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Utah Radiant Floor Heat and Snow Melting Systems Can be Easily Inspected by an Infrared Home Inspector.   During a home inspection today, I got my first call of the Pre-Winter Season for a Roof Snow Melt System. I immediately started thinking about my new Ski's that I can't wait to break in at Sn...
Ogden, Utah Has It's First Infrared Certified Home Inspector.   Infrared Technology used during a home inspection allows the most in-depth and advanced home inspection available. The public is quickly catching on to the amazing benefits provided by an Infrared Inspection. Once a home buyer uses a...
Ask Your Home Inspector About Your Indoor Air Quality. While preforming home inspections in Utah we commonly identify things that can't be seen with the naked eye by use of Infrared Cameras and Air Sampling Pumps. A home inspection is one service you absolutley shouldn't seek out the best price o...
The Utah Home Buyers How To Inspect Your Own Air Conditioning Unit Guide, by Power Check Infrared Home Inspections Lets face it, many folks are trying to get by with saving every dollar possible. As a home inspector, I reccommend people have their air conditioning units inspected before every sum...
This is a common energy efficieny and HVAC issue we see during Utah Home Inspections. Sometimes home inspectors just assume home-buyers know common home maintenance issues but often times they don't. At Power Check Infrared Home Inspections we try to take the extra time to educate home buyers, es...
Even a Home Inspector Can Benefit From a Home Inspection! They say a painter never paints his own home, plumbers usually have a running toilet or leaking faucet, and a carpet cleaner usually has dirty carpet. I can definitely see how many these thoughts could be true. I guess this could be viewed...
Make Sure Your Home Inspector Provides a Quality Deck Inspection For Your Safety.   According to The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, more than 2 million decks are built and replaced each year in North America. InterNACHI estimates that of the 45 million existing decks, ONL...
Make Sure Your Utah Home Inspection Includes The Detached Garage Inspection   I recently had a client call me to do a garage inspection after he had another home inspection company perform his home inspection. The client was very unsatisfied due to the fact that his prior inspection service didn'...
I can understand missing two nails, possibly three nails, but FOUR IN A ROW!!! Notice the four nails (in a row) penetrating the floor sheathing and completely missing the floor joist.   This builder was either terrible at his job, drunk, or just didn't care. During this Layton, Utah Home Inspecti...
Ogden Utah Hot Springs Infrared Inspection When we're (Power Check Infrared Home Inspections) not providing Infrared Home Inspections, we always seem to find other cool uses for our high resoloution FLIR infrared cameras. I stopped by our local hot springs located in the Ogden Canyon to take a fe...

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