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Gravel Roads are a way of life...cornfields and beans...hay and alfalfa...wheat and sorghum...cattle and hogs...horses and sheep...tractors and combines...summer heat and winter cold...Learn a little about Nebraska and the Farmers way of life...The Real Truth...not the stuff you see on the Network News. Real People who work hard and have fun. Come along, learn, and enjoy some of my articles about our beautiful state and why we truly believe in Nebraska...The Good Life!



Just got in from some chores and it is still over 100 degrees here.  If I was in the Southwest i would not be commenting on this as it is most likely normal weather there... And yes, even here it gets over 100 this time of year last year...when it hit 100 for about 1 hour for...
I am not a big fan of fences. Granted there is a time and place for some fences...but for the most part I would like to see fences disappear. It is hard to be on both sides of the fence at the same time...and if there is no do not have to worry about it. My new neighbors to the south....
It is official...I am declaring we are in a drought. No...not because the weatherman or the gov't said so... and Not because it hasn't rained significantly for weeks... Why then? Because I washed my truck and left it out but the rain clouds did not stop... it clouded up so I decided to go mow the...
I am luckier than most...we live in an area of Nebraska where there is an abundance of water...only a few feet under the foundations of our homes. I heard tonight about a guy in Indianapolis who is painting his lawn green due to watering restrictions. When I was in Columbus, Ohio over the 4th...t...
 A while back I wrote about the corn being up early and the heat coming early this year.  I worried that we may have problems with the crop later in the is later in the season. And now I am concerned that a "perfect storm" is forming throughout the Midwest.  This isn't meant to...

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