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442 Burns Court Sarasota FL 34236 MLS #A3932246  Offered for $400,000 This jewel is tucked away in Burns Court, just waiting for you.  This Spanish Revival Bungalow is the perfect city getaway for weekends when you want to enjoy all that downtown has to offer or a wonderful home for urban dweller...
Had a very difficult home inspection today.  The inspector could not shut up.  This house was clean as a whistle and he remarked several times that it was the most flawless inspection he had done in the past two years.  Nothing warrantable was an issue and the sellers had kept the house immaculat...
In the Sarasota area it is becoming increasingly difficult to make it through the appraisal process when seeking a mortgage.  HVAC has decimated the communities with the appraisers having little or no knowledge of the areas and not realizing that neighborhoods have intrinsic values.  On purchases...
As my partner and I began our trek to owning our own brokerage, word got out and we have just been recruited by an incredible company that is small, successful and it feels like coming home.  The offer they made us was just too good to pass up and although we still have that independent bone in o...
Day One...  just filled out all of my S-Corp forms to lay the ground work for opening up my own brokerage with my partner.  We are extremely nervous and yet excited to be taking the plunge.  Studying for the broker's test during this adventure is sometimes overwhelming but I am confident we will ...
What a pain in the neck this site has become!  The artificial values, both high and low, that this site attributes to properties is second only to the bad press from the media about the housing market when it comes to confusing and misleading buyers and sellers.  I am working with a couple who us...
Quick question out there to get a consensus.  Assuming I wanted to start my own brokerage firm with my partner and assuming our last names were Justice and Marchand, which of the following names would be preferable.  I just would like an answer to this question, not the pros and cons of naming th...
Gulf of Mexico Drive on Longboat Key, Florida will be lined with 2,877 American flags to honor the memory of those innocent lives that were taken on September 11, 2001.  For the ninth year in a row, I will drive down that road and pray for those whose lives were cut short and for the famiies and ...
  I am finding a very disturbing trend on this site as well as on all outlets for personal opinion and it has opened my eyes to the lack of tolerance that more and more people are exhibiting under the guise of "politically correct."  You know what?  I think it is time we all just get over this ou...
This morning's article in the New York Times gives the other side of owning a home... THE POSITIVE sign for a change..... Thanks to this writer for recognizing the importance of continuing to keep the American Dream of homeownership as a goal that is a good one!  This is the type of information ...


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