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Infrared Home Inspections are beneficial in identifing frozen and busted plumbing pipes. Many of these issues are being found on the numerous bank owned properties. A bank owned or vacant property can often be neglected and a Infrared Inspection can often save your client alot of money and frustr...
Forbes Magazine recently listed Ogden, Utah as the 2nd Best Bargain Boomtown in America. http://www.forbes.com/2009/07/13/cheap-cities-property-lifestyle-real-estate-cheap-places.html Forbes gives Ogden the credit of ranking 2nd on their list due to rock bottom unemployment and crime rates. If yo...
Alamo Infrared is now offering a Military discount to all Active Duty and Retired Service Members. After serving in the Military and two deployments to Iraq I know firsthand the sacrifices made by Service Members and I feel it's important to recognize those sacrifices. Military members are consta...
I always find it quite amusing to see people trying to shop around for the cheapest Home Inspection. In A State like Utah where there are ZERO standards or qualifications required to be a home inspector than people should first be asking for qualifications and credentials before shopping for the ...
Recently Ogden City Officials took a pro-active approach in reducing Ogden crime. According to the FBI Crime Statistics(FBI.gov), Ogden is now seeing lower crime rates than it has in over 18 years and as a result it has been listed as one of the safest cities in Utah. http://www.ogdencity.com/en/...
Mold and many other major defects can be and are often concealed by a seller. New paint or wall paper can do wonders in concealing a huge down the road expense for your client. After the client moves in an discovers such defects the possibly of this client remaining with the agent or home inspect...
I decided to sponsor S. Ogden through Localism. Some may disagree with me on my views of Ogden but when thinking of Ogden I see huge potential for the city. My Localism postings will be focused on the cities past accomplishes and future potential. I'm sure you will also be impressed with what Ogd...
Some pictures are worth a thousand words and some pictures can save you a few thousand dollars. This is an Infrared Image showing a leaking washing machine on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. The small fee this complex pays for yearly Infrared check ups has proved to be a wise investment. ...
Snow Basin will be hosting The Winter Dew Tour Jan 15-17. The Dew Tour is one of the largest ski and snowboard freestyle competitions in the world. The 2002 Winter Olympics did a great job of exposing Utah snow to the world and now we have The Dew Tour keeping the flame alive. The Dew Tour is ant...
I am always impressed by the statistics that Ogden seems to produce. I think the 2002 Winter Olympics played a major role in exposing the future potential of the city. Ogden has gained quite a bit of momentum with it's industry growth and doesn't seem to be slowing.   BusinessWeek has Ogden liste...

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