mortgage reduction: Struggling to Pay Your Mortgage? How About a Loan Modification? - 10/16/08 05:21 AM
If you are like many homewners out there, you may be struggling to pay a mortgage on a house that is worth far less than what you owe.  If this sounds like you, I may have some good news for you.
Lenders are in a desperate frenzy to stop the foreclosure epidemic that as put many of them out of business.  To their own detriment that are t working with distressed homeowners to help them out of their situations, but fortunately, they are working with professional loan modification advisors (most of whom use lawyers to draft the agreements).  By working with … (2 comments)

mortgage reduction: Do You Owe More on Your Mortgage than Your Home is Worth? - 09/16/08 10:24 AM
Here is Arizona, this is a very common occurance, and sadly, there doesn't seem to be much hope for many homeowner that find themselves upside down, owing more than their home is worth.  Many of these home owners feel stuck, unable to make a move, and feel like they are fighting a never ending uphill battle.
Here is the good news - we have a solution.  Now, it doesn't work for everyone, because you have to actually be able to pay your mortgage.  I know many people are in a worse situation, in that they are upside down, and they have … (0 comments)

mortgage reduction: Earn an Additional $100K, No Matter What the Market Looks Like - 07/11/08 02:39 AM
NOTE: This is a fairly long post, but it can put an additional $100,000 or more in your pocket, so I encourage you to read it thoroughly.
I know it's a tough market, there is no denying that. Many people have left and as more and more real estata agents and loan officers exit the market, there will be more business for those who remains (that's an encouragement to hang in there whatever it takes).
I was chatting with a few colleagues over the weekend, and one asked the other "what are you doing since the market is so slow?" Fortunately, … (1 comments)

mortgage reduction: Does it Make Sense to Use a Home Equity Loan to Pay off a Mortgage? - 07/07/08 10:32 AM
With the Federal Fund Rate dropping back down to near record lows, many people are asking if it makes any sense to try and leverage this rate to pay off their first mortgage. At first glance, my thought was that that Home Equity rates are too volatile to try and risk it, but after learning and understanding how money merge accounts work, it makes a lot of sense. Before you go out and get a Home Equity Loan to replace your first mortgage, you need to know that it is not advisable to use a Home Equity Loan in that manner.

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