mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Are You Burning Bridges or Crossing Them on the Internet? - 01/07/22 07:03 AM
Internet...Good or Bad?  That depends...Are you Burning Bridges or Crossing them?
Are you addicted  to it as many around the world and in your social circle and family are... and on whether you let loose lips make it to your fingertips as many do (myself included on occassion)...or if you are one of those who try to blend personal life with business life on various social medias and unknown to you...fail or succeed!!
Are you sacrificing valuable time that could be spent with those you Love?
A great example of the Internet is right here when you are reading this blog.
20 some odd years … (19 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: 2 Residential Building Lots For Sale in St Paul, NE - 01/03/22 05:44 PM
Disclosure:  Mike & Robyn McCann are part owners of the 2 lots mentioned For Sale in this blog. Mike is a licensed real estate Broker in the State of Nebraska.
2 Great Building Lots on the north end of St Paul, NE in the 1400 block of 9th Street!
The west lots are under contract BUT great news... the east 2  lots are available and are located on a paved street with utilities to the lot lines.  Lot size is roughly 9,660 sq feet. 70' x 138' each. 
We are selling the lots separate at $30,000 each OR we will build to suit … (1 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Celebrated the New Year at Home! My head & billfold both thanked me!! - 01/01/22 09:04 AM
Happy New Year to all of you!  Welcome to a New Year with excitement!
Mother Nature made plans to visit our area on New Years Eve. She can be a tough old gal this time of year!
She was sharing little fluffy flakes of frozen water....and breathing really heavy.      IE: Snow and wind!
No problem for us...we had planned to stay home this year anyway. 
Have not heard if anyone who chose to go out got a free ride to the local hoosgow or behind a wrecker.  Hopefully all were/are safe and sound. Including our law officers and the towing companies. Windchill was … (5 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: This Ain't Your Momma's Country Home...117 Gun Ranch Rd, St Paul, NE - 10/12/21 06:55 AM
Unique County Acreage with Polebarn Home! Not For The Mainstream!Want somewhere to sharpen your Marksman Skills?  
Want to put your Harley or Jeep in the Living Room to watch TV with YOU? No problem...garage door in family room!!
Want to hunt in your own backyard? Want to unload that AR or rev the heck out of your hotrod without worrying about the neighbors crying? 13 acres to rip around on your 4 wheelers and dirt bikes...of course that will scare the deer and turkey away...
Have I got a deal for you. This is NOT your Mama's Country home.   This is 100% Country … (8 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Residential Building Lots For Sale in St Paul, NE - 07/30/21 09:03 AM
Here you go folks...In St Paul, NE....4 lots to either build a couple of tri-plexes or build homes on each.
Great size with some mature trees!  Established neighborhood. Paved street with utilities to the lots.
This was an old smaller Victorian style home on a huge lot.  The home was removed about 4 years ago and the lot was mostly overgrown. Currently removing old diseased trees and will leave any good ones.  Come and take a look!
Guess what?  My wife and I, along with a couple that are both friends and clients bought the large lot and are subdividing into 4 lots that … (4 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Sorry Lake Lovers...This One is SOLD!! 47 Jansen Circle, St Paul, NE - 05/25/21 08:08 PM
Never sell close to what you are asking is what I was told.
"Way overpriced", I heard more than once.
Lowball offer?...boom...NOPE!! 
Just kept marketing to where the folks around the USA can see it...because a lot of them are sick and tired of what is going on where they are!!
Folks moved over 2,000 miles to get away from the decline they were seeing...
Seller is Happy + Buyers are Happy + my wife is Happy = 100% success!! AGAIN!  I am Happy!! 
If you have clients looking for an area with great folks...great prices...beautiful rivers...and in the middle of God's Cathedral...send them my way!!

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: New Listing - St Paul Nebraska 1420 Grant Street $259,000 - 04/14/21 06:46 PM
This is it....the big house you have wanted...with a large deck...family room...full basement...New sunroom...huge Master suite...large Living Room, and so much more!!
Many upgrades have been completed. Come on over and take a look!  Excellent condition on the outside and roof with an awesome covered front porch!!
