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Another in my series intended to bring humour to the active rain community. Jokes that are, above all, clean (just in case you want to relate them to a client) Easy to remember, (recognizing that our Realtor demographic is aging... just a tiny bit... and memory is the second thing to go... I don'...
I'm sure that nobody else has written about this subject... since there seems to be a lot of confusion.... so here is my basic explanation of how the $8,000 tax credit works: The requirements, and who would qualify for the credit include: The tax credit is for first-time home buyers only.  (a fir...
During these trying times... refinancing has become something unattainable, for many of those who truly need it.  Many have loans with higher interest rates than they can handle, but if they could only refinance. The government has just come out with a new plan, to try to allow many who don't qua...
The National Trumpet Competition was held recently, and the son of a very good friend of mine was on the Northwestern Unversity team that won 1st Runner-up (or what we used to call Second Place). It is a competition for Classical Trumpet (personally, I didn't even know there was such a thing as "...
a client just sent me an e-mail. They were saying that they'd heard a rumour that something BIG was getting ready to occur in the real estate/banking industry... and that banks were hiring people left and right... something big is due to happen on / or about April 11th.   Has anybody heard anythi...
let's see... which photos do I have left... oh, these are good ones too... I'll post them... I haven't left the bad ones for last, in fact these may be some of the more interesting shots supplied by NASA.  Enjoy, I know I did, and from the comments I received, I know that you've enjoyed them too....
Here are some more... these focus primarily on the shuttle itself... some beautiful shots... crystal clear... I had the opportunity to view the shuttle returning to Florida, from a California landing, piggy-bak on a custom 747.. as you see in one of the shots below.  We were flying from Californi...
I doubt many of you have seen this view of the launching pad.  with a shuttle and booster in place, and ready to take off.  It's usually a restricted area by then, very few get to see it. And it's hard to see the scale of it... take a look at some of the cars in the background to feel the size. ...
Yesterday I posted a few photos that were supplied by someone at NASA, and I promised I'd post some more... so here we go.  These are the type and quality of photos that you don't often see, and when you do, they're featured in a magazine like National Geographic. They're inspirational, and downr...
A colleague of mine recently returned from Florida, and had a relative who worked at Cape Canaveral.  She saw scheduled to be there for the most recent lift-off of the Shuttle, but that particular launch was delayed, so she couldn't witness the launch in person. But he did give her some photograp...

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