nebraska: Hey West/East Coast/Metro Folks...Move to the Nebraska Countryside! - 05/20/20 06:44 AM
It is Expensive Living in the City. Or on the coast or in most mountian communities anywhere near a large metro.
Your $550k little bungalow or high rise flat with no yard will buy you a 10 acre parcel just outside of Kearney, NE that comes with a 3 acre private fishing lake! 
Heck we will even throw in a beautiful 2 story, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 3 Car garage custom home built in 1999, with brand new Whirlpool Stainless Steel Appliances, gas fireplace, covered patio, and views everywhere. 
5G towers are in the area and satellite is readily available!! You can telecommute … (31 comments)

nebraska: Cold? This Ain't Cold! Let Me Tell You About My Coldest Time! - 02/07/19 08:34 AM
Today is Cold...too Cold to gargle peanut butter and too windy to stack BB's. 
But it isn't that cold. It is 1° out right now with winds around 20-30 mph.  Pretty cold...but not that know the...
...... too cold to walk down a dark country road in the middle of winter early in the morning of the first day of the year because you were stupid and put your car in the ditch but you have to or you will freeze to death cold!! Naw...not even close to that cold today. Back then I was...
Young (21) and stupid and invincible!! Yes...all three were accurate.  Great … (11 comments)

nebraska: And Now a Word About Being Positive or Clearing the Air! - 12/19/18 10:37 AM
"You’re sucking the positivity right out of the room!"
Perhaps one of the greatest quotes I have ever heard and it was spoken by my daughter, Jaime a little over a year ago.
I use this quote to disarm a negative conversation all the time.
Here is the back story on it.
In late 2017 our daughter was living about 1.5 miles away from us with some other college students.  She was in the process of earning her Masters Degree in Accounting in an accelerated program that was quite intense.
We were extremely fortunate that she lived near us throughout college and many times she would … (27 comments)

nebraska: Great Property in My Home Town!! 85 Jackson St, St Paul, Nebraska - 12/17/18 08:22 AM
Here it is for those of you looking to get out of the city with an affordable home, great schools, great people, and clean Nebraska living!!
I would live in this town if my wife would move back home. I grew up in St Paul, NE and it is chock full of great people.  Wonderful schools and dozens of activities available to all.
This property is owned by a friend I have known since she was a little girl...for me that is about 55 years ago...for her about 25.  (Smiles all around!)
3+ acre horse property goes with this 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 … (3 comments)

nebraska: New Listing in Kearney, NE: 2 Building Complex - Excellent Visability! - 08/14/17 07:46 AM
Just Listed FOR SALE:
This 2 Building Brick Complex in Kearney, NE is in an Excellent Location with great Visibility.
2 Blocks to Largest area Hospital.
Northwest Bay of 2,500' recently became available. It was occupied by a Podiatrist who recently retired. 
In excellent condition and in near move in condition for a tenant or an owner/occupant.
Mostly medical related tenants. 
Kearney Professional Center
207-215 W 29th Street, Kearney, NE 68847
Building 1 – 3,798 sq. ft.  100% Leased
Building 2 – 3,756 sq. ft. 40% Leased
Lot Size: 25,561 sq. ft.    Taxes: $14,755/year
Approximately 30 Parking Stalls      Built in 1993
7.12% ROI
Excellent Tenants
One Bay empty for your business
place under contract contingent on … (1 comments)

nebraska: Trusted Brands and Why I Believe in Them! - 03/31/17 01:31 PM
I believe in many brands...most of us do.  I am sure the brands I trust may be on the Do Not Use list of some people who may read this. That is okay...I trust them and that is what I care about.
These brands have treated us well. Here they are:
First is General Motors vehicles:
Mike McCann-Broker endorses Chevy Suburbans as the vehicle of choice for Farm Land Brokers. This Suburban pictured has been in cornfields, wheat fields, hay meadows, bean fields, woods, trail roads, and thousands of miles of gravel roads. 
I have owned several GM vehicles built in every decade since the … (12 comments)

