nebraska farm ground for sale: Is It Too Much to Ask Agents to Take Clear & Accurate Listing Photos? - 04/13/18 07:13 AM
Is it too much to ask for Agents to take quality and honest photos of a listing?
My wife and I were looking online at some homes for sale in Butte, Montana and Boise, Idaho last night.
Many listings had great photos...but sadly, many also had terrible photos...they were possibly clear but showed clutter and junk everywhere from the people packing up to move.  Or they showed almost nothing in the photo...or the wrong things.
The one home showed well over 150 days on the market and had all the packing boxes and junk laying all over the house in the photos.  Really...the agent is that … (39 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Who Have You Helped Lately? A Few Short Stories of Ours. - 12/04/17 09:52 AM
Help comes in all kinds of forms...and so many people need help in one way or another.
Here are a few of the stories and ways that we try to help. Each is as important to us as the next.
Last Thursday night my wife, Robyn, and I were shopping downtown at the annual Christmas on the Bricks in our town of Kearney.  Downtown on the Bricks has a lot of cool smaller stores.
It was a nice evening and the temperature was in the low 50's so a ton of families with little ones were out and about listening to carolers and petting … (23 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Perception is Really the Deception of Reality! - 11/30/17 08:57 AM
Today I will travel a short 60 miles back to my hometown to say goodbye to a high school classmate who fought cancer for 9 years.
Our class of '71 was a group of 90 small town and farm kids who mostly all thought they were going to be superstars someday.  We now have lost 8  (I was reminded that it is now 9) that we know of and a few are off the map somewhere.
As I get older, I remind my younger wife and kids and friends that what we perceived in high school may not...does not exist most of the … (33 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Happy Thanksgiving From the Farm Lands of Nebraska!! - 11/21/17 05:28 PM
Almost all crops have been harvested...the corn is in the bin. And the farmers are thankful.
Equipment is being cleaned up and put into storage...well, most of it...some folks leave it out all year and even a few never clean it..but I digress.
Although crop prices are still way down and actually under a break even thresh hold for many farmers...I know that all of my farming friends and family are Thankful for another crop season that is in the books and will look forward with optimism to the spring planting. 
I also know...because I ride with many of them during spring planting and fall … (5 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: SOLD THE FARM! Then the Buyer Stole my Sign and Screwed it to the Wall - 04/04/17 10:55 AM
I Sold the Farm (farm #1)  for a client in central Nebraska. 
What the Buyer did next has never happened to me...EVER. Not in 24 years of selling property.
That first sale resulted in another listing and the sale of a 2nd Farm (farm # 2), which I sold for the Buyers of Farm #1.
We also were able to successfully conduct a 1031 Exchange
for the Buyer/Seller.
I should mention here that all of this took less than 6 weeks total.
The Buyer/Seller of Farms #1 & #2 is very happy! 
So fact... that he took my brand new sign...cut the legs off of it...and screwed it to the … (12 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Grass Fires Were Terrible! Ranchers Need Immediate Help!! - 03/20/17 09:00 AM
Over 1.5 million acres of Pasture burned. The fires that raced across the prairies of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas the past few weeks were horrendously hard on the animals and the pastures. Thousands of animals died and many ranchers and farmers lost their herds and their homes.
Sadly, lives were also lost. This is always the worst. One family perished trying to save their herd.
The pastures will recover in time if the root system wasn't damaged.
Many herds have been decimated, however, and this will take years to rebuild along with millions of dollars worth of efforts.
The following article shares some of … (0 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: It Is Farm Bill 2018 Time! All Farmers Need To Relay Their Thoughts! - 03/03/17 07:46 PM
Seems like yesterday that the last Farm Bill
was finalized and approved. That might be because it was way behind schedule when it was finally approved in February of 2014 and had some tweaks that had to be done at a later date. 
If you do not like the current Farm need to get very active now and let your Congressman/woman and your Senators know...NOW!! 
Discussions are happening. One thing is certain...there are a lot of uncertainties with any new legislation.
