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Nope... not a political post (orange you glad I didn't say banana again?)I just ran across this today, and enjoyed it so thoroughly, that I thought I'd share it with y'allIt's a real throw back Monday... returns me to a specific place and time. A simpler, and much more fun time.Enjoy
Tomorrow Facebook will change its privacy settings to allow Mark Zuckerberg to come into your house while you sleep and eat your brains with a grapefruit spoon. To stop this from happening, go to Account> Home Invasion Settings> Cannibalism> Brains> Grapefruit, and uncheck the "Tasty" box. Pleas...
It's very important that everyone's on the same page... and that everyone is understanding the same things.  It's really easy to misunderstand... as is evidenced by this "bad lip reading" video. If you're a Star Wars fan, or merely a fan of Yoda or Mark Hamill... I think you'll enjoy this.  I'm c...
For those of you who believe you should stay in your lane, and simply work your niche... never reaching out to that long shot.Reach out... try something new... you'll never know how incredible it might be.Boy... I wish I'd been at that concert.  What a great crossover by a great artist.
It's a question that comes up now and then."I'm an unrepresented buyer, so you can give me the buyer's side commission... right?"Nope.  I can't do that.  Illinois does not allow is to give any commission, even a single dollar, to an unlicensed person.  In order to be able to pay a commission of a...
The question arises, now and then... "What factors into the buyer's, or seller's decision to hire an agent?" Is it based on the agent's recent number of sales? Is is based on their total number of sales? Is it based on their sales volume?  I mean, if they've sold beeelyons of dollars of real esta...
It's a bit disconcerting when you get a call, out of the blue, from the FBI.Your initial response is that this is just one more of those spam calls.  Clearly it's not really the FBI.  "Can you prove that you're really FBI?""Yes", the disembodied voice on the other end of the phone sounding a litt...
I was just surfing through my Facebook feed, and came across this story.  It's the story of the top real estate broker in the U.S.  I thought it would be an interesting article, and perhaps a little motivating, for 2019.It turns out, just in case you don't want to click on the link and read the a...
A colleague of mine passed away yesterday.  He was a young man... and by that I mean younger than I.We started in the business only months apart, and had a friendly rivalry, each of us egging the other on to bigger and better years.We had been living parallel lives for many years.  We lived only ...
This is the time of the year when one begins to reflect.  And, no, I'm not talking about the bathroom mirror.The year is quickly wrapping up... did you accomplish all you wanted to accomplish?  Did you spend as much time as you wanted with your family? Did you get to take those vacations you want...

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