 02/05/15 12:13 AM
Do you use Gmail? How about any of Google's apps? If you do there's a chance Google knows where you have been. 
The good news is you can see what they know by visiting this almost unheard of Website:
More importantly you can clear the history and prevent the tracking from continuing. First visit the Website; you might need to change the time period under 'show' to see the data they have. If there's nothing there, well, they have no data on you. But if there is data you  will see something like this (image source: Business Insider:

google: Google and SendGrid Discuss Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing - 11/13/14 12:33 AM
Did you know that 20% of all legitimate emails never reach the inbox? Forrester predicts that in 2014, $144M will be spent on marketing emails that never get delivered! 
Email is still an excellent way to communicate with your audience and in the following video we are fortunate to get insider information from Sendgrid's Regan Peschel who discusses best practices in email marketing. Yes, a 25 minute video is long, but where else can you get great info like this for free! 
To see more videos like this subscribe to the Google+ Your Business YouTube channel. Enjoy!


google: How Does Google Choose Titles for Search Results? - 05/04/14 10:22 AM
In the following brief video, another from the great Google Webmasters YouTube channel, Matt Cutts answers:
“What criteria does Google use to change the title it shows in the SERPs (search engine results page) depending on the query? Does schema influence that? Maybe headings have more weight?”


google: NAR Discusses What NOT To Do on a Real Estate Website - 04/30/14 06:18 AM
In the following important video NAR’s own Nobu Hata, Director of Digital Engagement, discusses what not to do on a real estate Website and provides some useful tips.


google: Google Discusses Myths About SEO - 04/24/14 09:49 PM
Google’s own Matt Cutts discusses some of the biggest SEO myths people continue to repeat.


google: An Overview of the “How Search Works” Website - 04/11/14 02:55 AM
In the following video Google’s Matt Cutts talks about the ‘How Search Works‘ Website. Google provide lots of interesting information via their Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel – you should check it out from time to time if you want real, accurate advice from Google themselves.


google: How Does Google Evaluate Algorithmic Changes? - 04/01/14 01:17 AM
In another video from Google’s own Matt Cutts he answers what metrics Google uses to evaluate whether one iteration of the ranking algorithm is delivering better quality results to users than another.
For more videos like this visit the Google Webmaster YouTube channel.


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