infrared inspection: Detecting Moisture within the Clouds of Ogden Utah using Infrared - 04/14/13 02:01 PM
Thermal Imaging provides a home buyer some amazing benefits in terms of detecting hidden moisture/mold. While moisture is quickly identified within a home, it can also be quickly identified within the clouds.
These were clouds moving over Ogden last week. I could immediately see that the coming clouds were rain clouds and held a large amount of moisture based off the thermal patterns. You'll notice how the clouds are green in some areas and blue/purple in others. The blue/purple clouds are the ones holding a majority of the moisture. Thermal Imaging allows me to see rain clouds even when it's pitch … (0 comments)

infrared inspection: Salt Lake City's Most Advanced Home and Building Inspections - 02/20/13 03:29 PM
Salt Lake City's Most Advanced Home and Building Inspections
Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology allows us to offer Utah with a one-of-a-kind approach to the Home and Building Inspection process. This process combines the traditional visual inspection with advanced Thermal Imaging scans to produce the most in-depth inspection available. Less than 5% of all Home and Building Inspection Companies provide the high resolution Thermal Imaging Technology used on EVERY Utah Infrared Home and Building Inspection.

Advanced Thermal Imaging Allows us To Detect Many Concerns That Simply Cannot Be Seen By The Naked Eye:
Internal structural problems Moisture and Mold concerns … (0 comments)

infrared inspection: Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections Offer Huge Benefits - 08/14/12 10:16 AM
Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections
Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections offer numerous additional benefits over the average flashlight inspection while not adding any additional inspection costs.

infrared inspection: Utah Home Inspections in the Early Spring Season - 04/02/12 06:56 PM
Utah Home Inspections in the Early Spring Season
Most Utah citizens associate Spring time with melting snow, streams of water, and the sun's warmth returning life to all that was covered by snow. It's a great time of year but it's also the time of year to pay extra attention to all the areas of a home that could have been damaged by Utah's Winter weather.
Having an Infrared Home Inspection during the Utah Spring season can often save home buyers a fortune. Many Utah houses being sold had to survive the Winter all alone(un-occupied) with moisture constantly trying to find … (2 comments)

infrared inspection: A short video showing some of the capabilities of Utah Infrared Inspections - 05/01/11 10:18 PM

infrared inspection: Are You In The Privacy of Your Own Home? - 08/01/10 11:05 AM
Are You In The Privacy of Your Own Home?
I still say yes for the most part, but I'm beginning to wonder just how much longer I'll feel that way. Technology such as Thermal Imaging has proven to be a huge asset to the military, law enforcement, and home owners. As an infrared home inspector I am continually amazed with the abilities of Infrared Technology.
Many different forms of technology such as imaging devices, recording devices, listening devices etc.., are becoming more advanced while at the same time becoming less expensive. In 10 years will our iphones have audio … (0 comments)

infrared inspection: Your Infrared Refrigerator and Freezer Inspection. What? - 06/15/10 12:41 AM
Your Infrared Refrigerator and Freezer Inspection.   What?
I'm sure everybody's heard that about a thousand times, but hey, energy bills are rising so you should probably be prepared to hear it (or say it) alot more!
Sometimes shutting the fridge just isn't enough. The seals on refridgerators and freezers tend to go bad after about 7-8 years. The constant compression and expansion from opening and closing the door begins to wear the seals out just the way it does the weather stripping on a regular door.
New refridgerators can also leak due to improper seal installation. I've noticed … (2 comments)

infrared inspection: Can you guess the breed of my Infrared Dogs? (pics included) - 05/16/10 01:25 AM
General Info :
The little fella is the dominate one and want tolerate any crap from the big fella.
The little fella uses the big fella as a ladder, a body guard, a bed, a blanket, a chew toy and whatever else he so desires. It beats all I have ever seen! The big fella want dare cross the little fella even when it comes to sharing food.
The littla fella weighs about 3lbs. The big fella weighs about 90 lbs.
Both breeds come from outside the USA.
Can anybody guess their breeds?

infrared inspection: An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure (Pics Included) - 02/20/10 10:26 AM
Home Inspections performed after a long Utah Winter can show that all the moisture can take quite a toll on our homes. If you notice signs of staining where a gutter meets the exterior siding of a house than the gutter isn't properly sealed. Sealing the gutter is a very cheap an easy fix which can easily avoid what you see below.
Walk around your home and look for signs of staining. If you see stains than get some gutter sealant or silicone for $5-$10 bucks, seal the leaking area, and save yourself a future headache. 

The Infrared Image below … (1 comments)

infrared inspection: Vacant Homes Benefit Greatly From Infrared Inspections - 12/30/09 07:16 PM
Infrared Home Inspections are beneficial in identifing frozen and busted plumbing pipes. Many of these issues are being found on the numerous bank owned properties. A bank owned or vacant property can often be neglected and a Infrared Inspection can often save your client alot of money and frustration. 
A frozen pipe doesn't always just bust and cause an immediate and noticeable problem. Often times a fitting or connection will become damaged and a slow leak will begin to occur just inside the wall. Without Infrared Technology these slow leaks are undetectable and go unnoticed until the sheet rock begins to stain or sag.
With … (1 comments)

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