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I’ve goggled them and can’t come up with anything!   Occasionally, I’ll notarize documents for friends and neighbors and today my neighbor's daughter asked me to notarize a “Short Form Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents.”  She said it was going to “help her stop a trust deed sale” on her renta...
I have to admit that I didn’t used to reciprocate comments, but I do now.  Do you reciprocate?  My post rarely get more than 5 or 6 comments and that’s easy to do?  But what about those that get 100.  How could you reciprocate?   For almost two years now, I've been posting on Active Rain - almost...
If you blink, you’ll miss a lot in this real estate market. Here’s a recap of some laws and provisions that will expire:   Waiver of the 90 day property flipping rule will expire on 12/31/2011 Summary: Applies to FHA insured home loans. The FHA 90 day property flipping rule: FHA will not insure a...
Boy this “Bad” economy is really bring out worst in all of us and scams are coming out to the wood-work! I love discovering new scams and I was just presented with one a little while ago. Because I can smell a rat a mile away, and thank God or Al Gore (lol) for the internet, I decided to looking ...
Scammers and fraudsters come in all shapes and sizes and apparently in all age brackets!  "Bowman -- and co-defendants Irving Cohen and Robin Phillips-- advertised a foreclosure rescue service that promised at-risk homeowners their properties could be saved in exchange for monthly payments of abo...
1-333-555-0000 (http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-333-555-0000/2) if you get a phone call from this number, it may be a phone scam. I got a call this morning about 8:30 AM from someone claiming to be a relative from Mexico. I am not sure how it works but my red flags start to go up: Red flag #1: ...
The other day, I wrote a blog on “how not to list a million dollar home”   ( http://activerain.com/blogsview/2312299/how-not-to-list-a-million-dollar-home-)….Today I want to show you how it’s done professionally.  I am not a great photographer but I know a great photo when I see it!   …. “This ex...
Is it the “end of the 30 year loan?”  I was just reading an LA Times article:  Are we facing the end of the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage?   “Many housing proponents say that it will”.... “they contend that the 30-year mortgage will become a relic of a bygone era when mortgage money was cheap and ...
If you want to list but NOT sell a million dollar property, please read on!  First, take the lousiest picture of the front and make it your primary photo on the MLS.   This way EVERYONE on the internet can see it and make their first impression...a lasting impression.  For sure, no one will even ...
Looks like great place for a vacation....I was reviewing my “older” blogs and Steve was one of the first to comment on my fist blog.....and was curious  to see who is still here.....and wanted to return the favor....but these are awesome pictures! At the entrance of the Fraconia Notch State park...

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