hawaii: Mexico Travel Advisory makes Hawaii a Great Vacation Choice - 03/15/10 06:38 AM

The State Department issued a travel advisory yesterday after three Americans were killed in the cross fire of drug violence. As spring breakers flock to Mexico, it is nice to know that in Hawaii, crime is at the lowest point ever recorded.
There is safety in vacationing and owning property in Hawaii, our 50th US State. We ourselves, looked at purchasing vacation property in Baja, Mexico and I am really glad that we purchased at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina instead. (Due to the smarts of my wife, more-so than myself I must add.)
According to the New York Times, at least … (0 comments)

hawaii: Latest Information for the Priority Real Estate Sales Event in 2010 at the Beach Villa Resort at Ko Olina - 12/28/09 09:00 AM
I just received information that the next sales event for the Beach Villas at Ko Olina will be held in May of 2010. The previous sales event in September resulted in the successful sale of 66 of the remaining 120 villas which leaves a balance of 54 villas that will be made available for purchase. So only around 20% of the units remain for the May sales event. Reservations are taken in a priority order so quick action on your part will make a difference. If you have an interest, please contact me directly by email or phone ASAP through the … (0 comments)

hawaii: Buyers Sue Trump Waikiki Condo/Hotel Developer, Irongate, (I'm glad the Beach Villas at Ko Olina) are #1! - 07/14/09 07:11 AM
We'll it looks like trouble is brewing in other places beside our little piece of paradise we call the Beach Villas at Ko Olina.
Trump Waikiki buyers sued Irongate yesterday within an hour of each other in two separate suits.
The first suit states that buyers were misled into thinking that Donald Trump played a bigger roll in the development of the property when in fact, he was just leasing his name to the project. The press releases stated that he was co-developer.
The second suit states that the buyers were misled regarding who would be managing the rental program and … (0 comments)

hawaii: The Best Opportunities come during times of uncertanty. Now is certainly one of those times at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina with Lawsuits filed and threats of additional lawsuits. - 06/24/09 09:55 AM
First things first, I think it's a 50/50 shot that the final sales event will happen by the planned end of July date. With everything up in the air, I don't see how the sale could happen by then. I could be wrong, but that's my thought. If it were me, I would be using frequent flier miles for those tickets so that you could change them at a moments notice. I'll update here if anything changes.
Secondly, if things turn out the way I think they may, those of you who have made a reservation and are in line to … (0 comments)

hawaii: Beach Villa's at Ko Olina potential homeowner litigation against Centex and the Ko Olina Resort. Who will ultimately own the Pools, Workout Center, Guest Lounge, Beach Bar and the Front Desk? Homeowners, the Developer or the Ko Olina Resort? - 05/05/09 02:55 AM
As a licensed real estate professional, I have a responsibility to share all of the pro's and con's of purchasing property here in Ko Olina and at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina. Sometimes, this means I may loose making a sale. An issue has come up recently regarding purchasing at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina. I have enclosed a copy of the email I received plus discussions from homeowners who are on both sides of the issue. I have also attached the legal document that brought this to a head.
In a nutshell, on September of 2008, a document … (3 comments)

hawaii: Ko Olina Beach Villas Resort Condo Purchase Price Reductions, Discount at the Final Sales Event - 05/02/09 09:15 AM
So the latest pricing information for the June Beach Villa's at Ko Olina blow it out, price reduction, sell all units at great discounts, sales event is that Centex Destination Properties, the developer is probably going to offer a 35% discount and not a 25% discount. This is great news for potential home buyers and investors.
Just to recap, the starting entry price when the Beach Villas first went on sale in 2004/2005 was $1,800,000.00. Now the starting price is going to be in the $600,000.00 price range at 35% off of the already discounted prices. Seems to work out to … (0 comments)

hawaii: Oahu Hawaii Real Estate Foreclosures: Keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs.... - 04/16/09 11:22 AM
An appropriate reflection from Rudyard Kipling's If regarding the real estate market these days. According to today's Honolulu Star Bulletin article, 724 homes went into foreclosure in the month of March, a 503% increase from last year.
The Waikoloa area on the Big Island had the largest number of forclosures. Here on Oahu, the West Oahu resort market of Ko Olina is experiencing large price declines as available inventory continues to increases. The city of Kapolei where the Ko Olina Resort is located, experienced the largest number of foreclosures on all of Oahu during the first quarter of this year.
So … (6 comments)

hawaii: Disney Ko Olina work continues, see photo - 03/06/09 10:20 AM
A realtor mentioned that they thought construction had halted at the Disney Resort in Ko Olina. Well as I have observed with my own eyes, (see below photo) and the news article, I don't believe that this is the case.
As reported by NBC WPTV channel 5 today:
Preliminary site work is underway at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts first family destination resort in Hawaii. The company says they were establishing where the foundations will be placed and laying the underground utilities at Ko Olina. The twenty-one acre oceanfront resort is scheduled to open in 2011.The Disney resort is to include 350 traditional hotel … (0 comments)

hawaii: Baby Boomers and Mexico: Ah, It's good to be in Paradise Hawaii USA - 03/01/09 09:56 AM

Today's Dallas Morning News was touting Mexico as being a great place for baby boomer migration. Before I purchased at the Beach Villas, we also looked long and hard at Mexico as one of our options. So what made us choose Hawaii?
1 - It is the United States of America.
2 - No other place in the world is like Hawaii, not just the physical part like the beaches but the people and the "Aloha" spirit that is shared with visitors and residents alike.
3 - The ongoing drug violence in Mexico – more than 6,200 people killed last … (2 comments)

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