nebraska: Boom Boom - Another Nebraska Farm Sold by Mike McCann-Broker!! - 04/06/16 12:46 AM
Another farm for sale in Nebraska is now Sold!! Mike McCann... Nebraska Farm Broker!
Thank you to Alan & Stacy Bueber of Kearney, NE for placing your trust in me to represent you in your purchase of a million dollar+ farm west of Overton, NE!!
I greatly enjoyed working with you and helping you to complete your purchase in a fashion that allowed you to do a 1031 Exchange on the sale of your Dalhart, Texas property.
Thank you also to Dean Batie with UFarm of Kearney, NE who was the Listing Broker on the sale representing the Sellers. It was my pleasure working … (5 comments)

nebraska: Credit Cards...What's in Your Wallet & Is it always accepted? - 03/28/16 11:37 PM
I am in the process of switching Credit Cards.  Have you ever done that? I have had a "what's in your wallet?" card for years and it is now in the drawer!!
Why you ask?  A simple reason that has been a frustration for me for the past 4 or 5 months.
No...not the high interest...I like it high...that motivates me to pay it off each month. Which I have done for many years.
And yes, it was a points card towards a new GM vehicle...not that I can ever afford another new Suburban or Yukon XL anymore. Those things cost more than my first … (12 comments)

nebraska: From the Ashes...A Son is Born to the late Captain Dustin Lukasiewicz! - 06/26/15 12:16 AM
Then out spake brave Horatius, ...
The Captain of the gate:
'To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better 
Than facing fearful odds
For the ashes of his fathers
And the temples of his gods, 
And for the tender mother
Who dandled him to rest,
And for the wife who nurses
His baby at her breast,
And for the holy maidens
Who feed the eternal flame,—
To save them from false Sextus
That wrought the deed of shame ' 

nebraska: Buy this Great Farm for Less Than 7 Cents a Square Foot!! - 04/14/14 11:34 PM
That's is not a typo!! 
Buy this 317 acre Farm in Howard County Nebraska for Less than .07/square foot! 
317 Acres x 43560/ac=13,808,520 square feet. x .06198347/sqft = $855,900 for the Farm!!
You can go buy commercial ground for as high as $10/sq. ft in Nebraska.  But why?
Even this dryland farm will show a 3 1/2 to 5% ROI.  Which beats most stocks and sure as the heck is better than the banks are giving you!!
Check out this link to info on the farm: 
If you do not want to farm it...I have area farmers who will!! … (4 comments)

nebraska: Stand Back...I'm on FIRE!! And Even You Can't Put It Out!! - 01/03/14 12:11 AM
That's right...No Fire Extinguisher...or Hose...or Ladder Truck...or Airport Foam...or bag of flour...or anyone going to smother my enthusiasm and success this year!
A few months ago I was sucker punched by a company I was working with. At the time...exactly 8:30 Am on Nov 10th my plans changed. I was transitioning out of real estate and into another industry and that process came to an abrupt halt.
To that person I want to say THANK YOU!!
They changed their minds and I can't be happier!
Now instead of trying to do two jobs I can concentrate on what … (0 comments)

nebraska: May The Sun Shine Warmly on Your Career in 2014! - 01/01/14 12:54 AM
A New Year...for me less than 14 hours old...and the excitement of a once in a lifetime year!
You see...14 is one of my favorite numbers since I was born on the 14th day of the month.
I am quite sure I will not be around in my present form the next time a year rolls around with a 14 on the end of it!
So for this 2014, I have pledged to have the greatest year I have ever have the most fun I have ever love my wife more than I ever love my children more … (3 comments)

nebraska: How About a NEW Home For the NEW year! - 12/30/13 12:58 AM
THESE UNITS ARE SOLD! Call me and I can help you find a different new or preowned home!

Almost Finished!! One of the nicest homes being built in Kearney, NE today!
Beautiful Ranch style Custom Built home features 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths, gorgeous Kitchen, semi-formal & casual dining, large Living Room with over 1,940 sq. feet of main level Living space.  Highlights include Custom Counter Tops, Poplar Cabinets, Birch Wood Floors, Cut Berber Carpet, Tile Baths, Large Master Suite, All Black Kitchen Appliances, Walk-In Pantry, Ceiling Fans, Canned Lighting, Main Level Laundry, and much more.
The Exterior includes 2x6 walls full of Blown in Insulation, … (1 comments)

