activerain: Active Rain - Over 300,000 Members - I Need One* of You to Help Me! - 09/24/19 07:44 AM
I need One* (*or more) of you Active Rainers to help me!  I have some new goals and need help to reach them...maybe your help. 
I want to grow Mach1 Realty larger and I am looking for advice on how best to do that. I want to hire people that want to be great at what they my friends from other states in the photo above!  They are all successful real estate entrepreneurs!
We are a small rural company with one high producing agent and myself who are both full time and a new part time agent who is just getting started.  We concentrate on farm … (4 comments)

activerain: The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall...A Humbling and Necessary Experience! - 07/28/11 03:52 PM
A few week ago I was honored to have the chance to view the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. What a humbling experience to say the least when viewing the thousands upon thousands of names that were listed.
I have since talked with a number of Vietnam vets...some with funny stories...some with horrific stories...and one that is dying from what the VA has diagnosed as a result of Agent Orange.
I wanted to say Thank youand God Bless You to those who died and to those who survived the war only to have other issues later in life.  Your sacrifices are not forgotten and … (6 comments)

activerain: Thank You to ST. Judes for All you DO! - 06/30/11 04:59 PM
We have a small friend...Aiden Lukasiewicz, from St. Paul, NE (formerly of Kearney, NE) who recently celebrated one year of cancer free life...thanks to the great folks at St Judes Childrens Hospital.
Aiden's Grandma and Grandpa...close friends of ours...many years ago bought the house I grew up in and raised their family there as well.  We have many overlapping connections and are the definition of good friends.
Aiden's Mom and Dad are incredible young parents and I can only hope my son and daughter can come close to being the type of people they are!
They have handled the past two … (9 comments)

activerain: I CANNOT AR BLOG ALL THE TIME! - 06/27/11 05:00 PM
I will not AR blog in the shower...or while hanging from a radio tower...
I will not blog while I'm asleep...nor swimming in the ocean deep...
nor while dancing on top a bar...or while standing on the trunk of a car...
Oh No...I will not AR blog while my cows are out...
but I know we're different there is no doubt...
you say you can AR blog anywhere...but could you do it tied in a chair?
Or while walking on the wing of a plane or while parachuting in the rain...
or while hiking on a narrow trail ridge...or from the Weeping Water swinging bridge?
I do not … (10 comments)

activerain: Well, Well, Well, We Finally Made 100,000 Points! Yes...It took a Whole Lot of My AR Friends to Prod me Along...But We made It! - 06/20/11 01:39 PM
I started this journey on AR a long time least it seems a long time ago...February of 2009.
Took me until June 27,2009 to write my first blog. Took most of the first year to hit 10,000
So in less than 2 years of blogging, I have earned over 100,000 points.  I know, I know...there are other who have earned 200 even 300 or 400,000 points in the same amount of time.
I cannot fathom how much time it would have taken to do those larger numbers in two years. I also would not have bet that I would ever had … (9 comments)

activerain: Social Media--Information at the Speed of well...Fingers! - 06/20/11 11:04 AM
Tornadoes and floods, oh my! 
Tsunami's and hurricanes..why?
The End of the World?  No way...
But buckle in for another stormy Day!
Ok...Is this a really bad year or are we just much more informed at a much quicker pace?
Is it Global Warming or Global Instant Info Overload?
I pulled into the gas station earlier today and as I was filling up, I was talking with a man filling his truck and I mentioned all of the bad weather there has been lately and how we were in the middle of another day of it ourselves here in Nebraska.
(I knew … (0 comments)

activerain: Happy Father's Day...If Your Dad is Alive and You Love Him...Tell Him! - 06/18/11 05:45 PM
I do want to wish all of the Dad's out there a Happy Father's Day!!
But this blog is not to those Dad' to everyone who has a Dad who is still alive.
My wife's Dad passed away over 20 years ago and mine passed away over 10 years ago.
Oh, how we would like to talk with them and spend some time with them now that we are old enough and smart enough and mature enough to experience many of the feelings I believe they felt but their generation never shared.
I can count on one hand the number of … (5 comments)

activerain: I have Always Been Humbled that I was Born on Flag Day! - 06/14/11 04:51 PM
Personally, this day has always meant a lot to me.  When I was a young meant birthday cake and presents...when I was a young adult in my 20's and early 30' meant the excuse to have a big beer party...sometimes too big...too wasteful...too stupid.
But through it all, as soon as I was old enough to understand the significance of Flag Day, I have known that my birthday is not really my day...sure, it is the day I was born on...but it is so much more important than my Birthday.
And to this moment, I am humbled by the significance of the … (6 comments)

activerain: Thursday's Thoughts...Being Brutally Honest...What is wrong with that? - 06/09/11 03:07 PM
Over the years, some people including family and friends, have said I am Brutally Honest...I do not argue a true fact...but I don't dwell on it or make it into a joke either...
I take it in stride and acknowledge their comment...
Yet it surprises me that there should be any brutality in being honest...or speaking the truth.
Isn't it more brutal NOT telling someone the honest truth?
To me this brings up a very unsettling question... 