The market is tight in St Paul...don't wait around long as this one may go fast!!  Showings start Monday evening  April 19, 2021.
Call Mike McCann @308-627-3700 or call Brenda Starkey @308-750-7967

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Just Listed! Incredible 2 Story with Full Basement in St Paul. NE - 03/31/21 11:14 AM
This is the home you have dreamed about.
If you love Solid Oak floors and doors…you will love this home.
This home was custom built by Gordy & Keith Christensen in the 1990’s using only the finest quality materials available. Gordy and Keith built the nicest houses in St Paul for decades.
Cabinets and counters in near perfect condition with modern look. The home has only had one owner who has taken immaculate care of it.
2x6 walls filled with insulation give this home incredibly low heating and cooling bills. 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, and the laundry are on the 2nd level. The master bedroom … (5 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: 47 Jansen Circle at Lake of the Woods is Under Contract!! - 03/31/21 11:04 AM
47 Jansen Circle located in the Lake of the Woods on the scenic North Loup River is under contract!
The buyers...originally one from Nebraska and one from Chicago...are leaving the Southern California scene for some lake living in central Nebraska!!
I grew up fishing and throwing rocks (and yes..maybe a beer or two over the years) around this lake and river.  I could easily live in this home.
But don't worry lake lovers...I am pretty sure Brenda or I will have another listing out at Lake of the Woods this spring!!  
Congrats to both buyers and seller!!
Looking for something on a Lake...PAY ATTENTION!  I … (2 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Mike's Covid Blog # 5 ...Which is Worse the illness or the Cure? - 03/30/21 07:14 PM
Well..it has been a full week plus since my 2nd of only 2 covid vaccine shots...and guess what? There will not be a third.
It was either a non-event or a placebo.  I had no side effects from shot # 2 of the Pfizer vaccine.
Does it even matter at this point? I have many folks I know who say they are not getting the shots.  I most likely will not get any more than the two.  Only lasts 3 months..right?
Since my 4th blog on the covid vaccine...my neighbor, "Cajun", has lost his two year fight with cancer.  Went to his visitation tonight. … (10 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Mike's Covid Blog # 4 ...Which is Worse the illness or the Cure? - 03/11/21 10:12 AM
As I sit here sneezing for the 1,345th time in last three days...I wanted to give a quick update on my Covid Shot Journey.
I have sensitive eyes...and the white background on the large screen I am typing on is gnarly on the AR page. I have sneezed 4 times since I started writing this blog.
Usually about 1 time a year I get a dang cold and this is the week for that.
I first noticed it while talking on the phone the other day with Kathy Streib.
We were chatting about many things including the Covid shots and out heritage as well as … (7 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Mike's Covid Blog # 2 ...Which is Worse the illness or the Cure? - 02/25/21 08:48 AM
72 Hours.  That is how long it has been since I had the Covid shot #1.  Phizer brand.
Here was the process:
Received a call from my Dr Office a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to sign up for the Shots.
I did not...and reluctantly said "Yes". They gave me a date and said to show up 10 minutes early at the fairgrounds.   Alrighty then.
Fast forward to this past Monday AM.... On Monday...
   Mike's Covid Blog (#1)
I ranted and raved about the whole dang thing.  Do not get me wrong here...I still am not a happy camper...but 72 hours later...it was a … (3 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: 351 Rd West 20, Ogallala, NE is SOLD! But we can find you another one! - 02/03/21 09:03 AM
351 Road West 20, Ogallala, NE IS SOLD!!
Congrats to Mach1 Realty agent Wayne Connell for his incredibly hard work on behalf of the Shirley Bahensky Trust!! NEED A Great Agent? IN Western Nebraska contact Mach1 Realty agent: Wayne Connell @ 308-520-7408 Thank you to the Bahensky family, Julie, Tom, and Rich for placing your trust in Mach1 Realty! Call, Text, or Email us...we want you business!!
Shirley and her late husband Richard were a lifelong friends of my family in St Paul, NE. They farmed successfully for many decades before Richard's untimely death. Shirley kept most of the ground and leased … (9 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Challenges...That is What Life is About...Overcoming Obstacles! - 12/10/20 07:06 AM
Challenges...that is what life is about...overcoming obstacles.
