sarasota: Calorie Zone - Do-nut Cross.... - 06/03/17 07:15 AM

While visiting my shoe repair shop yesterday, I was happily surprised at the opening of a fabulous new store next door.  I ended up celebrating Doughnut Day at Five-O Donut Co . The name fits because it is located on Ringling Bouelevard right down the street from the Sarasota Police Department and the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.  The small space is warm and welcoming, decorated with a police motif including an old time logo of a police officer with a nightstick and a car door painted like a squad car's.  It has mock-brick paneling, a navy-gray color scheme, along with corrugated metal details, exposed wood … (9 comments)

sarasota: Dear Buyer, Sometimes it is Just not the Right House for You.... - 01/31/14 11:31 AM
Desirable neighborhoods whose homes rarely come on the market can be a huge problem for buyers who want to live in them.  I have one home like this on the market right now, very fairly priced at $326,000 and the comps to support the asking price.
Today I showed it to a buyer who just loves the neighborhood, has wanted to move into it for many years and kept trying to make the house fit her needs.  It was like watching Cinderella try to squeeze her size 8 foot into a size 6 shoe. 
She wanted to raise the floor in … (11 comments)

sarasota: USA TODAY Puts Sarasota in the News! - 01/26/14 11:05 AM
The readers of USA TODAY have chosen the Best Florida Attractions in this order:
1. Clearwater Marine Aquarium
2. The Ringling, Sarasota
3. Everglades Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale
4. Discovery Cove, Orlando
5. Magic Kingdom, Orlando
6. St. Augustine Historic District
7. Seashells of Sanibel Island
8. Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg
9. Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine
10. Beaches of Daytona Beach
So, once again, Sarasota not only has one of the top attractions but is also just a short driving distance to Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sanibel Island and Orlando, making it the perfect place to visit.  And, while … (0 comments)

Kayak Eco Tours in Sarasota.. One of the most relaxing ways to get close to nature in Sarasota is taking a kayak tour and just getting away from it all. 
Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures won a 2013 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and has years of experience of providing wonderful trips through our area waterways.

One of the great things about Sarasota is that we have so many different venues to visit.  Whether you are looking in the bay and gulf for Dolphins and Manatees, the rivers for Alligators or our Crystal-Clear Springs, you will see tropical birds and … (2 comments)

sarasota: Can A Wind Mitigation Inspection Lower My Insurance? - 09/23/13 11:27 AM
Wind Mitigation Inspection - How can this save me money on my homeowners insurance?
Well, it depends.  And, in many cases, older homes with newer roofs and improvements, often offer more of an insurance discount than the newer homes.
Florida was the first state in the nation, in 2006, to require that a reduction in insurance costs be offered if the results of a wind mitigation report provided a good case for lower insurance payments.

There are 8 major categories that Florida checks for safety features. 
Roof Covering: inspectors want to know when the roof was installed and does if it … (3 comments)

sarasota: That was not the answer I was hoping for..... - 09/23/13 09:13 AM
Just read this great blog by Alan Kirkpatrick from Austin and it reinforced a practice that I use when showing property.  The most accurate gauge of the ambiance of a condo on Longboat Key, Florida is usually the attitude of the people sitting around the pool. 
  Whether your buyer is looking for a home of their own home or a rental property, these are the people to float some ideas out to and see how they respond.  If your buyers want a grandkid friendly place with the pool being happily shared, ask about the number of them that are usually in residence or … (39 comments)

sarasota: Thank God the Captain did not go down with the Ship!! - 07/11/13 01:13 PM

It has taken awhile for me to be able to post this.  Our realty company is one of the sponsors of the Phantom 9 race boat that was in the lead in the Sarasota Grand Prix Race over the 4th of July Weekend.  It is a magnificent machine and the pilot, Mark Niemann, is amazing.

We are all in awe of his skills and abilities and he was poised to win this race for sure but then everything went upside down as you can see from the photo montage below.

Words cannot express our gratitude … (9 comments)

sarasota: The Phone Call that Makes Your Day! - 07/10/13 12:05 PM
I received a wonderful phone call today from some buyers who purchased a beautiful villa on Siesta Key back in May of 2011.  It came on the market at what I felt was a very good price and we were able to negotiate it to an even better one with it closing at $332,000.  The owner had found the perfect home that she wanted to purchase and was in a hurry to rid herself of this one. 
So, I get the call today that my buyers decided to refinance and the appraisal by the bank came in at $425,000.  They … (4 comments)

sarasota: It Does Not Matter What The Seller Paid! - 04/05/13 11:43 AM
Today yet another buyer asked me to find out what a seller had paid for a home.  Why?  What does that have to do with the value of the home now? What if the owner purchased it 20 years ago at a price relative to that time’s value?  Should he now give it away because he did not pay anything near what it is worth today? Let’s turn it around.  When I pull up the cost of a home purchased during the “bubble” would you feel that it is a fair price for today’s buyer? Would you want to pay the … (8 comments)

sarasota: Castles in The Sky - stop searching for listings that don't exist! - 03/02/13 08:56 AM

