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Ogden Home Buyers Should Insist on Infrared Home Inspections The benefits provided by an Infrared Home Inspection can't be denied. On nearly every home Inspection I provide, I uncover numerous things that simply can't be detected by the naked eye. I believe in the necessity of an Infrared inspect...
I took these pictures while preforming a home inspection in Saratoga Springs, UT. Sometimes traffic can be a bit annoying on I-15. I was thinking if I got one of these things than I could travel along The Great Salt Lake and Utah lake just as this person is doing. I could even talk on the phone, ...
Using Thermal Imaging to Detect the Ogden Utah Hot Springs in the Ogden Canyon Thermal imaging cameras have proven to be essential for home inspections and they come in quite handy when searching for hot springs. I could instantly identify all the areas where hot springs flowed into the Ogden Riv...
Why is it so hard to keep my house cool, is what my client asked me the other day. After about 5 minutes of scanning the home with my infrared camera, I knew exactly what was a major contributor to the home's heat. THE LIGHTS! Many people don't realize just how much heat their light-bulbs are emi...
If your HVAC ducts have leakage percent of just 20%, the efficiency of the cooling system can drop as much as 50%. The increase in energy costs as a result of leaky ducts are significant. Duct leakage also lowers heating and cooling capacity thereby reducing equipment life.   Another HUGE Benefit...
What are the benefits of having a Utah Infrared Home Inspection?   The benefits of an infrared home inspection so far outweigh a non-infrared inspection that I'd almost consider a non-infrared inspection to be obsolete. I personally couldn't imagine buying a property without first having an infra...
Mold Testing Can Often and Easily be Avoided by Utah Infrared Home Inspections Many Utah home owners and home buyers are saving the un-necessary costs of mold testing by simply having an Infrared Home Inspection. At Utah Infrared, we have all the top of the line Mold Testing Equipment and are mol...
Farmington, Utah's Lagoon Amusement Park in Infrared   Being an Infrared Thermographer, I find capturing most all things in Infrared to be interesting. After doing an Infrared Home Inspection in Farmington Utah, I couldn't help but get the desire to see some roller coasters in Infrared. I was sta...
Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections Utah Infrared Inspections has been providing the most advanced home inspections available in Ogden Utah for several years now. We use Infrared thermal imaging technology on EVERY home inspection no matter what the circumstances. We don't charge extra for therm...

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