real estate agents: This is my 100th Post....Yeah - 06/07/11 04:38 AM

Ok so here it is, I made it...Don't know how but I managed to write 100 postings.  AS I reviewed my postings today I still haven't had a feature.  I just read a post from someone who also just made 100 postings and she too is struggling.
Good News though, I learned from her post on how others are doing better and how they accomplishe it.
So here I go getting ready to do another 100.  Thank you to those who have commneted on my blogs and I hope to do a better job on my next 100

real estate agents: Why are there people who prey on others during difficult times? - 04/28/11 07:36 AM
With so many people struggling to stay alive in these times why is there those who want to create even more havoc in their lives.
This is just something that I just don't understand. No one knows what it is like for those in these terrible times unless you have walked in their shoes.  Many are hungry, homelss, are losing their homes because of job loss,  loss of financial income or this economy. Others due to the enormous stress are divorcing splitting up families, getting angry and are just lost.
But what I don't get is...... why is another person, ie … (2 comments)

real estate agents: Beware of strangers handing out business cards - 03/26/11 05:35 PM
I received an email from someone I know today.  She wanted to share what had been passed on to her.
If you are a woman watch out for a stranger who appears to be a painter or in construction.  He may be at the gas pumps, grocery store or anywhere .  He approaches you in a public place and ask if you or anyone you know might be looking for a painter.  The woman he approached said no she didn't.  He then asked if she would take his business card and if she hears of anyone needing  his services please give … (10 comments)

real estate agents: How many of us have had a mentor like Howard Brinton? - 10/04/09 03:08 AM
Over 20 years ago I had the priveledge of meeting Howard Brinton of "Star Power"  Howard had been hired by our Naples Board of Realtors to be a speaker at an educational seminar.  As the chair person I got to pick him up at the airport that day and that was the begining of a great friendship.  The very first thing I learned from Howard that day was "Let me tell you how I work"  Over the next years, I used that with my customers. I remember the first Star Power Conference I attended in 1997, in Naples.  My career changed … (3 comments)

real estate agents: Did you leave an orphan behind? - 09/02/09 01:16 PM
You know the buyer who after you closed  with them and put your check in the bank, you just went on to the next client and forgot all about them.  We call these orphans and are easy pickens for that next savvy agent who is smart enough to keep in touch.  According to the latest NAR 2008 "Profile of Buyers and Sellers", 43% come from being referred to you by a friend who used your services.  Someone you worked with that was happy with your service.  So what does that tell us?.  Maybe we should spend a lot more time on … (3 comments)

real estate agents: If someone tells you are not good enough..... - 08/30/09 05:51 AM
"Get a second opinion"  that was one of the messages that the incrediable Nick Vujicic shared with us at Mega Camp in Austin this past week. Nick is 26 years old, from a small town in Australia, a college graduate with 2 majors, owns 2 very profitable companies, a wonderful speaker and.....was born with no arms or legs. Nick's parents were told that he would never do anything with his life, that he would be a vegtable, but someone forgot to tell him.  He is funny,  bright  and so inspiring to all of us.  He doesn't believe that he can't do … (3 comments)

real estate agents: "Think a little Bigger" - 08/28/09 01:11 PM
Today, Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty spoke to us about thinking bigger. He said 'life doesn't wait for anyone"   Think Big ...start small....and aim high, if you want to succeed in anything in life.  There was this awesome artisit named Patrick Mathews there who paints the most amazing oilo paintings in one day.  he painted 3 for us while our confefrence as going on.   We also got to hear this wonderful talented guitar player, Tommy Emanual.  He shared his life story with us and how he started playing at 4 years old with no training. So many wonderful and amzing … (3 comments)

real estate agents: Just in Keller Williams rated number one by JD Powers - 08/22/09 01:52 PM
Just saw a news feed that announced that Keller Williams was rated number one for working with buyers.
Not bad for a company who only a few years ago, didn't even register.  Read on;
J.D. Power and Associates is best known for their ratings on cars, electronics and other products. But for the past two years, they have also rated the top real estate brokers. In the study released this summer, Coldwell Banker was the top-rated agency for home sellers, and Keller Williams was the top rated agency for buyers. The 2009 Home Buyer/Seller Study includes more than 3,100 evaluations from … (8 comments)

real estate agents: Today I witnessed how the ALC of Keller Williams worked - 08/13/09 12:03 PM
Many companies say that they run their companies with agents input but sometimes they theally don't. As a new team leader for the Keller Williams office in Lafayette Indiana I got to see it first hand at todays meeting.  Our ALC (Agent Leadership Council) makes the decisions that run our market center.  Our agenda today was full of items that needed decisons on.   They came through.  They do the Research, chair committee meetings,know the  financials and they handle making the decisions that may not make everyone happy.  but benefit everyone.
The time that they give to our market center is execeptional … (1 comments)

real estate agents: Have you checked who is using your name on the internet - 08/08/09 02:40 PM
So here is the question,.......Is it unethical to use top agents or any agent for that matter, names to drive business to your site?.  Many agents don't own their own names or different variations of that name, I know stupid, but so is it right that an agent  who is a little savvy drives that to their site.?  Have you checked where your name might come up if you typed it in with the location you practice in?.  You might be surpprised to see just who is hanging on to your success. When the public wants to connect with a certain … (12 comments)

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