real estate referrals: 6 Ways to Reduce Your Real Estate Marketing Workload - 02/10/22 09:29 AM
How much time does your marketing take? That might be a little like asking, “How long is a ball of string?” For many agents, real estate marketing is an activity that can go on forever — if you let it.
Take a look at your real estate marketing to-do list. Are there items you probably won’t get to this month? Or even next month?
What you want is your real estate marketing working like a well-oiled machine, humming along each month generating a steady flow of real estate leads and referrals.
The good news is, you can have that without having to devote an … (0 comments)

real estate referrals: Real Estate Marketing Tip: How to Be Where Your Prospects Are - 02/10/22 09:03 AM
You’re probably familiar with the “Rule of Seven”. It’s an old sales adage that states you need to connect with prospects at least seven times before they begin to know, like and trust you — and then hire you as their agent.
As over-simplified as that adage is, the general idea is based on rock-solid sales psychology.
Many prospects do need to hear from you regularly before they feel comfortable hiring you. That is especially true of long-term prospects (those who may be listing and/or buying some time in the future), residents of your real estate geographic farm, and past clients who can … (1 comments)

real estate referrals: It’s Never Too Late to Re-Establish an Old Client Relationship - 01/27/22 08:12 AM
Your contact database is, arguably, your most valuable real estate marketing asset. It includes current and long-term prospects you’re working, business contacts you’re nurturing, and past client relationships you’re building.
Of the three, past clients are the group that sometimes get neglected by agents. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an agent to have a few previous clients they haven’t been in contact with for years.
That’s unfortunate.
When you consider that the average past client is in a position to recommend you two or three times a year, the loss in potential real estate leads and real estate client referrals adds up. Fast.
We … (2 comments)

real estate referrals: Why You Should Focus your Real Estate Marketing on “Inner Circles” - 01/13/22 01:15 PM
If you’re like most agents, you can probably define your professional network as a series of concentric circles — starting with a small inner circle and growing outwards to a larger outer circle.
The inner circle are your clients (past and present) and your current hot prospects. You know them well, and they know you.
The next circle out represents your longer-term prospects and residents in the real estate geographic farm you target.
After that is a circle comprised of casual contacts and online leads that tend to go nowhere.
Finally, the bigger outer circle represents those people you don’t know at all. Strangers.
Of all … (4 comments)

real estate referrals: New Realtors: Does Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Match Your Vision? - 07/30/21 12:09 PM
Chances are, as you were working towards your real estate license, you formed a vision for what you want your career to look like in three to five years. You might have even set some ambitious goals regarding clients, income, how you’ll spend your workdays, etc.
But have you ever met an agent who complained that being a Realtor wasn’t what they thought it would be?
You probably have.
So what happened with that person?
It’s important you know because you don’t want to work hard for years, only to end up at a place in your career that’s the antithesis of what you imagined. … (0 comments)

real estate referrals: Help Stressed-Out Clients: Relationship-Focused Real Estate Marketing - 07/30/21 10:38 AM
Unless it’s a balanced market, there’s often stress on one side of the transaction or the other.
In a buyer’s market, for example, your seller clients worry, “Will our home sell in time? Will we get enough money from the sale? What if our home doesn’t sell?”
In a seller’s market — which is at record-breaking levels in many areas these days — your buyers are concerned and thinking, “Will we ever find a home in our price range? What if we find a home we like but there are multiple offers? How do we compete?”
A big part of your job as an … (5 comments)

real estate referrals: Does your Real Estate Marketing Include These Two Drivers of Persuasion? - 07/30/21 10:34 AM
What persuades someone to do something?
Social scientists have been researching that question for decades and have come up with solid answers. In fact, there is no longer any mystery as to how someone becomes motivated to buy a particular model of car, choose one insurance company over another — or hire you as their real estate agent.
Persuasion is more of an exact science than you may have realized!
A giant in this field of research is Dr. Robert Cialdini, who popularized the six core drivers of persuasion and mapped out how they work.
Let’s take a look at two of these and how … (0 comments)

real estate referrals: Looking for a Real Estate Marketing Company? 5 Questions to Ask - 02/19/21 11:46 AM
We realize that offering you tips on choosing a real estate marketing company is like asking a kid at a lemonade stand who has the best drinks.
He’s going to say, “I do!”
But the truth is, we’ve been working with real estate agents for decades. We’ve learned a thing or two about how agents can generate more real estate leads and referrals, with more certainty, and with less work. We’ve also learned which types of real estate marketing products are effective. And which are not.
That said, we understand if you’d like to do your research among real estate marketing companies before committing. … (0 comments)

real estate referrals: 7 Real Estate Marketing Materials That Boost Leads and Referrals - 02/18/21 01:17 PM
An agent without good real estate marketing materials is like a doctor without a good stethoscope. Like a well-equipped physician, you’ll be more effective when you have the right marketing pieces on hand.
With that in mind, let’s look at seven real estate marketing materials that boost lead generation and referrals, particularly during these pandemic times.
Real Estate Agent website. According to many studies, upwards of 79% of prospects will visit the website before hiring the professional. That’s why lead capture is so important. You want prospects who check out your website to also contact you. If your real estate agent website … (0 comments)

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