 Are you wondering why all these great properties that you keep finding on-line are never sent to you by your Realtor?  Isn’t she using the same criteria that you are using?  You gave her all of your information but she never finds the great properties you are finding!  If this is a common occurrence for you then you are probably looking on sites like Trulia and Zillow and many other sites which are very slow to update their information.  That perfect home that you just found actually sold over two months ago and the one with the pool was withdrawn … (0 comments)

sarasota: A New Year's Resolution that May Actually Make it Past January 31! - 01/03/13 11:06 AM
Every year on the first of January, I start out with a fitness/diet regimen that can do nothing but fail.  It is always too ambitious, unrealistic and with the first bite of one chocolate chip cookie or a missed day at the gym, I just pack it in and tell myself I am just too busy and too stressed.
This year a friend of mine sent out a facebook challenge to those of us who cannot keep a fitness commitment and as of today, I am 2 for 2.  All we have to do is meet at the huge “Kiss” Statue … (8 comments)

sarasota: Grab the Down Jackets! The temperature has dropped below 70! - 01/02/13 08:36 AM
Those of us who live in Florida are truly spoiled by the weather.  It is always amusing to watch us show property to “Northerners” when the temperature drops below 68 degrees.  You can always pick us out because we are the ones in jackets, long pants and sometimes even parkas, leading around folks wearing shorts and tank tops.  I will be showing condos on Siesta Key tomorrow to people from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and can’t wait to see how differently we are dressed!  This photo is of a young lady in the grocery store yesterday.  The temperature was 67.  What a bunch … (8 comments)

sarasota: Sarasota's Boutique "Hotel Ranola" - 06/30/12 11:57 AM

Sarasota’s Boutique “Hotel Ranola”
Just a few blocks from our DWELL Real Estate office  is a darling nine room hotel that is just steps from countless restaurants and our very hip downtown.  Back in 1926 it served as an apartment hotel for snowbirds and is now living a revived life as a cozy place to tuck into when visiting Sarasota.  Get a taxi from nearby Sarasota airport and don’t bother with a rental car.  You are a short walk from movie theaters, shops, art venues and even the marina at the bay. 
 It offers  spacious boutique hotel rooms  with upbeat décor, luxury … (0 comments)

sarasota: MacGyver lives in Sarasota under the alias of Jon Pardue - 06/28/12 11:49 AM
Remember the adventures of the secret agent, MacGyver, who never met a challenge he could not overcome by using his infinite scientific resourcefulness?  We have such a hero right here in Sarasota.  Jon Pardue is the “go to guy” for just about any problem you encounter that requires computer, electronic or imaginative skills to solve.  At our office,  DWELL Real Estate has him on speed dial for any IT issues as well as for installation of anything electronic.  You can see the wheels spinning around in his head as he calmly assesses the problem, determines the solution and resolves it with what seems … (2 comments)

sarasota: Sarasota’s “A Slice of Heaven” - You CAN have your cake and eat it too! - 06/27/12 11:29 AM
Sarasota’s  “A Slice of Heaven” is one of the most creative bakeries you will ever find.  No matter what the occasion they tailor bake mouth-watering delights that taste even better than they look.  How many times have you been so impressed with a decorative cake only to bite into it and have a cardboard taste in your mouth?  Not at A Slice of Heaven  They use only super moist sponge cake with premium fillings, three to be exact, for each cake.  Buttercream frosting guarantees that the texture is smooth and creamy and the cake cuts clean and smoothly.  “A Slice of Heaven” … (1 comments)

sarasota: Posh On Palm in Sarasota - 06/25/12 12:23 PM

Elvis loves his little shopping trips when he spends the day at the office and Posh on Palm is always an adventure for him.  He may weigh 102 pounds but he is no match for the resident cat, Romeo and he enters the store tentatively, knowing that the big black and white ball of fur can take him down.  This romantic shop is one of Sarasota’s most eclectic and wonderful small businesses that make the downtown area so special. 
Susie Holt and her husband, Mark have transformed the former De Marco Hotel into Posh on Palm by utilizing … (0 comments)

sarasota: Toy Lab in Sarasota isn't just for kids! - 06/20/12 11:03 AM
Are you at a loss when a child’s birthday is fast approaching and you have absolutely no idea what to bring to the party?  There is an incredible small business on Main Street in downtown Sarasota named “Toy Lab.”  You are immediately attracted to the bright building blocks in primary colors on the façade which are just a hint of the wonders awaiting you when you cross the threshold.  Make sure that you have plenty of time to make a decision because this place is just full of intriguing and interesting toys.  Whether it is one of the classic old-fashioned toys … (0 comments)

sarasota: Main Street Traders.... Coastal,Comfy and Chic - 06/19/12 11:41 AM
Main Street Traders is one of those amazing stores that really does have something for everyone.  Whenever I am baffled over a gift for someone I head through the doors and find the perfect item in a very short time.  The owner, Rebecca Volz, has spent years tweaking, refining and reinventing her inventory and each visit delights me with the new items she has found and comforts me with the tried and true standbys that she keeps because they are so popular.  From edgy greeting cards to splendid bedcoverings, from clothing to accessories for the home, this is a wonderland of … (0 comments)

sarasota: Burgers, Bikers and Beautiful People - 06/18/12 12:49 PM

When I moved to Longboat Key in 1984 one of the first stops that all the locals told me was a must was The Hob Nob hamburger shop in Sarasota.  Opened in 1957 and still operating today, it is most definitely Sarasota’s oldest drive-in restaurant.  I was immediately addicted to the greasy burgers, creamy shakes and crispy fries with all the fixings.  Lunch there was an experience as bikers, people from all careers, ages and diversity of incomes sat shoulder to shoulder savoring the comfort food. 
When I became a Harley Rider in 1992 I became one of the … (4 comments)

sarasota: Your eyes will glaze over at Gold Star Donuts - 06/17/12 11:56 AM
Every neighborhood has a favorite little business and Gold Star Donuts is one of our least best kept secrets. Tucked into a little strip mall in Bradenton on Whitfield Avenue at 12th Street, it is home to the best donuts I have ever had. The glazed ones are at least three inches high and they melt in your mouth before you have a chance to chew them. Along with the usual suspects of different flavors and icings, it is best known for the Pecan Queen, a pecan roll like no other. At 6:00 when the doors open, the car doors … (1 comments)

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