nebraska: My Wife Came Home and the Temp Now has Dropped 44 degrees in 5 Hrs! - 12/28/13 12:06 PM
Brrrr... My wife and daughter (Robyn and Jaime) went shopping today and for me it was a great day to do a final cleanup on the yard.
Was in the mid-60's all afternoon....until they got home!!
I was mowing in shorts and a t-shirt. In the Winter!!
The girls came around the corner and at that exact time the wind switched to the North! 
Coincidence maybe? Maybe...or Maybe Not
All I had left was to cut up some branches for firewood that I had trimmed from our Honey Locust a month or so ago.By the time I was … (1 comments)

nebraska: Merry Christmas From Nebraska!! - 12/24/13 10:12 PM
Merry Christmas to One and All!
I am excited today as we will have around 25 family members coming to our house for a noon meal.
It should be great laughs and more memories made for us and the kids of all the families…4 generations will be here!
The roast is out of the oven for the first cut and then back in for the final bake!
Time to peel 10 pounds of spuds and get the corn ready!!
From our house to yours we wish you a Joyful Holiday! And if it is just a regular day at your home…I … (2 comments)

nebraska: Response to: A Really Big Deal or No Big Deal contest! - 12/22/13 10:48 PM
A Really Big Deal or No Big Deal is always in the eyes of the beholder...Perception is Reality.
A "possible *** deal" to the Buyer and Seller was "No Big Deal" to me in many different ways. 
I want to apologize now for the asterisks...but want to stay within the confines of the rules for this blog... to me it is No big deal.
Here is my story...
In late 2005 I was approached by the Kearney Catholic Foundation to submit a bid to list and sell a home that was donated to them. (A possible *** deal to the Foundation and Donor.)

nebraska: 'Tis the Season...To make Cookies? - 12/21/13 11:35 PM
I woke up Saturday morning looking forward to a nice relaxing day...getting the Christmas Poem sent off in the mail...and generally doing a whole lot of "not much!"
The yard work is done for the winter, the oils are all changed in the trucks, no tire rotations needed, a little cleaning on the garage but only a few minutes worth, no snow to scoop, no hunting, no major sporting event.
It was going to be a blissful day of doing almost nothing.
Then I heard it...the clank of bowls and measuring cups from the kitchen.  You know the sound...two measuring cups … (4 comments)

nebraska: Switches! Could You Go Even One Day Without Them? I Don't Think So!! - 12/16/13 11:03 PM
Have you ever wondered how we would survive without switches?  What's that you ask?
A switch? Yes... a switch.  A simple device to turn something on or off.  We have them on virtually everything we use from TV's and all of our electronics to automobiles and garage doors.
I suppose if we tried to count the number of switches we have in our homes they would number in the hundreds after we started adding the hair dryer, furnace, lights, and at least 4 on most refrigerators!
And if we tried to count the number of times we "flipped" a switch, from … (4 comments)

nebraska: Hey Kearney, NE...This Townhome is Looking for You! Check It Out! - 12/16/13 10:17 PM
THIS UNIT IS SOLD!!   Call me and I can help you find a different home in beautiful Kearney!! 
This new townhome at 6604 Avenue L has the roof almost finished and the siding going on this week. 
Over 1,500' of Living Space in this beautiful 2/3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car Townhome. There are no steps and doors and hallway are wide enough to accommodate motorized chairs. Open Floor Plan. Still time to pick floor coverings. Storm Shelter is built into the Master Closet. Price will include Range, Refrigerator, Dishwasher and Microwave in L Shaped Kitchen. Master Suite includes Large Walk-in … (0 comments)

nebraska: Wanted to Buy in Central Nebraska: Irrigated Farm Ground!! - 12/15/13 10:54 PM
* Irrigated Central Nebraska Farm Ground *
* Last seen Located in Dawson and Phelps County! *
* This Farm ground known to be valuable to Owner! *
* This Land is Wanted Now by a Qualified Buyer! *
* Anyone knowing Whereabouts of this type of
Land coming up For Sale Is Urged
to Contact the Professional Listed below *
* Minimum of 80 Acres Wanted – No Maximum ACRES*
Call or Text: Mike McCann – … (0 comments)

Mike McCann - Nebraska Farm Land Broker, Farm Land For Sale  308-627-3700 or 800-241-3940 (Mike McCann - Broker,   Mach1 Realty Farmland Broker-Auctioneer Serving Rural Nebraska)

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