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Congratulations to all the OLYMPIANS! I just had a tet to tet with my 26 year old grandson on Facebook. I was reading his posts and saw an ongoing posting on Canada vs. U.S. during the final hockey game with one of his friends.  Now nobody wants their Grandma jumping in (I usually stay outta ther...
All that I need in life is in Christmas. The excitement that it brings, The love that is shown all around, The sharing you see so much of, The caring shown, even in busy crowds.  If its' not maybe I just don't see it this time of year. Smiles on little children and adults alike. Saying Merry Chri...
Gee I don't know if this is long enough to be called a blog but............sometimes I find myself wondering why it is so comforting?  The sounds of the crowd and the noises of a football game. I am here wrapped in a blanket watching the NFL game ( Atlanta and New Orleans) with my husband and won...
Recently my husband, Gareth, and I took a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.   From our second floor balcony we were enjoying the babbling stream below.   As I watched the flow of the water, actually the rush of the water. It seemed to be just like our lives. Around rocks, over rocks, large and small...
Making a POSITVE move a POSITIVE one!   For the first time in 30 years, with 27 of them being an established  Realtor in Florida, and knowing  my town inside and out I have made a BIG location MOVE myself from Florida to Lake Keowee in Seneca South Carolina.   It has brought to mind all the reaso...
Beware you do not cross Advanced Access.....Sometimes you just have to vent and I am so fruatrated with Advanced Access.  Last August.... yes last August I accepted the offer from Advance Access to try out their  web site for 30 days. The month of August has 31 days..OOPS!!So when I called one mo...
I WILL TAKE IT even if it is just good luck!WHO WANTS a listing in this______subdivision?  Nothing shows in the MLS for sure for one year and close to two years.  Now that is rather discouraging.   (It is nice enough area  but  just one of those places it seems)THE FIRST OF FEBRUARY and  I was re...
We all know what a funnel is and can draw one, at least scratch one out quickly on a sheet of paper.  I have used this simple  visual  for years since seeing it  at Floyd Wickman's Sweathog program.Simply sketch a funnel in front of your sellers , saying something like...all of our buyers are alo...
We are always looking for that one small edge to find  just one more buyer.  And we never know which little edge that could be.I personally  pay for the enhanced version of (ouch). They offer  a fairly new feature and from what I see many are unaware.  Even if we never see a new buyer...
It struck me as several agents  talked today while at lunch as to some of the funny things that  have happened  while  in  the real estatebusiness  to many of us.  I guess this helps us know  there is real life out there.One such time was when I had a referral to go to a home of  the referring ag...

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