nebraska corn farm land: It is Harvest Time in Nebraska ... Be Careful On the Roads!! - 10/03/19 07:52 AM
Harvest is way behind schedule in 2019.  What that means is when it dries out from this latest rain...every combine and truck and grain trailer available will be full bore into harvesting. 
That also means long hours and possibly some inexperienced operators running equipment.
To all of my friends and family and even those I do not know...PLEASE...when driving...
IF YOU: Are driving a motorcycle, car, or pickup...remember a loaded grain truck weighs around 80,000 pounds and CANNOT STOP as fast as you can. 
Trucks, combines, grain carts, headers for beans and corn will be moving around the gravel roads and highways throughout the corn … (7 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Pivot Irrigated 156 acre farm with 1/2 mile of Highway 281 Frontage - 12/06/18 02:21 PM
Take a look at this fantastic farm listed by Lindsey Haden...our superstar real estate agent in south central Nebraska!
Beautiful farm with 1/2 mile of Highway 218 frontage.  South of Hastings, Nebraska and only a few miles north of Blue Hill.  
Check it out and call Lindsey or myself!!  

Call us today...This farm has excellent soils!!  Fantastic development potential as well!!

nebraska corn farm land: Verbal Farm Lease Deadline Nears in Nebraska - 08/14/18 02:51 PM
Yep...2018 and there are still some Verbal Leases in Nebraska.  Actually quite a few. 
Nebraska Law states the tenant and/or the landlord/owner need to let each other know about any changes BEFORE September 1 of each year. If there is no notification...the verbal lease remains the same for the following crop season.
That means 2019 will be the same as 2018 verbal lease which ends on Feb 28, 2019 and the verbal 2019 lease will end on February 29, 2020. 
Want a different tenant and you are on a handshake or verbal lease? 
Let the current tenant know he/she may not be farming … (2 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: The Farming Industry: Is It In Trouble? - 04/24/18 07:52 AM
The Farming Industry is in trouble.  I keep hearing that and if it is true...That means America is in trouble.
I hate being a Chicken Little and saying the sky is falling...and I really, really, really hope I am wrong...but there are many cracks in the fabric of many farms...and we do not want to lose them.
I do not think many people outside of farming are really aware that we need higher crop prices to stay afloat.
Crop prices are still way too low for the farmer to make a decent living. Cattle prices have had the bottom fall out of their industry … (65 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: 'Ol Man Winter...You Are Starting to Frost My Gizzards! - 04/13/18 06:27 AM
I believe I am a fair man...a reasonable type of guy who does not get rattled easily and who is quick to forgive.  I am fine with sharing the earth with others.
But I am telling you what...'Ol Man and and I have a problem. You are  really starting to frost my gizzards.
It is time for you to go North...or way South for the Spring and Summer...just like you have done for generations upon generations.  You know...status quo and all of that...
I Love You Man...a quaint snow now and then...and the brisk mornings...and crisp sunrises.
I can even handle the 20+ snow … (5 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Daddy...Do Cameras Lie? Yes, Sweetie, But it's Not Their Fault! - 01/16/18 07:01 AM
My new definition of the word “Photo”: A deceptive way to record something that may or may not be an accurate portrayal.
I wrote the  response below to a blog written by Sharon Tara regarding photos that may be a bit deceptive. It is a great blog…read it here: At What Point Would You Consider Real Estate Listing Photos Deceptive?
By deceptive, I mean…deceptively accurate…you know…”yes, that is true, but there is more to the story” deceptive.
 In other words, portraying the property in a way that makes it seem nicer than it actually is.
It is kind of funny how we have to tap dance … (6 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Ice is Only Dangerous for Some of Us!! It is a Mind Game!! - 12/22/17 08:44 AM
Yesterday the roads were treacherous in our neck of the woods.
All the stations were saying stay off the roads.
I had an appointment with a client 35 miles away and slipped and slid in my Suburban the whole way.  I had to cancel two days ago and was not going to cancel twice.
My wife called me while I was on the way and said...turn around...yeah sure honey.
I had the photos with me of the ranch this client owns and he is thinking about selling.
I told him I would have them to him by Christmas.   (Sostad Forest Ranch)
So neither rain...nor sleet...nor other vehicles … (34 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Perception is Really the Deception of Reality! - 11/30/17 08:57 AM
