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  The number of active listings in our Sarasota Market continues its downward trend as brisk sales of existing inventory leave fewer choices for buyers who have grown accustomed to having large selections of properties to look at when they come down for season. The prices are just too reasonable ...
  Although the prices may not be showing appreciation, the appreciation for the market can be seen in the continued increase in contracts written over the last few months.  Sellers are pricing more realisticallyas can be seen by the Average of Sold to Original Listing Ratio and the buyers are see...
 In Sarasota Area Pending Sales Are up in January 2012 with moderate price gains     The Sarasota Association of Realtors® has reported a 38% jump in pending sales for January 2012 as compared to December 2011.  My partner and I are showing property to a much larger number of buyers than last yea...
Looking at the median sale prices for both single family and condo/townhouses in the state of Florida for the past year we are no longer seeing the deep drops in pricing that have plagued us for years.  The number of transactions is increasing as the inventory shrinks and with season in full swin...
Last Sunday we took a road trip up U.S. 41 to the Wat Mongkolratanaram, or Wat, in Tampa.  Just a short ride of the main road you are transported to a property that feel as if you have been dropped into a village in southern Thailand.    Your eyes are drawn to a beautiful temple with red eaves a...
If you are an agent  who has been searching for homes of all types and in all price ranges for your buyers, you don’t have to read the article in today’s Real Estate section to be aware of the fact that home inventories are shrinking in the Sarasota County area.  I spent this weekend with buyers...
Showing property is always an interesting experience  and what I most enjoy are the inexplicable quirks and traits that each complex, condo or subdivision has to offer.  The pool area of this particular one is very beautiful and is located in the center of a small lake.  Private and lushly landsc...
Great reminder that the contract trumps the MLS sheet..... ALWAYS!  Have you noticed that many MLS sheets have not been updated in months and months and that have the info is incorrect?  Pay attention to your contract -  line by line by line.Oops, It Looks Like the Buyer's Agent Made Another Mist...
Past clients are the often ignored resource that is more precious than gold.  My partner and I keep in touch with each and every one of them on a weekly or monthly basis whether it is just a phone call, birthday card or a quick visit with candy or something we know that they will appreciate.  An...


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