Keep in mind that the bill will go into effect for the 2019 crop season...and that is only 2 years away.
Here is an update … (5 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: You Earned It. It's Your Money, Right? If You Plan Right, It Can Be! - 03/01/17 11:46 AM
Time Marches On. But you earned it. It's your money, Right?
Only if you have the correct plan in place. Below is an excellent explanation of Estate Planning for Farmers and Ranchers.  It is provided to us from the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Economics.
Take a look at the article and be sure to discuss with your family and I would also think a great tax adviser would be a very good idea.  
I recommend that everyone plan for the unknown future and have in place the steps needed to transition the farm or ranch to the next generation or whomever you … (8 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: 20 Reasons Selling Farm Land in Nebraska is My Passion! - 01/26/17 08:14 PM
Selling farmland in central Nebraska is my is what I love to do and it is how I make a living.  What it isn't, is work. That old saying, “when you love what you are doing, it isn’t work” rings true for me.
A long time ago I thought I would never hear myself saying that. "Right", I said. (Or something like that laced with extra special words.) But I do believe it is true.
I began to focus on selling farmland in Nebraska.  Central Nebraska farm land primarily. Even today, many years later, people still ask me why and how and … (28 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Did You Know? Mike McCann Sells Farm Land Throughout Nebraska. Really! - 12/27/16 01:20 PM
Attention:  Anyone that knows me, Mike McCann, needs to understand this:
1. I sell farm real estate in Nebraska and beyond.
2. I also Auction farms...yes, I call the Auction.
3. I am good at it...really good!
4. I list Farms For Sale anywhere in Nebraska!
5. I work with Buyers who are looking to Buy a Farm in Nebraska.
So...if you fall into any one or more of the following categories...I am asking you to send me your farm real estate business and future leads.
If you:
      A.  Are alive and breathing.
      B.  Live on the planet we call Earth (or beyond).
Congrats are in order...we are a match. I can help … (0 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Hey Farmers and Ranchers...Bale Twine or Wrap...Leave On or Take Off? - 12/27/16 07:19 AM
This blog is a shout out to most of my farming contacts and others in the cattle or cow/calf industry.
I am looking for your thoughts and or input on what you do with bale twine and wrap?  Do you remove it prior to grinding or feeding?
DTN asks: Remove Twine and Bale Wrap When Feeding Hay
This article appears to be on the fence as whether it is better to remove the twine and bale wrap from the bales before feeding. I am sure that is, or would be, a major hassle...but is it a worthwhile duty?
I am not qualified to answer … (2 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Country Roads Are DANGEROUS During Harvest! Please Be Careful!! - 10/13/16 02:07 AM
It is Corn Harvest Time and the country roads are scary as heck!!
There is no other way to say it than to be blunt. Some of the most dangerous roads in America right now are the Gravel Roads in Corn Country. The second are the 2 lane highways.
That encompasses virtually the entire midwest region of the USA and parts of Canada as well as other locations. There are grain trucks and combines and tractors with grain carts and extra employees all sharing the same roads along with the daily users. 
It can be dangerous out there...especially at intersections.
In addition, when meeting wide … (7 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Nebraska (and beyond) Land Prices Slip a Bit in 2015-2016! - 08/04/16 02:19 AM
To the surprise of no one except Sellers, Farm Land Prices have declined slightly in Nebraska.
I believe the slide is directly related to the current price of commodities such as corn and beans...which in all honesty have been manipulated so low that almost every farmer is now losing money to farm!
The attached article is a synopsis of what is happening in Nebraska.
FULL DISCLOSURE:  I will be the first to admit I do not totally agree with the numbers of the report.
It should be noted that this is a self reporting analysis...which means not every one is reporting sales and rent rates.
I have never been … (7 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Farm Loans for Farmers - Are You Getting the Best Interest Rate? - 08/01/16 03:11 AM
Attention Farmers: Are you utilizing the FSA programs to your maximum benefit? 
Are you struggling with your farm operating loans from the Bank this season?  
