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Infrared Home and Building Inspections Save Energy and Save You Money Did you Know that air leakage in ducts accounts for 25% - 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling in a typical home? Lets do the math! In dollars, for a homeowner with average monthly utility bill (Electricity and gas co...
  Utah Commercial and Residential Roof Inspections Power Check Infrared Home and Building Inspections Will Be Providing Discounted Infrared Roof Inspections Throughout October Utah Roofs will soon be buried under many feet of snow. If you own a home or commercial real estate you should strongly c...
Infrared Inspections on Utah Temples and Churches.             Some of the Temples and Churches throughout Utah could easily be classified as some of the most spectacular buildings in the USA. Churches and Temples are often viewed differently in the minds of people vs. many other structures. As r...
Luckily This Ogden Utah Home Had An Infrared Home Inspection Numerous Electrical concerns were immediately identifed during this Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspection Infrared Inspections will catch about 75% of the root-causes of all potentials for electrical failure or catastrophe. All Power Chec...
Salt Lake City Commercial Building Infrared Inspections The purchasers of commercial properties often overlook the importance of a professional Infrared Inspection — a surprising omission for a major investment of this kind. Yet the same buyers would never purchase a home without a detailed physi...
Salt Lake City Infrared Inspection Saves Cost of Mold Inspection One of the major benefits of an Infrared Home Inspection is that it allows us to easily and almost instantly identify areas of moisture or hidden mold. Infrared Home Inspections also save many homeowners the costs of having to have ...
Infrared Home Inspections Are The Key To Detecting and Preventing Unwanted Moisture Intrusion   By using Infrared Technology during a home inspection, moisture can easily be detected and corrected before causing costly damages or mold problems.                     "an ounce of prevention is worth...
Does Your Utah Home Inspector Provide Infrared Home Inspections?   Infrared Technology used during a home inspection offers the most advanced, in-depth, and informative home inspection available. Utah home buyers are quickly catching on to the amazing benefits provided by an Infrared Home and Bui...
Commercial Infrared Building Inspection On Utah's Webster State College In Ogden, Utah   There were several defects quickly identified during the Weber State Building Infrared Inspection. Overall the buildings proved to be in structurally sound condition although several buildings could benefit f...
If Buying a Utah Foreclosure Than Consider The Benefits of an Infrared Home Inspection A Power Check Infrared Home Inspector will provide you with an advanced INFRARED Home Inspection report that can often and easily avoid any RED in your banking account. Don't take chances with your investments!...

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