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Or is it?  Will it become the latest Urban Myth?  Will this be the "big foot" of real estate?  Lol!  In my one of my previous post (http://activerain.com/blogsview/1159459/where-s-the-reo-listing-) I wrote about this subject but didn't get many comments.  Maybe people don't understand what I am t...
 I just got an email from this Bank, and it looked so official. Please be advise that if you get an email from them, it might be a scam or it might be legit, proceed with caution.  The email I got was a total scam-I called them and they told me. As you know I started a group called:  Real Estate ...
The Good, Bad and the Ugly!  I found this pretty good blog, only it's for a Bed and Breakfast transaction but you could pretty much get the gist of what seller financing is: http://www.bbteam.com/Article128.html  Here's a summary: The Good Probably the biggest benefit of seller financing is that ...
 (I'm asking almost like that little-ol'-lady in that hamburger commercial "where's the beef?"        How real is the shadow inventory?  I was reading a blog about this, and the writer said: "banks all across the nation are keeping foreclosed properties off the market. They're doing it on purpose...

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