nebraska auctioneer: Daddy...Do Cameras Lie? Yes, Sweetie, But it's Not Their Fault! - 01/16/18 07:01 AM
My new definition of the word “Photo”: A deceptive way to record something that may or may not be an accurate portrayal.
I wrote the  response below to a blog written by Sharon Tara regarding photos that may be a bit deceptive. It is a great blog…read it here: At What Point Would You Consider Real Estate Listing Photos Deceptive?
By deceptive, I mean…deceptively accurate…you know…”yes, that is true, but there is more to the story” deceptive.
 In other words, portraying the property in a way that makes it seem nicer than it actually is.
It is kind of funny how we have to tap dance … (6 comments)

nebraska auctioneer: Going Down to See 'ol Dale - But Don't Tell Anyone!! - 12/06/17 07:21 AM
"Don't tell anyone", he said. "It is none of their business."
My first deal over a million dollars and he says don't tell anyone.
For years the largest commission I ever received...even though I only got half because of the agency I worked with got stole the other half...and he doesn't want anyone to know?
"That's part of the deal", he said in his gravely voice back then.
I wanted to shout it from the rooftops...Mike McCann got Dale $374,000 more than the other company was going to list at...and yet zip...nada...keep quiet...nobody's business...not any thank you cards or  thank you using him as a … (3 comments)

nebraska auctioneer: Perception is Really the Deception of Reality! - 11/30/17 08:57 AM
Today I will travel a short 60 miles back to my hometown to say goodbye to a high school classmate who fought cancer for 9 years.
Our class of '71 was a group of 90 small town and farm kids who mostly all thought they were going to be superstars someday.  We now have lost 8  (I was reminded that it is now 9) that we know of and a few are off the map somewhere.
As I get older, I remind my younger wife and kids and friends that what we perceived in high school may not...does not exist most of the … (33 comments)

nebraska auctioneer: Junk Mail Formats of the New Millennium - I Long for the Good Old Days - 04/11/17 01:37 PM
Pet Peeves...industry turnoffs..What ruffles my feathers...
This blog actually started out simply as a response to a blog by another AR member. We were chatting about a contest: 
In it I was agreeing and talking about the fake phone and email solicitations I get…and more recently…the texts. And yes...even the old fashioned door knocks!!
Heck, I get calls…all the freaking time! But my mail box is empty.
Morning…noon…and nighty night, night!
They are the Junk Mail formats of the new millennium! Makes me long for the good old days when the ads were a true handful but they could all go in the trash … (69 comments)

nebraska auctioneer: Farm has SOLD! Nebraska Farm Land Auction on Feb 28 is Cancelled. - 02/22/17 08:49 AM
Great News for the Sellers: The Nebraska farm land
has sold so there will not be an auction. A great offer came in and the Sellers accepted it.
Great News for the Buyers: The farm is next to their farm and they can expand and farm right through both properties. The sellers were hoping that these folks would be the new owners. They could have possibly paid a little less at the auction but they also could have paid a lot more or been outbid.
Good News for the Broker: The property has Sold and both parties are happy. I will be compensated and … (6 comments)

nebraska auctioneer: Nothing like a Soft Snow To Quiet The Sounds! - 01/04/17 08:56 PM
I had a surprise snow this afternoon.  No the weather man knew about it...I just hadn't been listening to the weather.
Turns out we were supposed to get 1-3 inch and I think we got a little more...just enough to make it seems very quiet outside.
Never the gave me a chance to bust out the new snow shovel and even get our son Jake out helping me.
With our daughter Jaime in the Twin Cities for some Intern training...she is experiencing the super cold...we just have single digits...they evidently have to give back digits because they are below zero.
She only cares that the roads are clear on … (9 comments)

nebraska auctioneer: DON'T BE THE STORM! - 01/01/17 08:53 PM
  "It Takes One Person To Change The Energy Of The Whole Room!  Don't Be The Storm"
When you walk into the room are you the storm or the sunshine...the rain or the rainbow?
Do you bring positive energy into the room or do you suck the positive vibes right out of the air without even knowing?
Be honest here.
I have caught myself a few times in the recent past being the storm...and I would really rather be the sunshine. I am working hard to be the sunshine...the rainbow instead of the rain. Some times I fail but I am working on it...
The quote above … (13 comments)

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