Is silence always telling the truth? Is silence always honest?
Is it more honorable or ethical to stay quiet or is it more honorable … (9 comments)

activerain: Great Farm For Sale in Central Nebraska!! - 06/09/11 02:27 PM
 The Corn is UP!!! The price is down!!! The Sellers are Selling!!! Send your Investors!! 1031 Buyers are okay!!

Check out this Farm for Sale near Overton, NE. 160 acres of irrigated crop ground. Zimmatic Pivot System with nozzled drops. Registered 850 gallon well with electric pump and a second registered well for livestock. 4 strand electric fence. 7 miles straight east of Lexington, NE.
$4,800 an acre. Call for more details or check out
Until Next time...

activerain: Corn's Up...Looking good...Do You Understand How This Affects EVEN You? - 06/09/11 02:09 PM
Word was just passed down today that the corn crop for 2011 is projected to be smaller than in past years and will leave the US with only 800 million Bushel in reserve. Seems like a lot of extra corn, doesn't it?
Well, really, it is not,  this photo shows an outdoor storage facility that holds approximately 750,000 bushel of corn.  There are probably 250 of these outdoor facilities in Nebraska...almost all are now picked up and shipped off. Add in the thousands of outdoor facilities from the other corn states...and that corn is gone!!!

The good news for last falls harvest … (3 comments)

activerain: Are You Aware Of This USDA - FSA Website For Your Clients Affected By Disaster? - 06/06/11 03:42 AM
I recommend to everyone on AR, if you are not aware of this site, to please take some time and read the various links on the FSA (Farm Services of America) government website.  Many people affected by the floods, tornadoes, and other disasters may be eligible for some of these programs.
www.fsa/  (The left hand border will have Subject links and the 5th one will be Disaster Assistance)

Do not assume your client does not qualify and do not assume that if not mentioned on the website, there is not a program available...ASK your local FSA what programs your clients may qualify … (2 comments)

activerain: Sweet 16...Finally! Look out Nebraska Drivers!! - 06/02/11 04:17 PM
I am not sure I dread this day or not...either way it has arrived and more tea parties is a negative...but not having to drive Jaime to the high school summer camp basketball bus on Thursday at 6:30 is definitely a benefit to my schedule! (Not that I ever really minded the drive and already miss it).


Check out this great Farm for Sale near Overton, NE. Not a lot of farms available in Central Nebraska!
160 acres of Irrigated crop ground. Zimmatic Pivot System with nozzled drops. Registered 850 gallon well with electric pump and a second registered well for livestock. 4 water tanks. 4 strand electric fence. 7 miles straight east of Lexington, NE.
Stock market is gonna tank...Farmland will still be farmed way after you and I are long gone!!

 Until Next time...

activerain: THANK YOU to all Active and Reserve Military, Civilian Military Support, and Their families - 05/30/11 01:11 PM
I just wanted to say Thank You!  To all of you on Active Rain who have served our Country as active or reserve military, or support people such as active civilians in a military support role, or who are family members of those who have.

My family has never been a real big military family. It seems our current young adults in the family are doing a good job to change that with 1 nephew active in the Army, 1 active with the National Guard, and 1 just leaving the Marines last month.
I see how hard the sacrifice is for their families … (3 comments)

activerain: Time for a Haircut - Why Can't Losing Weight Be This Easy? - 05/27/11 03:01 AM
I have noticed for a few least a month, that I am getting quite shaggy above the shoulders. There are two things I have no problem and body mass.
I will lose the extra hair here in a few minutes...and wonder...why can't I lose the weight just as fast?
There are two ways that a person can dramatically change their physical is doing something with their hair and the other is either adding or losing weight. 
I often does someone say..."oh my, I love the way your new handsoap makes your knuckles shine"?
I have noticed for years … (2 comments)

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