mike mccann nebraska land broker: Fog, Fog, GO Away...and Stay Away...OR...Careful what You Wish For! - 01/24/24 08:09 AM
Photo above is from the kitchen window of 803 Center Ave in Wolbach, NE...a brand new 1 day Listing that is already going U/C!  
Aye, Yi, Yi... 
Dear Mother Nature...What did I do to make you so mad at me?
You know I have been in your corner defending your ups and downs and mood swings for decades! But you are testing my patience today!
All I said was snow, snow go away...so you respond with 3 straight days of fog and mist?  Come on...if I wanted to live in fog and mist...I would move to fog and mist country.  
We all have "one of those … (8 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: The "Why" and How I became a 31 year Real Estate Professional! - 01/11/24 07:34 AM
Good Thursday to All...Waiting on our next snow storm that is supposed to push through in about 5 hours or so...and then the bitter cold sets in!
Thinking about warm weather and green fields...thus the above photo!
I was finishing up some computer work last night and began reading a blog from  Liz and Bill Spear asking "Do you have your why?"  You can read it here: https://activerain.com/blogsview/5824851/ask-an-ambassador---do-you-have-your-why- 
It is a great blog and I encourage all to read it.  Of course I had to respond and give my "why" I went into real estate back in the early 1990's.  Inside the quoted … (11 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: DO You FollowUp After That First Contact? I Mean Really Follow up? - 01/08/24 11:19 AM
I was reading and commenting on a blog from Denise Lones
You should read it and check it out and the comments that follow.
As for me, I decided My comment was half of a blog so I made it into a full blown one!
DO YOU Follow Up new contacts and leads?  I mean really follow up?!
Followup is the biggest income generator for me.  If you make 100 contacts and never follow up that is close to 100 warm calls of previous contacts not made.  I have been doing this real estate thing since before being licensed in 1992...and I still drop potential … (17 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Be Careful What You Are Looking For...Might Find a Can of Worms!! - 11/27/23 07:08 AM
Earlier this year I joined the "Why aren't you retired club?" I mean it is a fair question and I am getting closer to the "Fall Season" of life!
Yep...tacked another decade on the resume'.  
So now everyone asks me when am I going to retire.  My pat answer is: "6 to 8 weeks after they plant my sorry butt in the ground!"  (I figure that is about how long the last property that is in escrow will take to close).
I hadn't really thought much about retirement as I am about 10 years older than my wife and what the heck would … (6 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Charming, well cared for home on large lot in St Paul, NE - 11/08/23 11:37 AM
Here it is Nebraska!
515 6th Street in St Paul, NEis a fantastic older home in excellent condition. Click on the link below for 44 photos of this beautiful home.Many upgrades but still has all the character and charm from this 108 year old historical home!  Well maintained by owners who have been involved in many of the historical homes in the area! This home has all the goodies - original hardwood, large windows, incredible woodwork yet modern updates. With over 2200 sq. feet, there is room for everyone - plus storage and more storage! Large front porch leads you to an amazing … (7 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: St Paul, Nebraska Commercial Land - 8.53 Acres @ Major Intersection! - 11/06/23 10:17 AM
Fantastic Vacant Commercial Land on the edge of St Paul, NE.
Come to St Paul, Nebraska and build your commercial dreams!
This 2 parcel property features 8.53+/- acres with 755 feet of frontage to Highway 92 to the North; 550 feet of frontage to Highway 281 to the East; 210 feet of frontage to "O" Street to the South and access from Highway 92 and O Street.
2022 Traffic Count is 5,688 daily!
City Utilities to edge of property. Land is laying flat and is ready for development. Click on the link for over 20 photos and also see satellite layout of … (4 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Incredible! Inside In Near Perfect Condition & Sparkling Clean! - 08/08/23 09:37 AM
Rare Find in St Paul, Nebraska Fantastic town where I graduated from high school!! Check out the link below! 
This home was remodeled many years ago and is in near perfect condition.
There is not a cleaner house in town! 2 Bedrooms up along with a full Bath. Very Large Eat-in Kitchen that has spotless fridge, range/oven, and dishwasher. Original Kitchen and Bath Cabinets were locally made and look new. Main Level Laundry with washer, dryer, and 2nd refrigerator all in excellent condition. Plenty of closet and storage space. Downstairs is a large Family Room, 2 non-conforming Bedrooms, Bath with shower and … (7 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Perhaps I AM The Uniquest of the Unique! Mike McCann @ Mach1 Realty! - 07/31/23 08:15 PM
I will make No Bones about it!! 