It is no secret that margins are so tight every penny you find on the ground is important!!
I am hearing rumblings out there that some are in a tight spot.
My question to you is this:
Have you checked into the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) and what they have to offer? Have you stopped in to the FSA office to see if you there is any assistance available. 
Don't want to contact the local one...then get online … (1 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Time Again To Renew Your Verbal Farm Land Leases!! - 07/29/16 12:23 AM
Attention Farm Tenants and Owners...It is that time of the year to start thinking about your Farms that you Lease out in Nebraska in regards to the leases. 
If you are outside of Nebraska....check your state guidelines and laws.
If you...the Tenant... have a Lease in you know when the deadline is for renewal of the Lease? And what the particulars are for renewal?  If not, I strongly suggest you review it.
If there is a Property Manager involved for the Owner...the Manager is probably gathering data on current rents and if there will be any changes for next year.
However...I urge both Tenant and … (3 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Want To Buy Tillable Farm Land Throughout the USA. Maybe Your Farm!! - 07/19/16 12:04 AM
Attention Tillable Farm Land Tenants and Owners:
I have willing and ready Buyers looking to purchase land throughout the United States...maybe your land!
If you are thinking about selling your farm or you are the tenant and have first right to buy... but can't...
WE Need to Talk.
This is what I need:
Good Tillable Farm Land to buy in these states:  
Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, South Dakota, California, Louisiana, and beyond.
Let me clarify this. Most Buyers are looking for good quality land for a fair price. Most are very knowledgeable on the market. Many have deep pockets and want to … (2 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: This Is Our Home! Love Will Save The Day! - 04/22/16 12:51 AM
This is our Home…
It may be more than you have…it may be Less…
But without Love…it is Nothing…
Love knows not size… nor value…nor social status…
Love knows happiness, tenderness, caring, and committment.
              Love will have a past full of lifelong memories
           and a future that will burst with additional ones.
               Love is not forced or purchased from a catalog...
Indeed, it is nurtured day in and day out.
Sometimes Love means getting your hands dirty
            while keeping your heart and mind clean!
Love is doing the mundane as well as the exciting.
            Love is weathering the storms of life
while keeping your head above water.
Some may be jealous of our home
       while … (7 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: It is Time for the Rains to Fall Mainly on the Plains of Nebraska - 04/14/16 01:57 AM
Is it me...or does it seem a tad bit dry in the central Nebraska farm land? The farmers are working the fields preparing for planting and many have started dropping seed into the ground this week.
Some are going to wait until next week to plant. Might be a good idea in my is only mid-April and the chances of a hard frost are near 100% if you look at historical data.
We had a couple of nice snows earlier but a lot of that moisture was lost due to wind either blowing snow off the fields or the high winds drying … (3 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Land For Sale in Nebraska! Right Now...Today!! - 03/21/16 06:18 AM
News Flash!!  There is Land For Sale in Nebraska!  TODAY!
That's right...this year as well as last year and if historical trends year there will be farms available and land to buy!
Every year...regardless of the price of corn and changes hands. Many times it is never listed on the Open Market as we have buyers looking for certain types of ground.
What this means is that you need to contact me and let me know what you are looking for so I can find it for you.  I can you help you buy a farm listed by any Broker!
Do you want … (0 comments)

nebraska farm ground for sale: Attention Investors: Buy Land They Ain't Making Anymore of It! - 03/18/16 12:14 AM
If you are an Investor in the Stock Market or Commercial should look at buying tillable Nebraska farm land as an investment. Way less volatility than the Stock Market... guaranteed income each year...and if you are borrowing money...the Tenant makes your payment!!  That looks like a WIN to me.
Will Rogers once said: "Buy Land. They ain't making anymore of it!" I agree with him completely.
Here is a great example:
Nebraska Farm land For Sale! 
Great Irrigated Farm in Dawson County, Nebraska near Overton Golf Course.
True pride of ownership on this farmland.
284.87 acres with 239.01 acres Certified Irrigated.
3 - Excellent Zimmatic Center … (5 comments)

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