avalon park: East Orlando real estate, Waterford Lakes, Avalon Park FL. - Am I eligible for a short sale? - 03/21/08 09:27 AM
I owe more than my home is worth. Am I eligible for short sale or is my only option foreclosure or bankruptcy?Always consult your lender as to what your options are. The options usually are: a short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (basically an accelerated voluntary surrender), and foreclosure. The banks like to prevent foreclosure when at all possible. They've even been known to lower people's rates and/or payments because of all the new defaults in the past few years. Either way, your first stop should be to get information from you lender on what options they provide.Contact me for an assessment … (0 comments)

avalon park: East Orlando Fl. real estate - Will my mortgage insurance cover the difference if I default on my loan - 03/21/08 09:26 AM
If I pay mortgage insurance and default on my loan, why wouldn't that cover the deficiency amount?The mortgage insurance is not there for your protection, just the lender's. If you are paying PMI (private mortgage insurance) it is there to protect the lender in case you default on your loan. You can usually get the PMI removed after you have enough equity in the home. The lenders will not remove this for you. It is your responsibility to get this removed. Afterall, why do you want to be paying PMI if you don't have to. It doesn't protect you, it protects … (0 comments)

avalon park: East Orlando Real Estate - New Search Engine of the future. ManagedQ - 03/21/08 09:24 AM
Found this new search engine. Is it the new search engine. I don't know, but I will say it's pretty cool. However, I am disappoint that it doesn't have my photo of my website when I do the search. I don't know why. Is it my website or is it managedQ? It's at least worth a look. enjoy! BY the way I think the name is terrible.
ManagedQ: The Next Step In Search The field of Search is years behind where it should be, as it hasn't fundamentally changed in more than a decade. Results may have improved a bit, but people … (0 comments)

avalon park: Waterford Lakes FL. Real Estate - Google doc's, spreadsheets Free WOW - 03/21/08 09:23 AM

I've read recently that Google Spreadsheets as part of the Google Docs suite added several new features; better revisions comparison through color highlights, change notifications, and a Google spreadsheet gadgets directory.
I thought what google has a spreadsheet and word processor free. So I check it out and yes they do and pretty cool. It's worth a look. Here it is.

About the author:
Jerry LaRose is an Orlando Area Residential Real Estate Expert, who can assist you with the purchase and/or sale of real estate in Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden Florida or any place in the country. Jerry has created a … (0 comments)

avalon park: East orlando Real Estate, Waterford Lakes Fl., Avalon Park - Where's the bottom of this market? - 03/15/08 02:07 AM
The Median Sales Price for homes in the Orlando area as we all know has decreased significantly. Everyone is asking, where's the bottom. Well, I'll be the first to say that I see the bottom. I will go on record to say that we're almost there. I pulled this trend chart from Trulia and it represents the median sales price of homes. The most important lines are the black and purple. The black line is actual sales of the median priced home. Notice that this jumped out of proportion Jan.1 2004. If prices had not jumped due to supply and demand … (0 comments)

avalon park: East Orlando Real Estate - Why to Buy Now! - 03/05/08 06:44 AM
Don't wait too long to buy a home in today's market?
While today's market plays to your advantage as a buyer, with reduced housing costs and favorable interest rates, are you sitting by waiting?
When the market turns, today's bargains will be yesterday's missed opportunities.
While it is conceivable that home prices may drop further, it is likely that the decreased prices will be accompanied by increased financing costs due to rate cuts by the Fed. This means that any money saved on paying less for a house in a few months time will be offset by having to pay off your … (1 comments)

The Waterford Lakes Area is ideally located near many Central Florida attractions, amenities, and top employers. An easy commute of approximately 30 minutes may place you at Cocoa Beach, downtown Orlando, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, or Walt Disney World.
Waterford Lakes Town Center features such retailers as Super Target, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble as well as over 100 specialty shops. Across the street from the Town Center is another shopping area called The Towers which is anchored by Home Depot, Circuit City, Kohls and Sports Authority. Shopping, dining, and entertainment made easy.
East Orlando employers include: University of Central Florida, … (2 comments)


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