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All my friends are tell me to wait until home prices bottom and then buy.  Should I wait or should I buy now?  I am sure your friends have your best interest at heart and they may not know how real estate works.   Real estate prices go up and down, just like any other business cycle....if someone...
With so many government home loans available to first time home buyers, I really don't see why someone who can buy doesn't.  If you want to know whether you qualify for a home loan in Downey CA call me at (562) 916-3237.  If you want to buy a home in San Diego, Call Robert...go over to Robert's b...
First-Time Homebuyer Q & A and Seminar in Downey CA   Save the date:  Saturday, November 19, 2011 We will be having other dates opening up soon  Time: 12-5 p.m.   Location: Downey, CA Sponsored by Aida Pinto, Real Estate Broker   United Associated Brokers You must RVSP to reserve your seat.   Ema...
What would motivate you to buy a home or sell and buy an up-grade or downsize?   A recently survey....found selling and buying trends within the “Baby Boomer” demographic and separated the baby boomers into younger Boomers (aged 47-55) and older Boomers (56-64). “With nearly 79 million Americans ...
I know it sounds crazy but I’d rather risk it then to have to pay those outrageous dental prices. How hard can it be?  There’s no law that says I can’t pull out my own tooth! .....Of course, I'm kidding! This blog is dedicated to those For Sale By Owners know as FSBOs! There are some things you c...
Will I owe income taxes if I do a short sell on my home in Downey, CA? It depends and you should really be asking your tax adviser....because only he/she can give you the right advice...and...since I am not a tax expert, and this is not tax advice and is for informational purpose only, I must rep...
Small Claims Court after January, 2012. Brought to you by the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. New California Laws for 2012 Increasing Small Claims to $10,000: Commencing January 1, 2012, the small claims court jurisdiction will generally increase from $7,500 to $10,000 for an action brought ...
Can a Lender sue me for the difference if I do a short sale on my home in Doweny, CA? In California thanks to SB 931 and SB 458, if the lender has agreed to a short sale, regardless whether they are in 1st or second or if it was a purchase or refinance, they can’t go after the owner for any the d...
Si usted necesita vender su casa en Downey, CA o Long Beach, CA pero le debe mas del que vale, usted puede hacer una venta corta (short sale).   Par haber si usted califica para un venta corat "short sale," llame a su agente de bienes raíces, Aída Pinto at (562) 916-3237 o mande un correo electró...
    ¿Hay tantos agentes, como puedo escoger uno que me ayude con la compra o venta de mi casa en Long Beach, CA?  Busco un agente de bienes raíces en Long Beach que hable español, y no encuentro uno! ¿Como encuentro un agente inmobiliario que hable español? ***************************************...

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