information: Johnson Park Recreation Center - Conyers, Georgia - 06/22/07 03:24 PM
I've bumped into one too many people lately who didn't know about Johnson Park in Conyers and their recreational programs.  So here's the information... now go and have some fun!  :)   
                                             Johnson Park Recreation Center

information: Georgia Real Estate Tips - For Buyers Only, Part 1 - 06/21/07 04:42 PM
You've selected the perfect home, now what?  Now, I strongly recommend you have a professional home inspection performed.  Yes, you should have one even if you're purchasing a newly constructed home.  This is not the time to skimp on dollars and cents.  It's smarter to spend a couple of hundred now as opposed to a couple of thousands later. 
A proper home inspection will give you the comfort of knowing your new home has been checked for breakage, disrepair and/or any other potentiaol problems.
It all starts with choosing a professional home inspector who can give your home the thorough review it needs.  So don't be afraid … (2 comments)

information: I don't want them to lose their house... - 06/11/07 03:28 PM
With foreclosure rates reaching all-time highs, I try to do my part to combat as much of it as I possibly can.  One way that I choose is to stay in constant contact with my clients that have Adjustable Rate Mortgages.  I made it my business to explain to each of my clients, during their loan process, how the adjustable interest rates work and also made it a point to stress the importance of improving or, at the least, maintaining their credit profiles. 
I choose to stay on top of my clients because I care.  I've been finding that a lot of homeowners with adjustable rates forgot that … (6 comments)

information: Just give them a call... - 06/08/07 02:04 PM
You know what they say... "If you don't call them .... someone else will."
Today I got a phone call from a buyer who is ready to purchase a home.  He said he met an agent who showed him and his wife 2 houses and they haven't been able to catch up with her since then.  He said they got tired of leaving voicemails.  He went on to tell me that he never signed an agency agreement because she never asked.  His question to me was can you help us find a home and will you call us back.  That seems like such … (13 comments)

information: Georgia Real Estate Tips - "Buying Homeowner's Insurance" - 06/06/07 10:58 AM
As you prepare for your real estate purchase, there are a few things that I recommend you keep in mind when shopping for homeowner's insurance.  They are as follows: 
1. Remember you're a statistic.
To an insurer, you're not a person; you're a set of risks. An insurer bases its premium (or its decision to insure you at all) on your "risk factors," including your occupation, who you are, what you own, how you live, and now most importantly... you credit history.
2. Know your home's value.
Before you choose a policy, it is essential to establish your home's replacement cost. This is the amount that if would take … (0 comments)

information: House Hunters - Atlanta, Georgia - 06/03/07 04:21 PM
So you've decided to take the new home plunge...  now what? 
Your first step should be to figure out what city or neighborhood you want to live in. (Remember the old saw about "location, location, location.")
For overall demographics and data on metropolitan areas, you can visit a city site like's annual Best Places to Live list. For more detailed neighborhood information, check out sites like Yahoo! Real Estate, or for comprehensive school and demographic information on a number of communities. Look for signs of economic vitality.  Ideally, you'd like to find a mixture of young families and older couples, low unemployment and good … (2 comments)

information: Electronic clean up in Conyers, Georgia - 06/01/07 12:51 PM
WHAT:   E-RECYCLING DRIVE WHEN:   Saturday, June 9, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. WHERE: Parker Road Facility Parking Lot 1400 Parker Road WHAT:    KCRB will host an Electronics Recycling (E-Recycling) Drive. Rockdale residents may drop off electronics, regardless of working order  All of the collected items will be recycled. Rockdale residents don't even have to get out of their car... volunteers will be on hand to unload all items. The following is a list of the only items accepted during the E-Recycle Drive.  All items will be accepted at no charge.  There is one exception... televisions.  There will be a $10 charge to accept each television.
ITEMS ACCEPTED: … (0 comments)

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