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“Although the U.S. Commerce Department in a report issued today showed housing starts rose 15% last month, we are certainly far from a recovery in the nation’s severely depressed housing market. The report references continuing foreclosures and the oversupply of single family homes, many of which...
“Labor department figures today show a decline of 6,000 in jobless claims in the week ending October 15th. This is little cause for celebration when total claims still circle around 403,000. Projected declines in the jobless numbers have not materialized and the economy clearly is not capable of ...
        Last month a group of activists denouncing corporate greed and the true difference between the rich and the poor began a very loosely organized protest in the financial capital of the world, New York's Wall Street.  The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is now spreading virally across the Uni...
  “Congratulations to America’s most recent Nobel Prize winners in the science of economics, Thomas J. Sargent and Christopher A. Sims. We should not lose sight of the need to put theory into practice. The economic scholars of our time should always be viewed with both admiration and with a busin...
  “It is hard to imagine Apple as a small business, but we should not forget that Steve Jobs started this global leading company in a home garage just a few decades ago. Small businesses and entrepreneurship may be the foundation for job growth and taking this country out of the economic morass w...
As computers compete for market position, AJ Discala provides commentary on what he calls ‘Quant Wars,’ or Quantitative Wars.   “The algorithm-driven firms have been battling out for market position for the last two days. It’s not people making most of these trades, but computers that are alterna...
In the context of anxiety and uncertainty after Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the United States’ credit rating and the climate of debt crisis in Europe, AJ Discala speaks to the current state of the economy. “I believe the double dip is here, and we could go lower,” says AJ Discala. “Th...
“One of five American men is unemployed. In some states, a third of people out of work have been looking for more than a year,” says AJ Discala. For those who are looking for a job, AJ Discala believes presentation and enthusiasm are critical. “We’re currently hiring and what I’m looking for is s...
“There’s a big difference between writing a check and being a philanthropist. People can write checks for many reasons, and they may or may not be contributing in sustainable ways to a better future,” says AJ Discala. “A philanthropist is someone who gives consistently with intention because it i...
Abraxas AJ Discala believes in philanthropy and with this ideal he has set up new business ideas. According to him people should engage in philanthropy as it promotes business as well as well-being of several persons. “There’s a big difference between writing a check and being a philanthropist. P...

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