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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Mike McCann - Broker, Mach1 Realty Farmland Broker-Auctioneer Serving Rural Nebraska
Gravel Roads are a way of life...cornfields and beans...hay and alfalfa...wheat and sorghum...cattle and hogs...horses and sheep...tractors and combines...summer heat and winter cold...Learn a little about Nebraska and the Farmers way of life...The Real Truth...not the stuff you see on the Network News. Real People who work hard and have fun. Come along, learn, and enjoy some of my articles about our beautiful state and why we truly believe in Nebraska...The Good Life!



That's is not a typo!!  UPDATE: Sorry everyone!! Had a lot of interest in this farm but it is now under contract and on it's way to being SOLD!!  Can I help you find a different farm or list a farm for you?? You can buy this 317 acre Farm in Howard County Nebraska for Less than .07/squ...
Hey New Agents!!  Welcome into the World of Real Estate.  READ THIS BLOG! I responded to an excellent blog today by a new agent and AR member, John Kirch, from Ft Collins, CO. He was asking for input on how to help jump start his new career. Here is his blog:
That's is not a typo!!  Buy this 317 acre Farm in Howard County Nebraska for Less than .07/square foot!  317 Acres x 43560/ac=13,808,520 square feet. x .06198347/sqft = $855,900 for the Farm!! You can go buy commercial ground for as high as $10/sq. ft in Nebraska.  But why? Even this d...
WANTED NOW!! My Investors are looking for irrigated crop ground in Central and N/E Nebraska!  Must be tillable. Will do owner rent backs to current owner/growers or keep current tenant/growers in place. Owners...this is a great way to free up some of your cash to buy other farms and lease this la...
The question posed was...What One Thing on Your Planet would be different? On my planet...I (we...all of us) would have the method to completely control Water. Why Water?  Because without it little can survive...regardless of species or plant. And with too much of it...most cannot survive as well...
This beautiful quarter of ground is 5 miles South of Loup City, NE on west side of the Loup River on the River Road. Better income than IRS's and way more stable than the stock market. 165 total acres. 140 irrigated with Zimmatic 410 - 10 Tower Pivot with a 1,000 gpm well. Tenant has farming righ...
When I joined the new AR group... Vets serving Vet's real estate needs  ... I looked at it from a standpoint of I have helped dozens of active military families and veterans families buy and sell real estate. Today, I am looking at it from a different angle...For some reason, I have been thinking...
The time has come.  My old worn out signs need to go to that big scrap heap in the sky...if they will even take the raggedy old things...Don't Laugh...So should a lot of others!! I deserve it...make fun of me...mock me if you must...just remember, I am asking for help here!! Here is the truth:  I...

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