Years ago, I asked my Dad what his favorite beer was. He said "Cold".  
He said it firmly and quickly. 
Dad went on to say that when you go to someone's house your favorite beer at that time is what is being offered...as long as it is Cold.
Don’t like that brand being offered…do not complain…as it is the hospitality and friendship…not the taste of the beer that is important.
Over the past 10 months all of us have been challenged in ways we never expected a year ago in life and work.
Even here on Active Rain … (21 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Thankful For Active Rain & the Folks I Have Met...& I'm Not Done Yet! - 11/30/20 01:56 PM
What a Crazy and Wild ride here on AR!  Even today we are battling through changes and yet the sun will come up tomorrow! Can't figure out how to load photos...or cut and paste...and yet I am one of the lucky ones because I have friends in high places like AR!
I want to thank everyone on AR past and present who have commented or liked a blog or comment I have posted.  I admit I am not the most easy guy to like as I speak my mind and many times I do it passionately...but almost always respectfully...almost always. 
Some of my … (2 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Happy Thanksgiving! Hang in there America!! - 11/26/20 10:03 AM
This will be short...
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
It has been a crazy and wild year and a tragic year for some...but keep the head up and the demon's buried.
We will come out of this in good shape...
Why?   Because those that came here before us did not sacrifice so that we could self implode!
To those that lost a loved one this year from whatever reason...prayers to you and yours and keep going!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Chin Up! Work Smart! Ask the Question...Make Them Tell You NO! - 09/02/20 11:47 AM
Earlier today on Active Rain I shared my thoughts on a question that was asked last month
I wanted to share them with more than just those who read that blog. Here is the link: Vinnie Vacca Blog Question
If you are struggling with your real estate and feel you are simply treading water…go to this link and read all the comments by some fantastic and successful fellow agents and brokers.
You can also read my comments on there that are basically the same as on this blog beginning with the Will Rogers comment.
The Bad: You are struggling and in this unusual 2020 year you … (21 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Day 8 and Counting - - - FB Page still No Where to be Found!! - 08/14/20 07:12 AM
And on the 8th Day...I rested...I have survived a full week without Facebook...or at least the FB I was used to.
Will Rogers once claimed..."Even if you are on the right track...you will get ran over if you just sit there!"
As I mentioned in another blog...I do a lot of advertising and use FB and it works for me...well over 1,000 to 1 return on the dollars I spend. My first land auction was a facebook lead...with a 20K + commission...so yeah...it is tough not having it. My most recent sale of a $350k home was a listing I received because of … (42 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: The Power of Positivity...Does It Really Exist? Why Heck Yes It Does! - 07/31/20 10:30 AM
CHEER UP...Look at ME...Keep your Chin Up...Tomorrow will be a better day...You've got this!! 
Have you been on the receiving end of those anytime in the recent past? Should you have been?
Surprise!!! You are not alone!! 
And did you...for even a moment... think...the weight of it all is such a burden and I should just ...
STOP    Throw those thoughts
in the trash...forever!!
I have Broad Shoulders! 
When I was a young man, my hometown Men's Store Owner at Bryan Jensen Clothing in St Paul, NE. grabbed both my shoulders and said..."Mike you have very broad shoulders...wider than most guys your age!"  
I took it as a … (27 comments)

mike mccann mach1 realty nebraska: Active Rain...Why I Fully Support the Future of Active Rain! - 07/30/20 08:39 PM
Active rain is an awesome site and is going to get even better! 
How can I make such a claim?  Because I heard it from the owners mouth!!  
This is a simple looking blog...it is meant to be.  No frills...no special bolded highlights...no awesome pictures or my usual goofy jokes.
This is serious business about the future of Active Rain.  And despite the outward appearance...AR is headed in the right direction. My comments below were posted on another blog in response to someone questioning the integrity and efforts of the owner of Active Rain, Ben Kinney.
Please read this entire comment:
I was on the Zoom meeting with … (37 comments)

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