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  When should the seller be completely out of the home I am purchasing?    Different Realtors answer this question in different ways but I am a strong believer that you do not close the transaction until the seller is out and you have done the pre-closing inspection.  If you are closing at 10:00 ...
  Besides the mortgage, what other monthly and annual expenses will I incur?   It is very important that you realize that your mortgage payment is not all you need to budget for.  Other expenses include   ·         Homeowners insurance if not escrowed along with wind, storm and flood if needed   ...
  It seems hard to believe that we are actually experiencing multiple offer scenarios again but they are back!  If you are faced with this situation and you really want the house above all the others you have looked at there are a few things you can do to make your offer stand out.  In many cases...
  Sorry, but I am not holding my breath for any true streamlining of the short sale process.  Supposedly, beginning June 15, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to be required by the Federal Housing Finance Agency to speed up the interminable waits that purchasing short sale properties always in...
This is the weekend full of barbecues and boating and baseball.  It is so important for all of us to remember the brave soldiers who have kept us safe, protected our freedom and provided us with the ability to sleep without fear.  I thank each and every one of them who through the years have give...
  My lead generation system with HOUSEHUNT is absolutely the best money I have ever spent.  It has more than paid for itself each and every of the six years I have subscribed to it and several of the buyers and sellers who have found me on it have closed multiple transactions over the years.  The...
What is the difference between Prequalification and Preapproval in the loan process?   A lender will spend some time determining an estimate of what you can afford to spend on a house but this Prequalification in no way a promise of your ability to get a loan. Prequalification is a free process ...
  This is an entry for the Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul Group Contest! | Fun in the Sun While the Business Still Runs! Join in on the Challenge!       My husband and I have spent the last three months getting our boat ready for a wonderful vacation on the water.  We are going to take one ...
A Question that many Buyers ask of a Realtor…. What is your fee to help me find a home to purchase?  You are probably going to think that the answer to this question is just too good to be true.  Not only do I charge you nothing but by utilizing my services instead of trying to negotiate a home p...
Third most FAQ from Sellers Q.  What is wrong with listing my home much higher than what you are recommending?  A.  I did not pull the recommended listing price for your home out of a hat.  I spent hours comparing recently sold homes, currently active homes and homes that died a slow death and ex...


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