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In this business there are a few things that set you apart..One of the most important is consistency..It will make iyouor break you in this business. I see many agents that are so sporatic in this business it makes your head spin.Then some wonder why their business never gets off the ground..You ...
Things are picking up here on the eastcoast but buyers seem to be hesitant. Our market here in the Myrtle Beach Market is strong and we continue to grow by leaps on bounds but it seems buyers are still holding out. As the market is right now I believe it to be a buyers market. Prices are down and...
Activity here on the strand has picked up some giving some of the circumstances. I think 2007 will be another great year here at the beach. Things would be much much better if it wasnt for the insurance hikes seen on the coast lines. Its unfortunate for the insurance increases its really hurting ...
We are just having a great weather experience here in the southeast..Snow in North Carolina, cold and rainy here in Myrtle Beach..Yuck!!I guess I cant complain to much. We've been pretty spoiled this year for the most part..I guess it can always be worse..I could still be living in Cleveland Ohio...

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