I am a unique Real Estate Broker and Dang Proud of It!  
That is right...I am one of the few that call themselves uniquest!  
Adjective:  uniquest
superlative form of unique: most unique If you want to skip down the traditional worn down path that most agents and Brokers take...see ya!!  Wish ya Luck!  (I know most will need it!)
I listen to a drumbeat that is different than the traditional market. 
In the last month (July, 2023), I have closed on over $7,400,000 worth of real estate in Central Nebraska.  I was the only agent involved in all of it!! What does … (19 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Mach1 Realty Does It Again!! 117 Gun Ranch is SOLD!! - 01/11/23 10:01 AM
So What?  What is the big deal about selling an acreage with a wierd home you might wonder?
Because this is huge.... that is What!!
Very unique layout for this home and property meant that 90% (or more) of the buyers self-eliminated themselves before they even walked all the way through the building.  Possibly one of the most unique homes in central Nebraska.
Main level was mostly unfinished on this Pole Barn turned into a home.
I get it...most everyone I know would never touch this with a 20 foot pole...let alone a 10 foot one!!
NO Vision!  No ability to see beyond the current layout.  … (2 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Mach1 Realty Is Expanding!! Perhaps Your Tomorrow Starts Today!! - 08/25/22 09:32 AM
Hey Nebraska agents out there...are there storm clouds arising in your real estate career?  Is the road getting harder to travel?
Do you know you could be a great agent if you had the right chance or situation?
Take a couple minutes and read this blog...it might change your life forever!!
Mach1 Realty is looking to add 5 to 10 GREAT agents around the state that want to be involved in Farm Land Sales across Nebraska.
Sure you can sell houses if you want...but the good money is in ag land!!
Perhaps it is time for a change in your career.  
Perhaps you know you can do … (3 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Mach1 Realty Sells Another Farm! Come Join Us as a Client or Agent!! - 05/25/22 07:43 AM
Attention Nebraska farming community:
Here is the latest farm to sell using "Mike McCann/Mach1 Realty" technology and knowledge!! A nice 50 acre irrigated parcel near Grand Island, NE! 
Congrats to the McPhillips family on your purchase and thank you to the Scott family for allowing me to sell your Mom's farm!! I was and am honored to work with both families!!
HEY, NEBRASKA Land Owners.....If you are looking to sell your land...why on earth would you not talk with Mach1 Realty?!? 
We sell as many farms as the "big guys" and do it using our unique marketing methods AND with a very fair Professional Service … (2 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Fantastic Views - Platte River - 10 Acres - Builders/AirBnB Special! - 04/02/21 07:30 AM
10 Acre With Platte River, Silver Creek, and Silver Creek Lake frontage. Great fishing! 
This property is begging for someone to come and finish into a AirBnB type of property or a private get away from the city! 
NOT in the FLOOD ZONE!!  Read that again...even the walkout basement is not in the flood zone!!
Partially finished Huge Home! 5 Bedrooms projected plus 3 baths.  Large basement. Exterior mostly done and needs some rework.  Interior is all studs.  Building plans go with it.
3 car garage with completed studio apartment unit above it!  Walkout basement!
Extra shingles, many of the bathroom items are there.  Walls, most … (4 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Day 8 and Counting - - - FB Page still No Where to be Found!! - 08/14/20 07:12 AM
And on the 8th Day...I rested...I have survived a full week without Facebook...or at least the FB I was used to.
Will Rogers once claimed..."Even if you are on the right track...you will get ran over if you just sit there!"
As I mentioned in another blog...I do a lot of advertising and use FB and it works for me...well over 1,000 to 1 return on the dollars I spend. My first land auction was a facebook lead...with a 20K + commission...so yeah...it is tough not having it. My most recent sale of a $350k home was a listing I received because of … (42 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Sold and Closed! 402 - 404 W 30th St in Kearney, NE Has New Owners! - 11/25/19 06:38 AM
Well Active Rain commenter's...you were right!!  Some of you told me a little over a month ago that this rental property would sell quickly...and you nailed it!!
