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You Can Scape-it™ is a blog about the value of your real estate. Most important is the value to your own enjoyment whether entertaining friends, enjoying time with your family, of spending time by yourself enjoying the natural beauty you had a part in creating. Also, an investment can reap big reward in the resale of your property.



Tish Lloyd privides an excellent analogy ... wiith the crystal ball.   How's yours? I look out the window today and it is really foggy.  I can't even see the railroad tracks just a few hundred meters to the east on the other side of the pasture - but I know they are there ... and like most , we ...
Staying Alive ... One song that may be playing while your read this.  It's a miracle we are still here ... A song just started playing in the grey matter -" Thanks for the memories ..." -  All those experiences are what make us what we are - SURVIVORS.  Thanks for the post Monica.  Like Ty, this ...
Malcolm Johnston tells us about another side of Georges Laraque ...   WOW.   Who would have thought ... Many of us Canucks have impressions of our hockey stars ... and my impression of Georges just changed a lot.  Thanks Malcom.     -  LenGeorges Laraque didn't make a name for himself in the NHL ...
Bill Jones is a realtor in Airdrie.  Mega transit to Calgary is long over due as the Deerfoot and QEII see outragious traffic most of the day. Surrounding communities should also see the benefit if Airdrie develops a park and ride system.               - Len Airdrie, Alberta a small City of 39,00...
Some essential seller information -  Lisa Logan has provided some very concise information about the real costs of selling a home. My comment on her blog post:  Thanks Lisa - As a newbie I like the idea of working a net sheet in the listing presentation and any pricing adjustments during a listin...
For those non sales type people - farming is a term not unique to Real Estate Associates.    Agents often bring their own network of contacts to 'farm' or to solicit a potential sale.  Think of your facebook group of family or friends. Agents will often identify a neighbourhood to farm.   ... Al...
A message for us all via Loreena. and My comment to her blog post:  Very inspiring Loreena - After seeing many life 'experiences' , and as an entrepreneur and now as a real estate agent  ... you find the resilience and inner strength in conviction - to go on ... 'continue the battle' - but come t...
My comment to Bill's post on activerain. Thanks Bill  - As a newbie, and close by, I love learning about the communities I may be working in - and your post is an interesting tidbit.  I am one of those Albertans that had perhaps a tainted vision of Airdrie in the past.  It is a great community -...

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