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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Mike McCann - Broker, Mach1 Realty Farmland Broker-Auctioneer Serving Rural Nebraska
Gravel Roads are a way of life...cornfields and beans...hay and alfalfa...wheat and sorghum...cattle and hogs...horses and sheep...tractors and combines...summer heat and winter cold...Learn a little about Nebraska and the Farmers way of life...The Real Truth...not the stuff you see on the Network News. Real People who work hard and have fun. Come along, learn, and enjoy some of my articles about our beautiful state and why we truly believe in Nebraska...The Good Life!



I do not know how you do it.  You parents. Those of you who have children in the military for the first time...(and probably for the entire time)...or parents of students studying abroad for extended periods.How do you get through the days with the constant curiosity/worry/lack of info happening ...
Just Listed is this Beautiful farm in Kearney County, Nebraska located 7 miles s/w of Minden. Excellent Butler and Holdrege loam soils throughout. You simply cannot get any better dirt in the entire region than what is on this farm.Excellent owner management of the land with a crop rotation of  1...
I used to be gung ho on providing client references right off the bat to new clients.  Now, if a potential client wants references to actually speak to...they and I need to have personally met in my office or at a farm before I fork over any phone numbers or email addresses.Over the past year or ...
I noticed that I had about 55 postcards left over from a mailing in late January on a current listing as I was clearing out a drawer and I as viewed what they said...I decided they were still accurate. They are from a property I  thought was Sold...but now may not instead of throwing them...
 It is too windy today to stack BB's and even though it is nice is still too cold to gargle peanut I thought I would write a blog about being Noticed...or not (being noticed that is).I got a Facebook post today that we all get...a link to another musician or talent or Lis...
The word 'Key" has a ton of uses and meanings. We talk about the Lockbox key, the car key, or the car that does not even have a key anymore but we still call the electronic pad a key... the front door key, the key to success, a "key" individual, the computer key, piano keys, the key of F or G (wh...
Do You want to be the big shot...the big Kahuna...the final decision maker...that top dog...the Broker and Owner? Are you one already?  If so, great...but if you are not and want to have to start somewhere!!I visited a question on AR today by Ritu Desai...and she was searching for advice...

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