This property Sold very quickly! Units were in excellent condition and the buyers actually are a lovely young couple who live 2 doors down!!  
They had an eye on this and saw my sign in the yard this summer for 1 day.  We pulled the sign because one of the tenants wanted to buy it so the owner wanted her to have it.  Unfortunately, due to a couple small issues, it didn't happen.
We placed the sign back … (8 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Sorry Kearney, NE Investors - The Duplex at 402 - 404 W 30th is U/C! - 10/31/19 07:21 AM
You all predicted that it would not last long on the market. 
I put the sign in the yard on the 24th and finalized the Purchase Agreement on the 29th... Not bad considering I was at a family wedding out of town on the 25th, 26th, and 27th!!
Got home late on the 27th...showed it to a sign call on the 28th and wrote the offer on the 28th and Seller signed it on the 29th before 9 AM over a cup of coffee!!
Buyer had already been to the bank and had proof of funds.  We will do a walkthrough inspection that will … (5 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Ask the Right Questions! It Will Help You Get the Listing! Really! - 02/04/19 11:00 AM

How should we begin our first contact with a seller or buyer? For me it is with questions...a lot of little questions.
Some of the questions that I ask are phrased so that buyers and sellers know that I care about them and that I know the market they are buying or selling in.
I had a private message asking me after an earlier blog what some of the questions are that I ask.
It is hard to explain that since every single situation is different. But I will try and share some insight.
First and foremost, I want the buyer or seller to be comfortable with me, … (40 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Merry Christmas to Each of You From Our Front Door to Yours! - 12/24/18 10:38 AM
Merry Christmas to all and to my family!  And to my favorite agent who hangs her license with me...Happy Hanukkah!
All of Earth is God's Cathedral and is meant to be enjoyed and made to be better by each of us.
We...anyone reading this...are so fortunate that we live where we can share our faith regardless of what it is.
I am so proud to be a Christian and to be Catholic. 
However...I was originally baptized Methodist and usually went to either a Baptist or Presbyterian Church growing up.
I only mention that to emphasize that denomination is not the deciding factor for me.  I do … (8 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Are Corn Prices Getting Ready to Rise? Read What Others Have to Say! - 04/13/17 07:16 AM
I have been reading a few articles recently about optimism in the price of corn and thatit may be heaading for an upward trend.
I am usually an eternal optimist so it is easy for me to jump on this bandwagon. In recent days the price has been edging up a few cents at a time.
Today prices took another upward trek and we are now around 3.946 for Dec 2017 corn before basis is removed. Still not high enough.
If we can get to the mid- $4.00 range it would be a good year for the farmers.  We have been down for over … (15 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Boom Boom - Another Nebraska Farm Sold by Mike McCann-Broker!! - 04/06/16 12:46 AM
Another farm for sale in Nebraska is now Sold!!
Yes...by Mike McCann... Nebraska Farm Broker!
Thank you to Alan & Stacy Bueber of Kearney, NE for placing your trust in me to represent you in your purchase of a million dollar+ farm west of Overton, NE!!
I greatly enjoyed working with you and helping you to complete your purchase in a fashion that allowed you to do a 1031 Exchange on the sale of your Dalhart, Texas property.
Thank you also to Dean Batie with UFarm of Kearney, NE who was the Listing Broker on the sale representing the Sellers. It was my pleasure working … (5 comments)

mike mccann nebraska land broker: Kearney County Nebraska Pivot Irrigated Farm FOR SALE! - 09/16/15 12:48 AM
Pivot Quarter                                
159.4 Acres +/-
Kearney County, NE
Possession Open for 2016
Nebraska Farm Land For Sale:
One of the nicest farms in Kearney County, Nebraska.
Address & Directions: E Road & 30th Road
5 miles South & 2 West of Minden, NE
Legal: SE ¼ of 10-5-15 Kearney County, Nebraska                          
Asking Price: $1,586,030 ($9,950/ac)
Description:    133.91 certified irrigated acres plus 22 acres gravity irrigated by re-use storage pit.
This is an excellent farm in excellent condition. 2- Natural Gas V-8 Power units. 2nd Power Unit, pump, and pipe for corners. ½ Bean ½ Corn rotation. Great Soils!!   
Corn Planted: Pioneer Refuge 47, 31,000 population on 36” … (3 comments)

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