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My mother hasn't been feeling well for the last few days... in fact for the past several months.  She's been "off"... kinda wandering around in a fog, slurring her words, not making a lot of sense, not being alert and participatory in conversations... her short-term memory was almost nil, she was...
I go away for a couple of days of R&R, with the mum, and I return to Active Rain, only to learn, according to several well-written, well-thought-out, highly commented posts, that blogging has died in my absence? (I knew I shouldn't have gone out of town!) What the fudge? C'mon, it just got starte...
In my younger days, I used to visit Las Vegas with some regularity, with mixed results. Sometimes I would come home with nothing but the lint in my pockets, and other times I would come home laden with gifts for my daughters, purchased a the casino gift shops, with my so richly deserved gains. I...
I found this video through the courtesy of my blogging buddy "ChicagoRed" whose blogging style is hip and edgy (not like mine which is old and flabby). She currently blogs on Wordpress.. but I'm working on converting her to Active Rain (aren't I Margi?). This is a unique chance to see animal cons...
  We hear conflicting information about how our credit is affected by different scenarios.  Here's an excellent synopsis of how they build those numbers, by Larry Bettag of Cherry Creek Mortgage. Pay attention, now, it's important stuff.   Credit is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES IN getting a l...
 I've often made a game, while driving on the highway, of trying to decipher what license plates are trying to say (or sometimes what they're saying, even if they're not trying). One of my favourites was a plate that read EIEIO, owned by a family named Macdonald.  And then you can find the mini-v...
OPEN HOUSE, EVANSTON, IL I will be sitting an Open House today at 2439 Cowper, Evanston, IL at this darling... storybook cottage.  It's just as charming as it appears, but also larger than it looks.  It's located in an area of Evanston where there have been recent tear-downs and sales of homes t...
Some people purchase paper shredders.  In today's society, we certainly can't just throw away sensitive documents.  And in our industry, we're in the "sensitive document" business. I don't actually need a paper shredder.  My little 14 pound gus-gus IS a paper shredder (he's my Havanese).  This ev...
There are some basic mysteries in life.  Airflight, for me, is one of them. Ho, ho, ho It's magic you know Never believe, it's not so It's magic, you know Never believe, it's not so I am picking my daughter and son-in-law up at the airport tonight, and it causes me, once again, to ponder the mys...
When you read a post, here on Active Rain or elsewhere, one that has bunches o'comments on it... do you bother to read through the comment stream before plopping down a comment? I know, I know... there are some who don't even read the entire post...  but this isn't about them. I have seen several...

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