about ashland: The Tax Credit Expired--Now What? - 06/02/10 10:30 AM
What effect did the government stimulus money have? I think that the short term impact was huge. This can be seen by the number of sold properties in April of 2010 in comparison with April of 2009. The number of solds in Jackson County increased from 183 to 264 for April. I anticipate that May and June will have fairly large jumps as well, as the properties that went into escrow in April close. The real question is what is the long term impact? Did this just get people who were going to buy anyway to buy earlier than they might … (1 comments)

about ashland: (readers say) Abolish Live Theater--It's just not Green - 03/28/10 12:29 PM
NPR does story on Oregon Shakespeare Festival
It was a good day of news for our little town of Ashland Oregon. NPR Weekend edition did a niece story about how even in this economy, theOregon Shakespeare Festival had a record setting season last year. Fearing the worst, they cut the budget last year, and against predictions sold more tickets than expected.
You can read and listen to the news story HERE.
Now, I have to decide if I am going to break up my comments on this subject into multiple parts, or just rant.  If you go to the news story on NPR.com, you … (0 comments)

about ashland: Ashland Weather Vs. Bend Weather - 09/23/09 06:34 PM
The biggest difference is the temperature...and the low temp in Bend is makes it unbearably cold to me at night in all but the summer months. The averages are only about 5 degrees difference, but look at the charts for the extremes. The exteme low on record for Ashland is -5 degrees, where in Bend the extreme low is about -25 degrees.
Period of Record Monthly Climate Summary
Period of Record : 7/ 1/1892 to 4/30/2009
Next time on compare Oregon Weather, we will look at the difference in cloud cover between Ashland and … (0 comments)

about ashland: Happy New Year-with a new way to search for real estate in Ashland Oregon - 01/06/09 05:20 AM
Happy New Year all....
I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new property tool for Southern Oregon. For many years now, in fact longer than I have been in real estate, the general public has had limited options on how to effectively search the Internet themselves for homes in Ashland, Medford, or any part of Jackson County. If you are anxious to see the new tool, click on one of the links below.
Search for area properties by style
Search for area properties by map
I remember about 6 years ago, I was trying to get a handle … (0 comments)

about ashland: Train Service Through Ashland - 09/07/08 09:12 AM
It looks like there is some movement on whether or not the train will start running through Ashland again. A petition was filed to let another provider start running the service. As a fan of railways as a mode of transportation, I am at odds with how I feel about the train coming through Ashland again. This line carries little other than lumber from Northern California to Roseburg.
It is not a passenger train...and the freight can still go by rail..it just has to take a very circuitous route up the other side of the Cascades, and over through Springfield.

about ashland: Ashland Area Campground on a Lake - 08/24/08 03:50 PM
I have a little trailer that is kind of a glorified tent on wheels. It has a table, icebox, bed, and stove. It is shorter than my truck, both in legnth and hight. I love the thing because it makes camping so easy.
I spent last night on the banks of Howard Prairie Lake. It is 30 minutes from my house in Ashland. You can fish, ski, swim, etc...
A client of mine owns the resort. He is an excellent and friendly guy named Joel. If you get a chance to camp up here, tell Joel hi from the … (2 comments)

about ashland: Fun with the video camera at Ashland Tennis and Fitness Club - 08/03/08 11:54 AM
Excercise in Ashland There are a lot of great places to get exercise in Ashland. But come winter, and through the heat in summer, it is nice to belong to a club and to exercise there. As the president of the board of directors for the Ashland Tennis and Fitness club, I obviously feel like the best place to go in Ashland in ATFC.

I am still playing with my new video camera, and thought I would shoot a little bit at the tennis club. You can see that we have a very nice swimming pool, … (1 comments)

about ashland: Ashland Is Hot! - 06/30/08 03:35 PM
Ashland is Hot!
Oh, Summer has finally arrived in our glorious Ashland, Oregon. I know some people who live here feel that is should always be 75 degrees. I, on the other hand love when the heat finally decends upon the Rogue Valley and warms my bones.
I guess as a kilt wearer, I may enjoy the warm weather a little more than those poor souls who feel a need to wear pants. But this is my favorite time of year.
But what do you do if you live in Ashland, and don't like the heat as much as I do.
Well, … (2 comments)

about ashland: Preparing for Radio - 06/30/08 03:34 PM
One of my roles in real estate in the Rogue Valley is I am a member of the Public Relations committee for the local association of Realtors®.
So today I am preparing for an interview on the Jefferson Exchange. Part of the responsibility of being a member of the PR crew is to stay up to date on issues, statistics, and what is being said in the media.
It is remarkable to me what the power of the media is in how they choose to report stories. The difference between saying "foreclosures doubled in the last year", and "Oregon still among … (0 comments)

about ashland: Britt Festival Schedule is Out - 03/29/08 06:40 AM
The Jacksonville Britt Festival has released it's 2008 schedule.
Another year that the musical director has focues heavily on acts that attract Baby Boomers.
With a season that opens with Crosby Stills and Nash at $101 a ticket for reserved seats, the director has definitely shown where his focus is.
It seems that there may only be one artist under the age of 30 (LeeAnne Rymes)
The majority of artists are over 50, and have been recording for 30 years.
See the full schedule here.
Britt Festival
Adam Bogle, "the Most Recognized Realtor in the Universe"

about ashland: Ashland Independent Film Festival - 02/24/08 05:08 PM
Ashland is home to a growing, in both quality, and size, indepenent film festival.
The Ashland Independent Film Festival received a grant this year from the Acadamy of Motion Pictures (you know, the Oscars) to help bring talent to Ashland. 
The seventh annual ashland independent film festival will be held April 3-7, 2008. Consistently each year, 90+% of the seats at the ashland independent film festival are filled for all five days. 2/3 of the shows sell out to engaged, arts-oriented audiences. Last April 6,000 film-goers purchased over 15,000 tickets to 92 feature, documentary and short films.
The festival takes place on the five screens of the intimate … (1 comments)

about ashland: Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2008 Schedule - 02/22/08 04:10 PM
A new artistic director starts this year, and the line-up is....
Angus Bowmer Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Feb. 15 - Nov. 2
Feb. 16 - Jul. 6
The Clay Cart
Feb. 17 - Nov. 2
The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler
Apr. 15 - Nov. 1
A View from the Bridge
Jul. 23 - Nov. 1
New Theatre
Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter
Feb. 19 - Jun. 20
Mar. 26 - Nov. 2
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Jul. 1 - Nov. 2  
Elizabethan Stage
Jun. 3 - Oct. 10
Our Town
Jun. 4 - Oct. 11
The Comedy of Errors
Jun. 5 - Oct. 12

about ashland: Property Taxes in Ashland - 02/20/08 01:02 PM
Property Tax in Oregon does not increase because of a sale on a property.
Ballot Measure 47 was a 1996 initiative in the U.S. state of Oregon. It was approved, increasing the Oregon Constitution's limitations on property taxes on real estate, first imposed by Measure 5.
Measure 47 required that property taxes be no higher than 10% less than those imposed in the 1994-1995 tax year, or those imposed in the 1995-1996 tax year. Thereafter, property taxes increases were to be capped at 3% per year.
Property Tax
The amount of property tax levied in Ashland is one of the lowest tax levy amounts … (0 comments)

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