Today I will travel a short 60 miles back to my hometown to say goodbye to a high school classmate who fought cancer for 9 years.
Our class of '71 was a group of 90 small town and farm kids who mostly all thought they were going to be superstars someday.  We now have lost 8  (I was reminded that it is now 9) that we know of and a few are off the map somewhere.
As I get older, I remind my younger wife and kids and friends that what we perceived in high school may not...does not exist most of the … (33 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: The Harvest is Coming In...And It Is Delicious! - 08/30/17 07:30 PM
Ahhh...I like Harvest...especially the garden kind. I also like the corn and soybean harvests...but the combines are a bit big to fit into my 20' x 35' garden.
So that means manual labor...harvesting by hands...both my wife's and mine!!
We had been getting a few beans and a few tomatoes and zucchini and cucumbers over the past month.  The peas did not do very well this year.
I have not dug up the potatoes yet but we have had two meals from one plant that I pulled out accidentally. 
So why am I even sharing this mundane information?  Well, to be honest, it is an … (14 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Cross my Heart- I plan on Being in Better Touch in 2017! - 12/31/16 02:20 PM
Dear Everyone:
I admit it...I have done a lousy or not very good or mediocre or average job of staying in touch with you this past year.  This day and age...average or below is simply not good enough...and I probably fall into that category more times than I care to admit.
I promise in 2017 to make myself more visible to you so that when you hear of someone who is looking for the type of service I can remember me! And vice versa!
In 2016 I did not blog or send letters or postcards consistently...that will change in 2017.
In 2017 I will be much … (6 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Country Roads Are DANGEROUS During Harvest! Please Be Careful!! - 10/13/16 02:07 AM
It is Corn Harvest Time and the country roads are scary as heck!!
There is no other way to say it than to be blunt. Some of the most dangerous roads in America right now are the Gravel Roads in Corn Country. The second are the 2 lane highways.
That encompasses virtually the entire midwest region of the USA and parts of Canada as well as other locations. There are grain trucks and combines and tractors with grain carts and extra employees all sharing the same roads along with the daily users. 
It can be dangerous out there...especially at intersections.
In addition, when meeting wide … (7 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Farm Loans for Farmers - Are You Getting the Best Interest Rate? - 08/01/16 03:11 AM
Attention Farmers: Are you utilizing the FSA programs to your maximum benefit? 
Are you struggling with your farm operating loans from the Bank this season?  
It is no secret that margins are so tight every penny you find on the ground is important!!
I am hearing rumblings out there that some are in a tight spot.
My question to you is this:
Have you checked into the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) and what they have to offer? Have you stopped in to the FSA office to see if you there is any assistance available. 
Don't want to contact the local one...then get online … (1 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Do You Provide References Up Front or Wait To Be Asked? - 04/14/15 01:27 AM
I used to be gung ho on providing client references right off the bat to new clients.  Now, if a potential client wants references to actually speak to...they and I need to have personally met in my office or at a farm before I fork over any phone numbers or email addresses.
Over the past year or so I have changed my thinking on that for a number of reasons.
1. I am great at what I do...I do not need references to back me up and verify that I am.
2. I do not like having clients information on a web page or anywhere else for … (17 comments)

nebraska corn farm land: Harvest Is Almost Complete - Yields are All Over the Place! - 10/28/12 11:44 AM
While some states have had a disasterous harvest this year, Nebraska has been all over the place.
A few areas have had good moisture and the dryland crops in those areas are excellent.
The photo here is of a field that has irrigation throughout most of it except the end section. You can see the difference between the irrigated and the dryland.
I have talked with farmers who have had corn yields on dryland as high as 165 bushel/acre and some who have zero bushels. I suspect the dryland yield on this field is almost zero.
I would say that the … (2 comments)

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